do all day

I don't get why this kid keeps coming here to play. Do not they have internet access at home? I tried out base16. It looks ok as a theme, but there are things that I need to look into. I'll get into that shortly.

I got up this morning, and I am still upset with the reality experience that I have I can call this an illusion, but it feels like I am putting it out there where I can't make changes to it. I'd rather own it as the experience that I am having. This way, I can look under the hood and see what's happening.

There's like plenty of chinese everywhere, also indians. It's like this. They have a lot in their population. How come not much of us asians? I don't get that. There's a lot of us that move out of the country but don't go there. They have playstation3 I think. Maybe he just wants to play with the latest.

He lets my son use his phone to get me in emergencies. For this, I let him access our network. I don't have to be in that reality. Why am I so bitter? I am respondinig in a negative way here. I am angry at how things are. The rat seems weakened by that poison. Maybe it works, but why did it not before? I don't know. It works so here we are.

What can I do differently next time? Get it out of the way so cat's don't get into that. Why is he afraid that marcus might see him play with it? I don't know. Maybe there is something here I am not seeing.

Son has the tablet going to bed. I think his profile in there has messenger. He'll get my message I think. Wife comes home later. This is the start of my six months. Are the tables and kitchen clear? They make sushi tonight. Why is this kid here? I don't get the story there. And so too my two daughters in conflict. What can I do about it.

He has something for my son. That's good. It's an influence thing. He seeks approval. Why is that. I don't know. Maybe it's none of my business. I go out for a walk later. Right now, how do I do yoga? I don't know yet. Is it going to be like this for the next few days? He has junk food for my son. That's nice.

It's like that. It's easter. This kid has easter goodies. Wife makes sushi again with the daughter tonight for dinner. What is happening. Oh well. It's like this. It's here for a reason. I am using this to integrate, to allow for things to be here. I am using the energy this way. I don't have to push them away.

It's going to be hard? Only that I am not used to it. It's like this for the next six months. And then what? Get it over and done with. It's this year for me. Not that I am leaving or going away. There's so much for me here. I will bring heaven on earth. This is my creation. This is my path.

What then. Finish q2, then get on with your day. It's what you do all day. Do I run? It's causing more pain for now, so I stop. I can start running again in six months, maybe start training for that marathon for the following year. Do things only when they are relevant. That way, everything else that's relevant with that setting is coming to you effortless.

New series looks interesting. It's about forensics. I am not acting on that for at least three days. Keep to the path for now. If it's still there, then get right to it. If it's not there, then it was a flash in the pan. I am glad this is here, and even when it's not, I am allowing that.

I only assure there is equal rights and to protect life and property. Other than that, we do something else. Like what? How do you train as sniper in that game? Keep doing that. Is there a game I can make that's like open and like minecraft? I saw this dad working out his kids on the bike.

I am not like that. It's their choice when they get there. I want them to make that choice for themselves. It's not wasting time. They have to make it. I can't make it for them anyway. If they like it like I did, then they are going to workout more. If it's not them, they will find something else.

For now it's about dev. That is what I do all day? I think so. It's more aligned for me to build something. I don't prefer destroying stuff. It's easy. Any one can destroy. It don't take much as a person to destroy. It takes more character to build something--plus it feels higher, elevated, more aligned feelings when you built something.

What then?