doing what's best

Some kids more maturity than others--courage and consideration. Why is that? Is that a choice they make, or is it something that they grew up with? I think it's a choice. It always boils down to that, almost always.

How do you tell someone to go there? If it doesn't serve them, they won't go there. That's sad. I thought she has it. Maybe it's the environment she grew up in. do I have to argue? no. it's a so what situation. You don't have the perfect family, so what? I can't hide it. But I don't have to make a big fuss out of it as well.

It's social media. You can't just blurt out everything that's happening in your life. You have to take into consideration the others who are a part of your reality. It's always connected. You can't pick up one end of the stick without the other.

What to do then? Just do so what? Scale up from there. Expand from that. Expand is more open than scale up. Up is expectation whereas expand can go in any direction that makes sense. At times it don't even have to make sense. I think daughter has a diary. How do you get into that?

Hacking is about knowing how things work, then making it work for you. Cracking is what the media makes you think it is. It's not entirely that. Those hackers you see on tv--the doctor that hacked into hospital to shut them down, that don't happen in real life. I don't think so.

That doctor was gunning for top gun. I don't think she has time to learn about the system to be able to hack into it. She's going to have to give up work and family time to be able to do that. And it won't happen in a year, even if she were to take all those bootcamps to learn them.

Like a person, every computer is unique. There are a lot of ways that a pc is set up. The part of the system you are learning though, they are protected by sudo and will sometimes stay consistent. But this is linux. It's almost the same with any os. You just gotta get in there and learn it.

Wife is going out later. I need to clean up under that kitchen. There's a dead rat there that needs getting out. I'll need her help moving stuff around. Not really. I just need motivation to get to it. I'll start on it when she gets up. There's people sleeping still. Those folks downstairs are inconsiderate? You just don't have the big picture. Once you see all the parts, you get it. You need to see things from their perspective.

What can we do about this then? I don't know yet. Keep writing and get to the other side. Do I ge into design? Only if when it interests you. Go there because it makes sense. I think I have the java colorscheme working. I don't know not sure how it's going to look like in javascript or php.

I can go there, but it's not relevant right now. I work with what's relevant here, then expand from there. Right now, it's about this writing. You can expand things from there and see what happens. The movie last night was good. It didn't hold at some points, but it was a different perspective for me. I like it. I can recommend it to wife, I don't know if she'll want to see it though.

I'll put it there and see if she likes it. She hasn't seen ip man yet. I think she is tired of kung fu. Time to move on then. What to do today. There is java and android. That's a lot to keep you busy. When you get tired of it, do something else. Like what?

Do twenty five pomodoros. That will keep you going in that direction. You don't need a cool toy for that. Make the tools you need. That way, you can expand from there. You also get to practice your skills that way.

It's a new day. You get to decide who you are going to be at this moment. You don't cross the same river twice. Never. I've seen that before. What next? I don't know. Only that this is here. You go here. Finish writing. Write and see what comes out.

The shameless episode was good. How come black mirror only has three episodes in the season? Maybe I don't see much in imdb. I can research on that some more, or not. Maybe not. It's dark. Go do sometihng else.

Is wife finished with the work she is doing. These kids break my heart. It shows you where it's headed. I apologized already. How come she is negative? Let her be. You don't have to change that. You can only change yourself.