don't have to

I'll transfer files later. It takes a few minutes to move them. Right now, I am syncing with drive. I'm in my office. This is what I do as a hedge fund manager. It's a process for me. I think I am on to something here. The process, I think is to keep to the light. The more you stay there, the more you crystallize.

What does that mean? It means what it means. Do I short this now? Not yet. It's going to go sideways. This is what I do most of the time. Imagine when you have bigger funds, then what you do is justified. What's the difference? It's the definition. If state of being were real, how do you become?

You crystallize it. There's an echo, a lag to manifestation. You keep to the state of being and whatever is in your source code that's out of alignment will pop out. That way, you can make changes. You do not work on the reflection. The reflection is going to be there automatically. You see what needs to be done now? It's always here and now. It's all connected.

What's in store for us then. I think this is going to go sideways in that level. Do nothing for now. I can do range trades. That sounds fun. I can take this and that. It's all connected anyway. How do you get to the other side? Be in the light. Take your feedback and expand. This is what it's about. I did much yesterday. I think we cleared up some things.

I am still in the game here. I am much clear about what is happening, where my process is. I slept straight through, I think. I get so tired around that time anyway. What happens now? See the ball, hit the ball. You don't have to announce your trades. Only do this. No word yet from the bank.

That be fine. I can choose something else. The market is going to reverse soon? I think so. Get five to ten pips easy on those turning points. The reward is good and your risk is limited. Risk meaning you know for sure when you are wrong. You do not hope you are wrong or right. You know for certain.

When you are in the middle of the road, you can get hit from both sides. What's going to happen today? Do php. I can look into javascript but I enjoy the learning from this module right now. Let's finish this, then get on with the day. I think it has much potential anyway. Is this the distro that works for me?

When it's relevant, everything is path of least resistance. You don't have to make it work. Everything just falls into place. That's what I have right now. Trust the process. Everything is synchronicity. And that's what keeps me here. How do you know? You just know. Everything is easy.

When it's not relevant, there is a lot of pain, a lot of effort. It's not fun. There is no peace. That's the signal then. You have peace of mind. You are at zero point and everything is possible. It's like you are at one with the energy and it's all easy for you.

How do you get there. You allow things to happen. You get in your light. You make choices that are aligned with who you are. Other people's opinions matter only when it has relevance to it. It may sound good for you, or it may not. It doesn't matter?

It is matter. It materializes based on your holy trinity. How is that possible? See for yourself. Look at things form a different perspective and you learn so much more from it. Do I go long here? What is that noise? I can do yoga, but I think it's still early. I can do one or two hours of learning, then yoga on the break.

This is tuesday. It is getting there. Only allow for this to be here. I have three in the bag. I can do them on my break later on. Or not. It depends on how I feel. Right now, I feel like adding to my bag of learning. Let's do that after I finish. Or not.

Everything is possible really. I don't have to push to make things happen. It's all just here. I think you can travel. How to do that. Get the account to that level, then just trade from where you are. You don't even have to check in everyday. You only see where the market is going, then you trade that.

How do you know you are right? You don't have to be right. Only get to first base every day. You do that for a month and you have a good year coming up for you. It worked before. Why should it not work this time? Because the scalpers don't know how to make it work--more so when you are new at this.

I think there is logic to it. Is it luck? I think so. Will it be different this time?