is there something

Provide solutions, not look for jobs. That's what they look for. Not everyone has it and needs it to grow. It's growth they want? Something like that. Mostly to get their expectations met. How do you get there?

Tune in. look beyond the words. Am I going to go there learn that framework? I think so. I guess I am going for them networks then? It's a lot, specially in php. It's like you have to learn ten. Three is good enough. Do wordpress plugins and themes. That will get your foot on the door.

Next step is silverstripe. Locally developed, I think it's what government uses day to day. Why is that? It must have something to do with bidding. Why should I respond to her negative choices? I can choose differently? I don't have to go there. I can choose. There is always choice.

It's her choice and consequence going negative. I don't have to be there. The kids are up getting ready for school. Forecast is rain in the coming days. Wife is going to be home for the holiday? I think so.

They all cook together. They are learning that. I don't have to push things to make things happen this is where you are. Why not cook themselves? This upsets me? I think so. This is how I feel. Why would I feel this way? What is my opinion that I feel this way? That I can't payy for it?

It's not in my control. Then I can let go of that. What about them kids? You have what it takes to get there. It's just the interview process that gets you. Next time there is meetup, you can approach one and volunteer.

I see where this is going. I felt sorry for that guy not having enough on his team. I settled for less? I see that as part of the synchronicity. It was a process. Varun was there. I don't think he knows more than I do. He has a job. That's not really an edge. I have time to learn new skills. He doesn't.

There were two others in his team. I don't think they are competition. I can go head to head and finish the project. Why did I not get reply from there? Get the rolls out of the oven. I can go now, or later. I can walk to there. It's no big deal. I can bring my bag so I don't have to walk later.

What else is there? No need to make things happen. It's when you are not at play that the water gets dank. Go out and play. It don't have to be a big thing. Just be in the mustard seed. You will see the reflection.

No expectations though. Just play. You'll see the difference immediately. I can go there and walk. I can bring my bike and walk. First go through takapuna, then back. I can do that. I can move the ether wallet to the other pc. It's not needed right now. I don't have to go there.

It gives my head time to stretch its legs. I can go there. See how they are moving past along. You see that platform? It's a game env. You then add characters that are open to anyone in the world. I don't have to be negative about this. See the light. If you, when you can't find it, then be your own light.

You don't have to change the world. Everything is here and now anyway. Keep to your light and you have the holy trinity. Why does it have to be holy. Just choose your choice. I am upset with that. I see. What now? Get a bigger pot to cook in. you don't have to go there. These kids are losing weight.

Why do they have to do that? It's because the old one is negative? I think so. Why does she think that way? I don't know. She is so steeped in negs it shows everywhere. I allow that. I don't have to respond in a neg way. I have choice. I can redefine things. It's a process she is going through.

I have this. It makes all the difference in the world. Do I have to need that app? I don't have to if it makes thing slow. I only use a few now and then. It's those that keeps things easy. No need to go there.

If they want to track them, then you can make something out of it. One daughter is going already. I think so. They take their nap after school. No need to be neg about it. Choose your response. Look at your source code.

Is there somehing else that is causing that? It's their energy not mine. I can choose how to go about this. What then do you do? I don't know yet. Just be in this time and space. You see the contrast? Use that as feedback. Am I coaching myself here? I think so.

What's next?