maybe they moved

Time to write. I don't think I wrote yesterday. Wife is at home. Last night couldn't sleep. Why is that. Is it the street lights? Before I go pick up, I am so sleepy, but coming home, I can't get there. I used to sleep tight. It's probably the street lights. It's the only thing that's different this time and I can't sleep easy.

How do you change that? I don't know yet. Maybe this has to be here so we keep to the light for now. If not php, I do nodejs. It's both full stack dev. This is what I feer interested about. It don't have to be about jobs. I can make a portal for trading and all that.

How will that be? Can you trade out of that? I think so. It should be possible that way. I am playing my youtube music playlist. These are mostly old music I liked the videos. I can switch over to deezer. I wonder how spotify is now?

I replaced manjaro and am back to xubuntu. The php setup is a pain to run in manjaro and I have been not dev'ing in php since I installed that. Back to xubuntu, the php setup works just fine. I am moving forward with this.

I don't know how this business is going to turn out, but this is what's path of least resistance for me. This is where I go. How do you know when it's time to take that fork? When the interest tells me so. It's all synchronicity. It's path of least resistance. There is regret at times, but when I feel that, I look under the hood to see what the source code is.

When the source code is not in alignment to what the program is supposed to do, then I make changes. It's all based on the sob. Everything lines up with that. Nic's here. He's here every weekend. He just sits there connected to the net. I wonder what those other kids are doing?

They go out tomorrow to church. Wife goes to work later. I work all the time? It's not work for me though. It's something that interests me a lot and I do this. What music do you listen to? Black crows. That's the video right now. Do you want to see that?

I should have two screens here. Then I can tune in to that. Or not. In the meantime, I write. I can listen to music while I write. I am getting a new set for the library. I deleted the other one last night. It takes hours to get that going and I wanted to get everything sorted by morning light.

Am I a writer? Does it matter. When I feel like writing, I write. If not, then do something else. I don't have to pigeonhole my talents here. Not talent, but skills. Talent feels like there's something that clicked in their head, but when emotions take over, talent goes out the window.

Skills on the other hand, can trum emotion--most of the time. Those dashes stayed. I get that now. See what you install and remove when not needed. For now, this thing runs smoothly. What made that go slow?

I don't know. Maybe it has something to do with bitcoins. This is happening now. I think it's possible to create a trading platform in nodejs. It's async. You get better play that way. Let's look into that. You can also make a torrent machine. There's so much to do here.

Put them out there, open source everything. That's some good music playing. Tune in to the rhythm. That's how you spell them. I miss listening to rt. That was the station when I was growing up. For a time, they played top 40 music. It was great. I don't get why they had to change format. They lost everything there.

Maybe they were in new management. They decided to get things going that way. They never recovered. I guess that's it then. Where are those great dj? I don't know. Maybe they moved on or something. I think it was fun back then. I can't wait to get in the car and listen to that music.

The accoustics were great listening in the car. What's this music? I think it was a prelude to something. What's happening here? I don't know. The music is dead. Do something else? I finish these then get on with the day. Just write down what comes to mind.

And then what? I dont know. Just write, then keep writing. Do you have to see that? I don't get why wife keeps watching that? I would rather get on the horse myself. Maybe that's her platform there. That's how she sees things. She won't give herself permission to go after that.

How can you tell. Ask yourself, so what? Why not? You then pick up on the answers and go from there. When you don't, then you lose the track. You may find it hard to move forward from there. She makes lunch today.