put last first

No internet today. I woke up and no signal. I went through the troubleshooting process, got nothing, then called tech support. They created a ticket so a chorus tech will call in the next 24 hours to schedule inbound support. If fault is within our cause, we pay, otherwise, vodafone pays them.

Unless something in our device broke, I think it's an outside fault. I saw some chorus tech working on the box outside. It is that one. Hopefully they fix the error. I can check from my dashboard in front of me when the connection is up. It gives me the weather as an applet sitting on my desktop gui.

Now what happens? Ground hog day? I choose how to make this day then. It don't have to be the same day, unless I go on autopilot and do the same thing. This is why you have this. You create what the day is going to be. I wonder if that movie from last night finished. I can go see that again. Or not. There's so much to do here. That's why internet is down. I created this. I have tons of stuff to do.

What's next? Just write. See what happens next. This is my office. What do you do in your office? How do you contribute? I create websites from scratch. This way, their sites are amazing and part of the great things that happen there. How much does it cost to make it for them?

Let them do it themselves? Why not? You have to create a platform that they can use. Does it have to be php? Can it not be in javascript front end to back? I think it's possible. There are cms out there that you can use straight out of the box. I will look them up later. For now, just write. It's still blinking. I think it is more stable a blink this time. Are they fixing it? Why not restart? I think I can do that. Later then.

I finish writing see how many days this will go. What will the kids do? They can check that. The light looks stable at times. I ran a ping test, no respond. At least it looks stable at times. Maybe they are fixing it now, running some tests.

Wife is going to notify me once they call her from support. I have no means to connect to the cloud at this time so I do nothing. I can create a php script to connect to the database. That is what this is about. I can then use that database from the app. The app don't have to be android. I can create something else from this. Why not a platform they can use that is exclusively yours. This way, they can make connections from there.

You learn java and you can use it for android and other stuff. The thing about this is that android on manjaro don't work so well. I think ubuntu has everything working out of the box. There be some differences here and there. Otherwise, it's a pretty good install for me. Just use the xfce window etc thing.

I can do that. For now, just write. The internet is still down. I can do a lot of things here. I do yoga after this. It's what my day is about. I can also look to nginx while doing this. I think I can connect this thing to the tv so I can watch something while doing yoga. Or I can do something else.

The led for internet seems to be getting steady. Maybe they are working on it now? Probably so. Or am I deluding myself here. Maybe I am seeing things here but in the meantime keep writing. I can tell because the weather applet is going to update. That connects to the internet to get its data. They serve that, tells me i'm connected.

I wonder what the kids will do if there were no connection for a week. That's a bummer for them. It's still blinking. It's going to take my time and attention? Only if you choose to give it. You have always oppontunity. Everything is about that. How do you go from here? Choose what is in alignment. Everything then that's relevant for that channel shows up.

Have you tested that? I think so. I was there for a decade. It has been an interesting journey. Have I learned much? Plenty to practice still. You need to get off autopilot. That way, you can choose actively, and be more aware of your choices. Do you have to? You don't have to. But when you see something off, then check into your holy trinity. That's where your sourec code is. That's how you troubleshoot.

Where did you learn this? It's not learned. It comes with the channel. You tune in to that channel, you get these shows and info that comes with it. You won't get it when you are in a different channel. How do you find the available channels? You don't. You decide which channel yo uwant to go to.

There are billions of them. You choose which one you go into.