think it worked

Looking up python quants keywords on youtube and see what I get. This is the field i'm interested in. if so, why am I looking at web dev? It's a stepping stone. It gets me to the other side. Right now, I don't know what's next in python quant.

Of course, you do know what you are doing. It's finiding your way in the dark. You chose it like this from higher level. This is where you bring things to yourself from within. You know what it's all about. So I go to tonight's meetup?

Yes. It is interesting. It's where I go then. Wife needs pick up for tonight. She no work late friday so we grocery friday. I used to be interested in startup weekend. What happened? That thing with the couple friend happened. That unseated me. I chose to unseat myself. I own it. I created it. Now it's time to let go. It's in the past already.

I can listen to something in the background but that's not what I listen to when I write. This is best for me, connecting to source. Connected to flow. Is there a differenc? Only when you say there is. For now, this is where I am. Why am I resisting this? This is part of my process. You sit through this. Make yourself comfortable as you use up the energy.

This is on the right hand. It's there as a reminder. It's different everyday. Do I run today? I'll be doing a lot of walking anyway. What time do I finish? I get home around ten. Or so I think. Then I can go out get the wife. They have food in here. I can prepare something for before they go. I do that when I finish this.

It's out there already. What's next? Yoga. Then I have lunch then I head out to paknsave. My daughter is not talking to me. I am open to this. I allow this then. It's part of the process. She'll come aronud when she feels like it.

It's different now. I am aware of my choices. I don't have to deal with equal rights. It's already there. Is there resentment between them still. This is why I am getting a job. It's for them then? no. it's for me. I am learning a lot anyway. How do you do things from the web that way?

It's how you program things. I am not really creating anything right now. It's because I see my self in learn mode. I can still learn in dev mode. Let's do that. Its the light I am in then. I choose that all the time. Even when you are not aware, soon as you see the energy, you are made aware.

When you are awake, you get to see the source code. You get why it's happening. This is what you have right now. Not everyone gets it that way. You attract thi to yourself. How to be in this light? Keep to it. You know already. It's expanding as you sit here. You know the feeling. I go...dream was weird. It's connected then.

Was that a visit? I think so. It's there. It's connected. See how it goes. I have the tablet connected so things go in there when needed. Do you need it that big? I can let go of this other phone then. I can use that for messaging and all that anyway. Who can use this one then?

I can give it to one of the kids if they need it. But first, I install cmd on that tablet so it upgrades automatically. I can do that. I don't have to go there then. It's a tablet I use that gets me here. Do they need it? I don't think so. Let's move over there. But the phone is for walkabout.

I like that. It connects with something. The library has background process running. That's good. I am moving stuff for when I need that. I am installing plex media server in here so when I need to go in there as well.

I think wife can see that but I don't have to go there. I only need that when I go to toilet. Then don't. You use the energy better this way. Simply write and connect. You don't have to see the outside. It's why you have this. You go in and manifest the experience. Only the experience ins real. Everything else is an illusion.

How can you expand on this? Live that way. Inside out. You know how this goes anyaway. Everything is here and now. You connect with it. You resonate and you see the expression. How do you know. Because you have the emotion. You feel it. You go from the heart. You don't have to think about it much. The male expression supports the female.

How did it change? You think it worked in the past. Now you know better. You know how to expand from this? I absolutely do. What's next? I already have my office then. Where to get funds? There's an abundant source for that. Connect to it here and now.