tonight we grocery

It's a new door. Something just opened up this month, and it has caused a lot of change in my experience. I am fighting, resisting this change not knowing where it's headed. It's a friday. Let's get that going, then get on with your day.

What do you tell her? That I am meeting someone for coffee about a possible project, if I am interested. I can go there. I tell her i'll take the car or something. But really, it's for the ird thing when I got hospitalised.

No need to spell that correctly. Just keep writing and see where this is headed? Where is the general direction you are headed? That state of being--clarity. How do you know when you are there? You take a moment, and you can see clear to the horizon. Your emotions are clean. You feel steady, stable, centered.

There is the contrast, but it doesn't affect you as much. You know you have a choice whether to pay atteniotn to it or not. Of course you don't. It's not relevant therefore you don't have to give it your awareness. That's how you scale up. It's not what you have on the outside. It's who you are from the inside.

It's seven and when are we getting that time zone shift? It's always changing. The river. You had intimate connection with that river. It's part of your life. How do you expand on this awareness? Know that you are. Son is not going to school today so I have company.

He's going to be on his computer all day. He is learning how to assemble his own gaming rig. I can help him with that but I can only go so far. I am helping him because it's in his interest to do so. It is going to feel good achieving that. I am only a resource for assistance and guidance if possible. A beacon of light, so to speak.

How do you go there? I don't know yet. All I am certain of is that I am headed towards clarity. I don't how how to get there or how relevant that is. It's just here so I am in this path I take. It is still dark and I am writing already. Is this too bright for you?

I don't know. Daughter has her prom tonight. I am not a part of that event. No boys in the horizon so I guess it's just them girls. Why did there had to be that thing? I don't know. It's here, use the energy. It's what is going to get you moving, or shifting, bouncing off of.

So it's like a wall telling you to go this way. So be it then. She got her room. The other one lost hers, and a sister. I guess that's how she wants things. I am not going there. No judgement, but that's not what I prefer. I am not that person. I will be resonating with the other more from here on.

Is that going to change? If it does, then so be it. Everything is changing all the time anyway. Let it be where it needs to be and you can expand in the dircetion that you are. No need to make things happen. Everything falls into place by itself when you let it be.

Is this the path where I am? I am looking busy writing here. It's what I do. I don't have to go anywhere else. So where is this going? I finish writing then I prepare their school lunch. I get on the car, drive everyone to where they are going, then I get back to my office and get going.

It's my process. This is where I am. No need to invalidate it. I was doing that early this morning as I lay in bed. How did I get there? I don't know. It's how you choose your thoughts. It's not that you will only have good thoughts. That's not possible. It's that you will choose your thoughts and be in alignment.

When a thought don't feel good, you can look under the hood and see if it's fact or opinion. If, when it's the latter, you can change it. That's how much power you have over your reality. No matter what is on the outside, you have a choice. Even if that choice were to take a moment to pause, that is the difference between this way or that.

Not that one is good or evil, or better than the other. The question for me is, how is it relevant for you. I make sausage for dinner. Toinght we grocery. It's fun for me. Keep it that way. I can have myself steak for tomorrow. Wife is not home tomorrow anyway. That coffee be good later? I bet you it is an enjoyable moment for me.

I used to wonder why older people liked coffee. I get that now. It's that moment when you sip on it and it hits the spot. Bitter and sweet at the right mix. That is where you want to go. This is where you are. Did I connect there? I don't have to. It's there for a reason. You only write when you have to. No need for someone else to validate that for you.

It's not the capital, but the quality of your ideas. Do this and you have it. You are the light in the universe. Whyput your light away? It doesn't work? Or are you comparing your day one with someone else's finished product?

You don't have to have an edge. Your edge is your perspective it's not that you have to be better than anyone, but embrace who you are, put more light into it. I have sausage in the oven. I got tired looking over it while it cooks in the stove. I need to bring out the garbage now.