train like turtles

Trading fx is in the core of my business. Pentest and machine learning comes around it. I'm not sure how pentest is connected but it's what interests me at the moment. It's like something I do when I don't feel like programming.

Web dev is ok. It comes as part of machine learning. It goes up to the web eventually, but I don't know how it's going up there. Right now, you use the web for presentation ekek. And it's a quick fix for the urge to make something.

The local mind don't know how it's going to get something. It needs to connect the dots at all times. I get that I don't have to. As long as it's interesting, then it's part of the process. It's the domain proficiency that I missed out. It's like a skill. You focus on one for a decade, then you can say that it's there.

Why do I reference to the wife all the time. I wanted spaghetti since friday. If I got it friday, then we are over and done with it by now. They go to church later. She is broke. This is what I was talking about. I would rather get a slow burn going than to have ningas kugon spending.

She'd take big vacations to break away from work, but she's going to charge everything on her card. When she gets back, she is going to work her ass off to pay it back. I think that's not how you live. You live in the moment. You do something that you do not a vacation from. I don't know how python is connected, but it's the path of least resistance right now.

I can go three ways with this. So it's python and nodejs. Node is just there like a comfort pillow. I go there now and then. There be modules here that I can go into. So this is here. What about my daughter's pc. She wants windows in it but she's not doing much to get what she wants.

Did she ask around. Her bf seems useless. If he's a gamer, then he's not deep into it. Why is that. I am in a foreign place but I get almost what's relevant for me quite easy. There be connections that you make here and there. I think it's all here and now. I helped out people and never asked anything in return.

It's that simple. I still do that but never got any response so I move on. I tried the volunteer thing, but never got very far with it. I will look into that some more in the coming week. For now, there is only here and now. I can do work from home with this. At least it's all moving forward.

The trading issue is being looked into. Either way, the outcome points me in a direction I will take. It's both good as I label it to be. It's all connected. At least it's telling me that this is where or what you will process. Use up the energy and you move and expand faster that way.

Everyone is still in bed. If daughter gets her crinkles bakery, then I can make a deal with fixing her pc. That sounds good enough. Let's see how it goes. I can send her a message and see how it goes. Nobody uses it much anyway. I have everything I need in here. Get to the other side and see.

Google drive can scan zip files before you download. That's interesting that software can see into that. What happens next? I don't know yet. How do you learn all that stuff? You do so one moddule every day or two. That's a lot at the end of the year. You doing that since? I think so. It's been six months now. I think I am doing that all the time.

They use python anyway. I think they are there but not everyone is going to go deep into that. Is there more jobs for that. Or should I do something else. Like what? I don't know yet. You know how to do this. Creating websites is easy. It's the web service and api's that you are now looking into. It's simply connecting to it.

You don't have to go there when you don't need them. Oanda has an api I can work with. The spreads there are higher and I can still look into it. I'll see what I can do. In the meantiem, I have more than enough on my plate. I feel better now. I can go for a walk tonight.

Wife did not get me garlic and onion. I guess she's not going to be around here the rest of next week. That's part of my feedback. Use it and see hat happens. Do I type heavy on the keyboard? I don't think so. Maybe I need a break somewhat. Still, it's building up. I can make adjustments here and there. But for now, this is where I am.

Is it time to install it? I think so. See what happens. I don't think I can change others, only myself.