thinking about it

Feeling meh at the moment. I thought i'd go this way, and at the end of the day, question myself if this was in alignment for me or not. What I want to do is “more with less”. What's so hard about it?

There's the internet. Why not create something that I can sell at a really cheap price, then expand on that. I can do that with android so how come I am so bored with it? Why not build a roku box clone. Something that's open and people can tweak.

Maybe something that's similar in concept, you get the idea? Iwas able to get around yesterday. I took meds, put on my running shoes and did get around. I do the same today. The kids are still sleeping. They go back to school on monday. What's happening? Do you really want to get a job?

There's a lot of ads for that skill right now. Why not immerse yourself into that and see how it goes? You are skilled enough with this. You were able to help others. Why not go deep into that and see how it goes.

People need a site to communicate and connect with their audience. It's an ongoing thing. Even business people look for that so they can focus on what they do best. I go for security and it's boring that way. I would rather do something more interesting. This is why I write. It gets me to put these ideas out there where I can see them.

Wife got herself a new phone. It's the fourth one since that issue started in less than two years. So she gets a new phone every four months. It's not the idea of a job, it's the monotone of it all. I want to go for something I can build on. Lowest paid easy work, highest paid hard work. More with less. That is the path.

How do you do that? Who else is doing that? Youtube channels is one way. You have to be excited about it to do that. I don't need to go for anxiety and fear. Why not deal with relationships? I don't know. I explore forks in the road. No need to invalidate if it's not relevant for now. I can look into them later.

My friend's family got millions for their land. But when you are not the bank, it's only time before you can win back that money and then some profits as well. My friend, they can't buy another land with the same attributes that they owned before.

How do you solve that then? Have a bank for yourself. Get money to work for you. The fx market is such a vehicle when you know how to milk it. I have a theory in place. All I need to do is fund it and it goes that way.

How do you get back to that? Get a job and go that way. It's orange trrash bag truck. I can go down and send out that bottles. I can do that now or later. How come that image shrinks that way? Is there something about it I don't know. What else is there that I can do? I surely don't enjoy asp. Then don't go there.

What are my other options? Android are for tools and games. Why not go for games. People have something that needs tweaking. I am back in the fork again. This time, I have new information--more with less. This is the path I am in. look for sometihng that's relevant. You don't have to look. It's there automatically.

It's a reflection. When you are not. You get the contrast. You don't have to go out. Stay in and tune in to frequency. You can also check your source code. There are tons of resources. You gronud everything by your actions. You experience that.

I remember that makati call center days. I did not enjoy that. It was something I had to do. It's in my log. I can use that differently now. It's how all this is here and now. It's how everything is connected. How do you go here then? I don't know. For now, you have reference and feedback. This is how I use it.

If it's not there, stop thinking about it. Be in your light and you will see. It comes to you. When you go looking out there, you are not in the light. You won't find it out there. Be in the light, then behave, live, experience accordingly.

It's as easy as that. How to go now? Those sentences. You use that. Expand on that. Everything is here for you now. What else do I do? I don't know. When you are in the light you will see your reflection. Bring heavin on earth. It's simple as that. You go now. You have the template. Match that frequency and you will see.

You will never go wrong. You get feedback. That's ok. Feedback is good. That means try this instead and see how it fits. You use everything because they are connected.

how it scales

Day three or four with the heel pain. It's getting better. I can put my foot down and the throbbing pain is almost gone. See that as contrast and feedback, dwell on and expand in that frequency. It's how you heal.

How do you validate that? By experience. Everything is from experience. It's the only thing that's real. How do you help others to be in that frequency? You show by example. It's up to them to experience it for themselves. You have a choice. Every moment is an opportunity. You can go this way or that, it's all up to you.

This is why you are here. You are a perspective of all that is. You can go with them or not and it's still your unique perspective. There is nothing wrong with that. It's always your choice. What to do now? I am going this way and that with my developer project. I am not really sure which way to go.

Still I am interested in rust systems programming, and ptesting. It's interesting for me and I can dwell on that more. How do you make money out of it? I still don't know how that is going to happen. Maybe go software solutions in that platform. Why not do rust with android. It's possible. You can learn more about it. You can do game dev with that.

I can look it up and see where it's going. I have clang anyway. I can look deeper into that tutorial, or see things differently. It's not the selling that I am after, but being able to go deep into this subject matter.

How do you learn much from it? Do you still need a job to get that up and running? Why not get a gig first, then research into that. This way, you hit two birds with one stone. You know how that is going to take up a lot of your time. You krow that. What else can we do here? Do android, then you can get into rust. You then expand into ptest on your free time.

It's all here anyway. How much time do you need to finish all that? A week. Then I can create apps then get going in that direction. How hard is it to get into that dev? Android plus java is pretty straightforward. You can finish a tutorial in a day, then the next day you do another one.

You then start going in that direction. It don't matter what gigs are not available. You do your own thing and everything falls into place. At least I now have this in place. What other theme did I use before? I think it's this one. But where is that icon? I can probably get somethin online.

That too is possible. Where did I find that anyway? I remember seeing that from my icons folder. Let's see here else. In the meantime, let that go. It'll fall into place when you see it. When it's here. For now, it's not relevant for you. Now you know how to get into that. Do you need them still?

I don't know. Just do this. Why did the cat not eat them bacons? I don't know what the wife plans for later. Wife is busy and she is always tired. It's because you are not in the moment. You are fighting something that's in the past. Therefore, you carry several baggages at once.

How do you let go? By being aware that you are doing so. I took my pain meds for this morning. It's at nine, so the next batch is at one pm. I can take a nap later on. In the meantime, only do this. What's in store for today? I don't know. It's always a mystery that way. Finish rust. Get into that deep.

What can I do with it? I don't know yet. There be others in that ride. I think you can do something here. What else is there for you? Create it and you will see. Go in that direction and you will find the fork that leads to that gig.

You see it as not here. You then experience your reality that way. Tomorrow is a friday. I can go out tomorrow. I am better now anyway. Can I walk over there? I think so. School starts tomorrow. Give it a break today and you can get going tomorrow.

I have anxiety. I know. Only do this for now. There is not much you can do anyway. Only do this. You have that fear in you. Then everything is happening this way. It's been almost a week. You can get this up and running. Feel the fear, find the light from wherey ou are. It's how you connect. You will get to this side anyway. You know.

How do you shift? You use up the energy. You transform that energy so you can redefine it. You go into your source code. That's where everything is. You hen run the program to see if it scales.

is exciting and

I thkni that the number two contentder is alright. I think she can provide leadership. I don't see the motivation for change though. It's like a band-aid solution. She will do better as the next president, but for now, we need wholesale changes.

I am still processing that debate. Why does it matter. That is on the outside. What matters most is who you are on the inside. I have gout in my left heel. It was the junk food that's accumulated. I am shifitng from this. Still processing the energy. So be it. I have learned my lesson here. I am shifting and using up the energy. Let it be so then.

What to do today? I don't know if I can do yoga. Just sti here and do what you can do at each moment. Drik plety of water. That will clean out your system. I am short three bucks. I can go there tomorrow. It's a holiday today. I would have come with them. I have issues to deal with and process. Let it be so then.

I can't change what is on the outside. Right now, I have contrast. I see where the misalignments are. I see the source code. I see the vibration. The experience is contrast. I am aware of that. I am processing the energy. This is all part of my process.

I have anxiety still. Everything is possible. When the negative imagination is in your experience, then the universe is telling you to go this way. It can be painful, but pain is due to resistance. How can you not be resistant to that? You define it as something you do not want.

You are connected even thru the veil. You have access when you choose to conect. What is the issue. The unkonw. I don't know what is going to happen next. You will know when you are in that moment you fear. Go there then. You will see where the path opens up to. What you are on the inside, you will manifest. It's all this. When you have contrast, then it's time to look into your source code. Look into your frequency. What is being sent out?

When you see contrast, then use the other parts of the equation. Two kids did not go. There is conflict there. I could have gone, but these two left are the younger ones. I have to stay home with them. They can be safe. I don't have to control everything. Then it's meant that I be home as well then. I chose this. So be it. I am writing. I am on my path. This is where I am. Move in that direction as well and you will see.

Wife gets home around four. Then they go some place else. Tomorrow, I think she'll be home pretty much the same time. I just want to spend time with her. Sipping coffee while browsing the net on our laptops sitting beside each other--that is perfect moments for me. I enjoy that. I don't have to go anywhere. I don't have to spend time. Do more with less. This is what it's all about. This is my path?

I think so. This has been the theme of my experience, at least the way I see it. So be it then. Do more with less is what it's all about. I think it has to do with my definitions. What to do today. Finish rust. Expand on that. I am on the right track here. I can make a game, I think

finish rust, then expand into that. I have scripting language. I can create my own payload. If not, I can create analysis scripts. It runs efficiently. I have much to expand on in this path. I am not doing ecommerce. I am on the more practical path that is relevant to my interests. It don't matter if there be less want jobs advertised for that. Do more with less.

It's all connected this way. You don't have to be the leader of something. You don't even have to be the best in your chosen profession. Do more with less. That is more in line. You don't need to be the best anyway. You only need to do more with less. You have probably been the best in one lifetime. You have that in your bag of experience.

You can use that. You go into that bag and match that frequency. This is hy it's there. It's how it's all connected. You redefine to match your light. You then manifest this way. Move in this path. You see everything. Heaven on earch. All these things shall be added unto you. Even though you are not in that religion, you are open to all religion. You access all of it because it is in your awareness.

Who says you can't use them? You. It's your definition. Thisi s exciting and I can't type fast enough to put them on paper. Yo usee all the potential and I am excited about them. I can't wait to do them all. Be in the light. You can't do them all anyway. Simply be in your light and you will see where you are supposed to go to next.


in a hurry

Ubuntu came out with 16.04 today. I had it installed on my desktop. It looks ok for now. My son uses that machine more than I do. It's to get him comfy working with different distros. Maybe I should give him sudo.

This laptop is configured heavily. To get a reinstall this way takes a lot of time. I am taking down notes so I have it with me in case I need to go through a reinstall. Right now, I am pleased with everything. Wife is home until tuesday. No morning rush hour traffic.

I see a lot of contrast. I got up this morning with the idea that physical reality is just an illusion. Only your experience of it is real. How do you expand on that? I go out to run later. I think I have everything in here. I may have to delete the ubuntu torrent, but not yet.

I think there be lots of downloads for that iso. I will ileave it there until it gets to ratio 2. that way. I have that open. I think the changes to the client is working well. It's faster and seems to get things working well. I am testing this. Silicon valley was approved for season 2. I am looking forward to that.

I remember who that guy is. Is it going to be as funny as the last one? Everything is by reflection. Everyone is still in bed. I get up early and I take a nap throughout the day. I am doing well as a business owner. Not much happening but at least it's moving forward. What else is there?

It's april. The last one was in feb. I think we have one more month and we have another hackathon coming up. I don't do web dev anymore. I don't know right now how I can contribute, but I am still going. You meet people in there that's interesting.

There were others groping for business the last time I was there. That's part of the process. What now? I don't know. I teach by example. How do you raise kids anyway? By example. You can't say one thing and yet they see you doing things differently. Am I being a good example for the kids? I hope so. If not, then it's just an example for contrast.

Do I write today? I can go out for a run this morning. There could be cricket players now. Maybe keep the schedule and go around lunch time. That way, I can still do my gigs and move forward with this. No need to live in the past other than to pick up something relevant here for you.

The people downstairs make a lot of noise. What to do. Finish rust, then continue with dev play. You have a lot on your plate still. It's a never ending quest. It's not that you don't have it. It's the definition that you hold. You can make changes to it. You only need to choose.

How come vuze has more options to it but I hardly know how to use them. Why do they have to beep. I think there is something wrong with that equation. I see the contrast there. Move forward with this and see what happens. This country is good for old geezers. Am I going there?

So be it then. I am in this boat anyway. That means there is something here that's relevant for my path. I may have to check plex. Maybe I can do something else? I dont know how but it's here to experiment with. We'll see how things go from here. That size won't fit in my usb. I may have to use btsync for that.

It's fast enough anyway. When you are not in a hurry, it'll do the wolk perfectly well. How else can you get something like that up? I can use that with my connections. That is something I don't have much of right now. There are more online. You only need to go there. How to get connected? Spend awareness in that diretion. I think there be meetup tomorrow.

Do you want to go? I am not sure but I keep my options open. The last meetups were boring. Maybe I can do soemting else instead. Like what? I don't know yet. Keeping my options open is a good alternative. I am doing this now. Wife is still sleeping. I go there later.

What's the plan today? I think they clean up. I can do some other things. I go with rust and see where that one is going. Maybe I can create a site, but I think it's good also to just contribute. You build with the community. You do not take away. This is supporting the all. You are the all anyway.

This is integration? I think so. This is page two. I can finish sooner then. I thought I was still in page one and was thinking it was going slow.

on that memory

Anxiety. Fear. Not wanting something to happen. How do you shift from this? Get into your source code. Do the work. Sit on it. Use up the energy. You don't have to change the outside. Right now, you are seeing the illusion and think that it's what's real. Is it not? How is this an illusion?

Someone coming in will see what you have and see things differently. It's all about where you see it. It's about perspective? I can do yoga at night before pick up the wife. There is that hour before they all go to bed. I can do that in the afternoon.

I do lunch now? I run later. I can go to toilet soon as I am done here, then go for a run. That feels good for me. How is your foot. It wasn't bothersome yesterday. There was a bit of a discomfort now and then but it was manageable. I think I was running pushing from the muscles of my foot instead of lifting up the leg from the butt.

That way, I am using the bigger muscles to move forward. Before, I pushed off with very little muscle groups, mostly from the calf down. I learned something from that. I am moving on now. One daughter has already gone out and did her day's exercise. Three more are thinking about it. At least they are going out and do something.

Wife wants easy password for wifi. It's about security and I am paranoid about it? Not really. It's just this here. How do you want to move forward with this then? Maybe I can activate the gadget when it is within range or somethnig. That be possible.

Or do something else. Are there still rats coming in? I got salt and toilet paper. I did not find light bulbs this time. It's there but I did not bother to look or ask if they have it. I did not find it, then moved on. This is writing. I did rust yesterday. I am feeling like I have learned much from that.

It moved on to gui programming and I did not go much into that. I will check that out later. For now, it's about console apps. I like that. I don't know what to do with it now. It's just me here and moving forward. I can do ptest for today. I have this book I am working with. It makes sense so I go down that path.

Are videos better? I can look into that. It's about other people's opinions. That lady there went far, but is it really about that? I am looking into that right now. I am full-time in this and learning much. Who knows where this is headed. But for now. This is what interests me. How can you be sure. Is it based on anxiety and fear?

I see the emotion when it's here. Getting a job is based on that. I did aikido for ten years and everything turned out well. It's where the power is. I think power is misleading word as it has different energy. Creation is a better, feels more positive word here.

What have I been doing all these years? I don't know. I am learning much. I have gone for much. There is still that definition that needs to be looked into. I can do that when the program runs. When you get different results, you add them to data and see what you get.

This is page two? There is a fly on my table. Is that my table? It's in my consciousness. It's in my awareness. I am aware of it. Does that mean I have it? That seems out there for me. Just keep writing then. I feel the fear. Why push it down? I don't want to have to deal with it.

Then sit on it. Use up the energy. See where this path leads to. For now, that baby powder incident showed me a lesson. I moved it there and forgot about it. I put definitions it that I thought were correct. I was wrong. It would have put a big dent on the relation.

Learn then move on. What's next here? I have seven up lite in the freezer. I can have that, then toilet. I then run this morning? It's much cooler now. I can run later at lunch when the sun is out. That be fun that way. Is that cancer? It's everywhere. How do you process that? It's time to go. That's what it is about.

I knew this family. They relied on faith healing and that did not work. Was that true then? What if it were different? I don't know yet. It's here and it's there. It happened. It was there for a reason. I think you see where this is going. What do you do with it.

It's in the past. You don't have to dwell on that memory. It's an illusion. You can use that and learn something from it. You can make changes to your life based on that memory. How is memory true when it's based on your subjective experience?

It is true for you. If you are not open to other people's perspective, then your experience is limited as well?

skillet and eggs

At least delivery is faster this morning. There be a queue, although small compared to regular, but it's there. How do you get that frequency? You model it. You find someone who's already there and you look at their source code. See how their trinity compares to yours, then walk that path.

Where can I find them? You don't go where the meetups are. You go where they do business. Meetups are kinda fake. You might see what they want you to see. You may not really see what's in their source code until you have bought into it.

Then buy into it? Why not? It's probably not relevant for me. I have so much resistance in me. Let go. You don't have to control everything. It's time for them to fly out of the nest anyway. Let it go. If her path brings her to the process she chose, then so be it. Is there any way I can guide them?

Just be an example for them. You did your best, yes? Then it's time to let go. I am going to miss them. They are no longer there anyway. At least the old them, the kids that they were, it's not there anymore. I've let go then. That I see the reflection, then it is on the inside. This is what it's here for.

You get that everything is connected. You are on the path. What happens next? You act on the next most exciting thing. It's always this way. This is how I live my days. Only be in this light. You can choose not to. It's your cohice. But do you need all that friction? Isn't it better if you go downstream? Downstream never ends. You get in the ocean and it's a big ocean. You let synchronicity guide you.

Open up and be vulnerable. That's where your strength lies. Strength is like what's in there, background--power is strength applied. Power is in the execution. Strength is what's behind it. You od'nt have to go on that side. Only do this and see how it goes. This thing is going to finish today. Respond that way.

What if it doesn't? Then it's not relevant for today. You can move on and forward to the next best thing. It's like cooking. When this pan isn't ready, you do something else. I had fun hanging out with the son and wife yesterday. The shopping part was boring. If it were mine, we'd go to a fine steak restaurant, have coffee, walk around.

Then why did you not? You think they have a better agenda but they just want to hang out with you and have fun with the fun you. When you don't go there, you are not going to see the reflection. Why did you not go there?

I did not allow it. Why not. The source code shows I did not have it. Then you saw the reflection. Respond as the source code defines it and you will see the program running. When you do not, then the reflection won't be there.

Does that make sense to you. Don't do it just to get a job. It's going to be all uphill for you that way. You get kicked out of the system that way. Be in your own light and they come knockitng on your door. You see where this is going? It's all connected.

What happens next? Start your day. It don't matter what is on the outside anyway. You cleaned your skillet? It's already drying and seasoning by itself. What else to do there? We have bacon and eggs.

Had to stop there to add to grocery list. What's next? You contribute to all that is. It's how you get connected. You see that in the past. It don't work that way. It's failing already. It's time you move in to your new house. That was grand. It's where you will live in the next lifetime.

How do you know that. Everything is here and now. You can choose otherwise. But you have been there before. It's an old movie you have seen a thousand times. It's time to see a new movie. One that you wrote the script and yet do not know how things are going to turn out.

That's a more exciting way to live, doesn't it. How do you play that movie then? You put in the source code, then let the cpu run everything for you. It's the big picture way how it runs. You don't have to know the details. It all goes there for you. How do you know that?

I don't really know. It's just there. That's all I see. No need to see everything else. Wife responded. Kids are still in bed. She comes home around six. I think she'll do some grocery shopping later. What's going to make it good later?

I think we can go see that movie.

soon, or not

I made a comparison last night between doing android dev and ptesting. There were more cons for ptesting than the former. Overall, there was half as much pros. I decided to go with android dev. I can go run my software business with both. The thing is, it's just java and xml, plus maybe c++ to get going with anddev. Ptesting entails much more, but fewer than web deving.

I go with java, then deep dive into anddev. I can get something going in a month. Something going means i'll have my github repositories teeming with enough projects to get me through the interview process, or at least get me some gigs online.

There's far more gigs advertised for android as well. You only need to get a good copy up to win a good percentage of them gigs. I have the modem up and running now. Do I have to get those uploads faster? I'm not sure, but my spider sense is telling me it don't matter much.

Let it go there then. Wife keeps complaining about cotton buds lying around much. Does daughter have issues as well? I don't know. I let that be there. It's there for a reason though. Kids are all up. I can replace the modem now then mail the other one off. I can do that today. I'll be home today. Work from home situation. I have been here before.

Am I going around in circles? Everything is here and now. You are not going around in circles. It's all in your head. You use that illusion as reference. In effect, it's how you respond to it that affects your illusion. If you thin you dare not, you won't. That makes a lot of sense.

Knownig that, take a look at your source code. Why do youthink it is so? It was just one experience. I have that in the past and it turned out beautiful for me. I guess I put those challenges there to get me moving forward. There is much to pocess here. I have android studio. That helps in development although I would much prefer…

son said he is walking to school. I feel distant to my daughter. Why is that? I don't get to hug them as before. I chose that? Why so? I am responding to something here. I see that. I can make changes to that? I need to look at the source code and see what's not in alignment. Everything is that simple? If you let it be that simple then so be it.

It's like oop. You create simple classes, then you get everything to work in harmony. This is how you come up with complex software. What time are they leaving? I don't know. School ends on friday. Today is wednesday. Two more days. I think wife is home early tomorrow. I got one more night of staying up late. That be nice for now.

In the meantime, I just write. Things seem to have been quiet around here lately. Daughter's birthday is coming up. I can look into my blog and see how things were a year ago, going all the way up to eight year ago. That's how much I have been writing. It's all just exercise now.

What--connecting to flow. I write to get that flow. It's always there. It's the quieting the local self that's in the writing. Then the flow comes through. You have clarity. That's the fun part in doing morning pages. There be times when things get so clear you see the big picture.

What is the big picture? To be heaven on earth. There's so much lost in translation over the century. It's sad when you don't see what has happened and what is happening. The kids are getting ready for school now.

What then? I am past halfway this page. I can finish soon, or not. I can choose to keep going here. Why does she need all those plastic bags. I don't have to look at what I am writing. Am I getting old? I am shifting. I am changing definitions. Yes, I have shifted. I can change the stuff here.

I don't know what she is talking about. It has something to do with that. Hackers are about learning how things work. There is nothing wrong with that. It's a tool. It depends on how you use it. Give it a negative meaning and you get that effect out of it.

It's all a part of the process then. What can I do about it? I don't know. She likes leaving quietly. I respect that. So be it then. It's the env that they live in. did I do wrong? Only when you compare yourself to others.

I tend to do that often. Not a lot anymore. It has changed. I am aware of it sometimes. Do you send it back or you just keep...lost my train of thought there.

can i do

I don't have to get out of this. If I get depressed and couldn't figure out to get in the light, then so be it. Sit in the dark. You are not a bad person. It's just how you think about thi circumstance.

You think it's all bad when you can't fix things between your quarreling daughters. Maybe it's not yours to fix. Maybe it's their process to go through. Maybe your role in this situation is to be the positive contrast.

Of course you can step in when there is life and property involved, and to ensure equal rights. The other two kids are having fun playing on the playstation. We don't have internet for the last 24-hours. The other two can quarrel all they want.

I think there is negative energy there. Why can't she get that she gets extra anyway. Why would she limit the others. How come these category always behave like that? I wasn't restricting her in anyway. I have been positive with the relationship as best I can.

Maybe I can let go of this. Maybe I can just be in this light. The people downstairs are also playing. What game are there? What can I do about this? I don't know. I don't have a job. I don't have a job for the next 24 days.

Maybe I can lower my expectations and go for a tech support position. I can surely do that. I know how to do those things. I can expand into ptesting from there. I think so too. What else is there for you? I don't know. At least a door has opened here. Let's see where this is going there.

I can do the comptia, then expand from that. It's the priority? no. it's part of the process then. So be it. What can I do right now about it? Get that connection back, then start on that path. I see now. Let's see where else this is going.

At least you are headed in that direction. Is this where I want to go? I think so. I am getting into sysadmin? Would you rather code? I don't know yet. But I think it don't matter where you are headed. The important thing is that you be in the light.

It don't have to be a grand thing all the time. Just choose to be in your light. Be the contrast to the reflection and the illusion and all that. You see where this is going then? I did not upload earlier. We don't have internet. How do you respond to that? I can do fiverr gigs in the meantime. What gigs do you do there? You have andrroid studio.

You can make your own version of these apps. Maybe I can't go there? Like what then. I can do ptesting and that seems to be not that creative. I see that. And I can expand from there. I can figure things out. Maybe that's my forte here. It's not trying to fit into a square peg.

What happens now? You have gone through this process already. Next step for you is to make sure you know what you are doing. How do you build up your portfolio? Go through fiverr. You can get cheap gigs from there as you learn. You don't have to be the master in that. Just be in this light and see what happens.

Those web dev doing ptesting may not be that glamorouus. They are branching out. Yo ucan do something here as well. Like what? Keep to your own path. When is that modem arriving? It's going through the warehouse by tomorrow, so wednesday could be a good day to be home.

Will I be home then? I can be home then. Should I tell the kids about it? Where will I put it then? At the back of them towels. You only need wifi. I can set it up back there then see how the connection goes. If the kids find out then they are going to withdraw from emotions.

I see. Just get things right and up and running and see hat happens. These two are getting along fine. That's fun that way. They have been bonding since the other one was a toddler. That's good. What then. I don't know. Just finish writing. Is there something there that I can do?

I know something happened there. What can I do abotut it? I don't know. Just do this and see what happens. I don't need her permission. I can do the right thing the best that I know how. I can take it as far as I can take it. No need for permissions on that side. Just do what you think is right.

I can do tech support. Maybe there won't be much around here. I can do android instead. Why did I stop there? It got boring. I wonder if that is something I really want to do. I am confused.

can complain about

In a way, ptesting is what interests me the most. I see videos on this subject and my head goes racing thinking about the possibilities. Why did I ever stop? There is such a thing as an it sec analyst. I can go into that. What's better is that I prefer to go under the grid and not have a face on that.

You already have the setup. Why not go there. You know much about linux, and what you don't know, you know where to find it. You have enough context to pull it off anyway. I am going to give this a break, but the seed has planted and now the bark is developing. It's there. I think you know where this is headed.

How do you prove such a thing? You run tests and document everything. How do you do that? There are those in fiverr that needs these things. I think you know how far you can go with these. You will need to reactivate cloudnymous. There is also thor's browser. I turned off spellcheck.

Wife is coming home late today. I can play all day. Yesterday was a good day. I spent time with wife and daughter. Do you have to go deep into that? People need help with this matter. I think you know where to go. You don't have to know how this is going to...lost my train of thought there.

There's so much going on in queen street. Like when you sit there, you have at least ten stories to look into. What else? Kids are talking to me and I have to give them my attention. They are getting ready for school. It's the context that you have let's go deep into that then. I have been standing on the sides for this.

This morning, I the sun peeked from behind the clouds. It sec anals. That is interesting. Can you show context on this? I think so. You have to know these and that. You know how to do that already. I did stuff in the past giving me context. You know where to look.

Why did I stop in the past? It felt like it was going nowhere. I think you can get practice in fiverr. Go there and see where it's going. You can run tests this way and that. From here an you can do this. You can do wordpress resuscitation. There are those that got hacked and need help with their sites.

That be good practice. You can set things in order and go from there. I think we can go there. Where is that jacket. I don't know. It's somewhere there. I can go look. I think I saw it before. Did she leave it and got lost? Maybe so. They tend to keep mum about it and just walk away from it.

What now? Expand. Scale. It is work still and it interests me anyway. I can automate some of the work involved. I can hire others to help me with this. I think you know where this is going. It's there for a reason. You can do these things and see where it's going. You don't have to make sure these things are a success. You'll find forks in the road that will interest you. Look forward to that.

I can wash some clothes today. That will clear up the machine so I have more to wash tomorrow. It's like this every week. At least it's homing in on something. I get excited with this. Android and php tend to be like chores I have to do anyway. You can set up a template and process to make things easier. You can look more into that.

The cat is hungry. Everyone is busy with their own thing. I don't have to go deep into that. You know where this is headed anyway. I can finish tcpip today. I already have context with that. I just need to finish that and see where it's headed.

What they look for are results. I know how to get them. Start off easy, then expand from there. You see where this is headed and then see what happens. I have great kids then. I see where their talk is going. It's like this every morning. I have time for this then. I grocery later.

She can complain about it. I can choose not to listen there. What is this going into. I think it is something like that. I am doing something there anyway. Where else is this going. You don't have to go into their drama. I have my own drama, thank you. I prefer to do this anyway. Is there something where this is going? I don't know. I think wife has nice legs.

You see that. Wirte and finish this anyway. What to do today? I have plenty in there. Go here and see what happens. Everyone is busy with their own things in the morning. What else is there? I have stuff to do here. It's interesting that it's this way. This is my office.

What else can we do here? I don't think they need my help there. It's still running.

this week only

We don't use as much cling wrap anymore. What if it was a coop on ether? The brick n mortar version is not as popular because of the effect of money. What if they used bitcoins, then convert somewhere down the road if needed.

What if everyone had access to bitcoins in that community, or any form of digital crypto currency to go around. What if nature provided for the community, and the community took care of nature. What if it were marijuana? There is big demand for that.

You will have a warehouse or build structure that's located somewhere it's legal or people don't care about. You then have it on free supply to all the community members. You have robots working on the repetetive tasks. How do you ship it? Out in the open.

So it's like a business still? Robots, plus product plus machine learning, and ether. This community takes care of itself. How do you get all of that? Create a new grid. You don't have to go under the grid that way.

So let's say you have this community, how do you move forward with it? Cpp. You can create a sim, then expand from that. You create a bot that will manage the events as they come up. You write up these events, then the bots will take care of them.

You don't have to change the world. You only need to create a system for yourself that works. Teach yourself and everything else expands from that. If not anything, you will have a nice sim going for yourself there.

Do you have to monetize? I don't think so. There was online monopoly happening years before. It's gone now. I wonder what happened there. Create one in web? Why not android? Everyone is on that platform anyway. Create that sim, then expand from there. Everyone can submit changes, the community decides what gets committed to the program.

Does it have to be cpp? If it's on the mobile platform, then you can do java. If it's mobile, why not get rid of the brand and go open source phone. It's there already anyway. You can create it to be open source.

How come nobody is playing with this idea? I think ubuntu has one. There is also cyanogenmod. Is there something like that on ios? There should be. There is a common thread going on there. Why isn't that mainstream by now. If you can install linux on both platforms, why not on the phone?

There must be something like that out there. Look it up. Join the conversation. You don't have to be an expert on that. You only do this to get to the other side. Go deep into this and you come out better on the other side. It's about moving memory around.

You create that exe file and it runs on all platforms. You can move it around as well. If it's open source, then everyone can chime in on the project. You then expand from that and see what happens.

How do you expand on that then? I think it's there. You just need to see where it's going. Then go java. It goes on both sides and you don't have to worry or concern yourself about the EEEs. I see where this is going. There is openjdk.

If not, cpp is everything you want. It'll run anywhere anyway. You compile then send out the exe file. It'll run o...i just repeated myself there. Even here synchronicity abounds. Everyone is off to wherever they have to go. I am headed to my office in a moment. I drive them off, make the shift, and I am in my office.

There's much on my plate today. Let's get going then. Maybe the trading platform isn't there for me right now. Get going with that. You enjoy doing that and see here it's going. You don't have to make things for someone else. It's not…

lost my train my thought there. Daughter was asking about oranges. That's not a block. The torrent community is working. You don't have to be wildly successful that way. So it's going to be like that model. I see where you are going. What else is there.

Put that book in your this folder and start learning. Make that your project this week. You chunk everything up in weeks. Then you measure look back how you did on a sunday. You write about it that way. Weeks are long enough and short enough for what you need. Make it like that and you have fifty two projects at the end of the year.

Monthly, that's four gigs each month. You pick one on sunday, then go through that on the week. How does that sound for you. In all cases, you can do that with videos even. You already have that in place anyway.