can i do

I don't have to get out of this. If I get depressed and couldn't figure out to get in the light, then so be it. Sit in the dark. You are not a bad person. It's just how you think about thi circumstance.

You think it's all bad when you can't fix things between your quarreling daughters. Maybe it's not yours to fix. Maybe it's their process to go through. Maybe your role in this situation is to be the positive contrast.

Of course you can step in when there is life and property involved, and to ensure equal rights. The other two kids are having fun playing on the playstation. We don't have internet for the last 24-hours. The other two can quarrel all they want.

I think there is negative energy there. Why can't she get that she gets extra anyway. Why would she limit the others. How come these category always behave like that? I wasn't restricting her in anyway. I have been positive with the relationship as best I can.

Maybe I can let go of this. Maybe I can just be in this light. The people downstairs are also playing. What game are there? What can I do about this? I don't know. I don't have a job. I don't have a job for the next 24 days.

Maybe I can lower my expectations and go for a tech support position. I can surely do that. I know how to do those things. I can expand into ptesting from there. I think so too. What else is there for you? I don't know. At least a door has opened here. Let's see where this is going there.

I can do the comptia, then expand from that. It's the priority? no. it's part of the process then. So be it. What can I do right now about it? Get that connection back, then start on that path. I see now. Let's see where else this is going.

At least you are headed in that direction. Is this where I want to go? I think so. I am getting into sysadmin? Would you rather code? I don't know yet. But I think it don't matter where you are headed. The important thing is that you be in the light.

It don't have to be a grand thing all the time. Just choose to be in your light. Be the contrast to the reflection and the illusion and all that. You see where this is going then? I did not upload earlier. We don't have internet. How do you respond to that? I can do fiverr gigs in the meantime. What gigs do you do there? You have andrroid studio.

You can make your own version of these apps. Maybe I can't go there? Like what then. I can do ptesting and that seems to be not that creative. I see that. And I can expand from there. I can figure things out. Maybe that's my forte here. It's not trying to fit into a square peg.

What happens now? You have gone through this process already. Next step for you is to make sure you know what you are doing. How do you build up your portfolio? Go through fiverr. You can get cheap gigs from there as you learn. You don't have to be the master in that. Just be in this light and see what happens.

Those web dev doing ptesting may not be that glamorouus. They are branching out. Yo ucan do something here as well. Like what? Keep to your own path. When is that modem arriving? It's going through the warehouse by tomorrow, so wednesday could be a good day to be home.

Will I be home then? I can be home then. Should I tell the kids about it? Where will I put it then? At the back of them towels. You only need wifi. I can set it up back there then see how the connection goes. If the kids find out then they are going to withdraw from emotions.

I see. Just get things right and up and running and see hat happens. These two are getting along fine. That's fun that way. They have been bonding since the other one was a toddler. That's good. What then. I don't know. Just finish writing. Is there something there that I can do?

I know something happened there. What can I do abotut it? I don't know. Just do this and see what happens. I don't need her permission. I can do the right thing the best that I know how. I can take it as far as I can take it. No need for permissions on that side. Just do what you think is right.

I can do tech support. Maybe there won't be much around here. I can do android instead. Why did I stop there? It got boring. I wonder if that is something I really want to do. I am confused.