how it scales

Day three or four with the heel pain. It's getting better. I can put my foot down and the throbbing pain is almost gone. See that as contrast and feedback, dwell on and expand in that frequency. It's how you heal.

How do you validate that? By experience. Everything is from experience. It's the only thing that's real. How do you help others to be in that frequency? You show by example. It's up to them to experience it for themselves. You have a choice. Every moment is an opportunity. You can go this way or that, it's all up to you.

This is why you are here. You are a perspective of all that is. You can go with them or not and it's still your unique perspective. There is nothing wrong with that. It's always your choice. What to do now? I am going this way and that with my developer project. I am not really sure which way to go.

Still I am interested in rust systems programming, and ptesting. It's interesting for me and I can dwell on that more. How do you make money out of it? I still don't know how that is going to happen. Maybe go software solutions in that platform. Why not do rust with android. It's possible. You can learn more about it. You can do game dev with that.

I can look it up and see where it's going. I have clang anyway. I can look deeper into that tutorial, or see things differently. It's not the selling that I am after, but being able to go deep into this subject matter.

How do you learn much from it? Do you still need a job to get that up and running? Why not get a gig first, then research into that. This way, you hit two birds with one stone. You know how that is going to take up a lot of your time. You krow that. What else can we do here? Do android, then you can get into rust. You then expand into ptest on your free time.

It's all here anyway. How much time do you need to finish all that? A week. Then I can create apps then get going in that direction. How hard is it to get into that dev? Android plus java is pretty straightforward. You can finish a tutorial in a day, then the next day you do another one.

You then start going in that direction. It don't matter what gigs are not available. You do your own thing and everything falls into place. At least I now have this in place. What other theme did I use before? I think it's this one. But where is that icon? I can probably get somethin online.

That too is possible. Where did I find that anyway? I remember seeing that from my icons folder. Let's see here else. In the meantime, let that go. It'll fall into place when you see it. When it's here. For now, it's not relevant for you. Now you know how to get into that. Do you need them still?

I don't know. Just do this. Why did the cat not eat them bacons? I don't know what the wife plans for later. Wife is busy and she is always tired. It's because you are not in the moment. You are fighting something that's in the past. Therefore, you carry several baggages at once.

How do you let go? By being aware that you are doing so. I took my pain meds for this morning. It's at nine, so the next batch is at one pm. I can take a nap later on. In the meantime, only do this. What's in store for today? I don't know. It's always a mystery that way. Finish rust. Get into that deep.

What can I do with it? I don't know yet. There be others in that ride. I think you can do something here. What else is there for you? Create it and you will see. Go in that direction and you will find the fork that leads to that gig.

You see it as not here. You then experience your reality that way. Tomorrow is a friday. I can go out tomorrow. I am better now anyway. Can I walk over there? I think so. School starts tomorrow. Give it a break today and you can get going tomorrow.

I have anxiety. I know. Only do this for now. There is not much you can do anyway. Only do this. You have that fear in you. Then everything is happening this way. It's been almost a week. You can get this up and running. Feel the fear, find the light from wherey ou are. It's how you connect. You will get to this side anyway. You know.

How do you shift? You use up the energy. You transform that energy so you can redefine it. You go into your source code. That's where everything is. You hen run the program to see if it scales.