in a hurry

Ubuntu came out with 16.04 today. I had it installed on my desktop. It looks ok for now. My son uses that machine more than I do. It's to get him comfy working with different distros. Maybe I should give him sudo.

This laptop is configured heavily. To get a reinstall this way takes a lot of time. I am taking down notes so I have it with me in case I need to go through a reinstall. Right now, I am pleased with everything. Wife is home until tuesday. No morning rush hour traffic.

I see a lot of contrast. I got up this morning with the idea that physical reality is just an illusion. Only your experience of it is real. How do you expand on that? I go out to run later. I think I have everything in here. I may have to delete the ubuntu torrent, but not yet.

I think there be lots of downloads for that iso. I will ileave it there until it gets to ratio 2. that way. I have that open. I think the changes to the client is working well. It's faster and seems to get things working well. I am testing this. Silicon valley was approved for season 2. I am looking forward to that.

I remember who that guy is. Is it going to be as funny as the last one? Everything is by reflection. Everyone is still in bed. I get up early and I take a nap throughout the day. I am doing well as a business owner. Not much happening but at least it's moving forward. What else is there?

It's april. The last one was in feb. I think we have one more month and we have another hackathon coming up. I don't do web dev anymore. I don't know right now how I can contribute, but I am still going. You meet people in there that's interesting.

There were others groping for business the last time I was there. That's part of the process. What now? I don't know. I teach by example. How do you raise kids anyway? By example. You can't say one thing and yet they see you doing things differently. Am I being a good example for the kids? I hope so. If not, then it's just an example for contrast.

Do I write today? I can go out for a run this morning. There could be cricket players now. Maybe keep the schedule and go around lunch time. That way, I can still do my gigs and move forward with this. No need to live in the past other than to pick up something relevant here for you.

The people downstairs make a lot of noise. What to do. Finish rust, then continue with dev play. You have a lot on your plate still. It's a never ending quest. It's not that you don't have it. It's the definition that you hold. You can make changes to it. You only need to choose.

How come vuze has more options to it but I hardly know how to use them. Why do they have to beep. I think there is something wrong with that equation. I see the contrast there. Move forward with this and see what happens. This country is good for old geezers. Am I going there?

So be it then. I am in this boat anyway. That means there is something here that's relevant for my path. I may have to check plex. Maybe I can do something else? I dont know how but it's here to experiment with. We'll see how things go from here. That size won't fit in my usb. I may have to use btsync for that.

It's fast enough anyway. When you are not in a hurry, it'll do the wolk perfectly well. How else can you get something like that up? I can use that with my connections. That is something I don't have much of right now. There are more online. You only need to go there. How to get connected? Spend awareness in that diretion. I think there be meetup tomorrow.

Do you want to go? I am not sure but I keep my options open. The last meetups were boring. Maybe I can do soemting else instead. Like what? I don't know yet. Keeping my options open is a good alternative. I am doing this now. Wife is still sleeping. I go there later.

What's the plan today? I think they clean up. I can do some other things. I go with rust and see where that one is going. Maybe I can create a site, but I think it's good also to just contribute. You build with the community. You do not take away. This is supporting the all. You are the all anyway.

This is integration? I think so. This is page two. I can finish sooner then. I thought I was still in page one and was thinking it was going slow.