is exciting and

I thkni that the number two contentder is alright. I think she can provide leadership. I don't see the motivation for change though. It's like a band-aid solution. She will do better as the next president, but for now, we need wholesale changes.

I am still processing that debate. Why does it matter. That is on the outside. What matters most is who you are on the inside. I have gout in my left heel. It was the junk food that's accumulated. I am shifitng from this. Still processing the energy. So be it. I have learned my lesson here. I am shifting and using up the energy. Let it be so then.

What to do today? I don't know if I can do yoga. Just sti here and do what you can do at each moment. Drik plety of water. That will clean out your system. I am short three bucks. I can go there tomorrow. It's a holiday today. I would have come with them. I have issues to deal with and process. Let it be so then.

I can't change what is on the outside. Right now, I have contrast. I see where the misalignments are. I see the source code. I see the vibration. The experience is contrast. I am aware of that. I am processing the energy. This is all part of my process.

I have anxiety still. Everything is possible. When the negative imagination is in your experience, then the universe is telling you to go this way. It can be painful, but pain is due to resistance. How can you not be resistant to that? You define it as something you do not want.

You are connected even thru the veil. You have access when you choose to conect. What is the issue. The unkonw. I don't know what is going to happen next. You will know when you are in that moment you fear. Go there then. You will see where the path opens up to. What you are on the inside, you will manifest. It's all this. When you have contrast, then it's time to look into your source code. Look into your frequency. What is being sent out?

When you see contrast, then use the other parts of the equation. Two kids did not go. There is conflict there. I could have gone, but these two left are the younger ones. I have to stay home with them. They can be safe. I don't have to control everything. Then it's meant that I be home as well then. I chose this. So be it. I am writing. I am on my path. This is where I am. Move in that direction as well and you will see.

Wife gets home around four. Then they go some place else. Tomorrow, I think she'll be home pretty much the same time. I just want to spend time with her. Sipping coffee while browsing the net on our laptops sitting beside each other--that is perfect moments for me. I enjoy that. I don't have to go anywhere. I don't have to spend time. Do more with less. This is what it's all about. This is my path?

I think so. This has been the theme of my experience, at least the way I see it. So be it then. Do more with less is what it's all about. I think it has to do with my definitions. What to do today. Finish rust. Expand on that. I am on the right track here. I can make a game, I think

finish rust, then expand into that. I have scripting language. I can create my own payload. If not, I can create analysis scripts. It runs efficiently. I have much to expand on in this path. I am not doing ecommerce. I am on the more practical path that is relevant to my interests. It don't matter if there be less want jobs advertised for that. Do more with less.

It's all connected this way. You don't have to be the leader of something. You don't even have to be the best in your chosen profession. Do more with less. That is more in line. You don't need to be the best anyway. You only need to do more with less. You have probably been the best in one lifetime. You have that in your bag of experience.

You can use that. You go into that bag and match that frequency. This is hy it's there. It's how it's all connected. You redefine to match your light. You then manifest this way. Move in this path. You see everything. Heaven on earch. All these things shall be added unto you. Even though you are not in that religion, you are open to all religion. You access all of it because it is in your awareness.

Who says you can't use them? You. It's your definition. Thisi s exciting and I can't type fast enough to put them on paper. Yo usee all the potential and I am excited about them. I can't wait to do them all. Be in the light. You can't do them all anyway. Simply be in your light and you will see where you are supposed to go to next.