on that memory

Anxiety. Fear. Not wanting something to happen. How do you shift from this? Get into your source code. Do the work. Sit on it. Use up the energy. You don't have to change the outside. Right now, you are seeing the illusion and think that it's what's real. Is it not? How is this an illusion?

Someone coming in will see what you have and see things differently. It's all about where you see it. It's about perspective? I can do yoga at night before pick up the wife. There is that hour before they all go to bed. I can do that in the afternoon.

I do lunch now? I run later. I can go to toilet soon as I am done here, then go for a run. That feels good for me. How is your foot. It wasn't bothersome yesterday. There was a bit of a discomfort now and then but it was manageable. I think I was running pushing from the muscles of my foot instead of lifting up the leg from the butt.

That way, I am using the bigger muscles to move forward. Before, I pushed off with very little muscle groups, mostly from the calf down. I learned something from that. I am moving on now. One daughter has already gone out and did her day's exercise. Three more are thinking about it. At least they are going out and do something.

Wife wants easy password for wifi. It's about security and I am paranoid about it? Not really. It's just this here. How do you want to move forward with this then? Maybe I can activate the gadget when it is within range or somethnig. That be possible.

Or do something else. Are there still rats coming in? I got salt and toilet paper. I did not find light bulbs this time. It's there but I did not bother to look or ask if they have it. I did not find it, then moved on. This is writing. I did rust yesterday. I am feeling like I have learned much from that.

It moved on to gui programming and I did not go much into that. I will check that out later. For now, it's about console apps. I like that. I don't know what to do with it now. It's just me here and moving forward. I can do ptest for today. I have this book I am working with. It makes sense so I go down that path.

Are videos better? I can look into that. It's about other people's opinions. That lady there went far, but is it really about that? I am looking into that right now. I am full-time in this and learning much. Who knows where this is headed. But for now. This is what interests me. How can you be sure. Is it based on anxiety and fear?

I see the emotion when it's here. Getting a job is based on that. I did aikido for ten years and everything turned out well. It's where the power is. I think power is misleading word as it has different energy. Creation is a better, feels more positive word here.

What have I been doing all these years? I don't know. I am learning much. I have gone for much. There is still that definition that needs to be looked into. I can do that when the program runs. When you get different results, you add them to data and see what you get.

This is page two? There is a fly on my table. Is that my table? It's in my consciousness. It's in my awareness. I am aware of it. Does that mean I have it? That seems out there for me. Just keep writing then. I feel the fear. Why push it down? I don't want to have to deal with it.

Then sit on it. Use up the energy. See where this path leads to. For now, that baby powder incident showed me a lesson. I moved it there and forgot about it. I put definitions it that I thought were correct. I was wrong. It would have put a big dent on the relation.

Learn then move on. What's next here? I have seven up lite in the freezer. I can have that, then toilet. I then run this morning? It's much cooler now. I can run later at lunch when the sun is out. That be fun that way. Is that cancer? It's everywhere. How do you process that? It's time to go. That's what it is about.

I knew this family. They relied on faith healing and that did not work. Was that true then? What if it were different? I don't know yet. It's here and it's there. It happened. It was there for a reason. I think you see where this is going. What do you do with it.

It's in the past. You don't have to dwell on that memory. It's an illusion. You can use that and learn something from it. You can make changes to your life based on that memory. How is memory true when it's based on your subjective experience?

It is true for you. If you are not open to other people's perspective, then your experience is limited as well?