skillet and eggs

At least delivery is faster this morning. There be a queue, although small compared to regular, but it's there. How do you get that frequency? You model it. You find someone who's already there and you look at their source code. See how their trinity compares to yours, then walk that path.

Where can I find them? You don't go where the meetups are. You go where they do business. Meetups are kinda fake. You might see what they want you to see. You may not really see what's in their source code until you have bought into it.

Then buy into it? Why not? It's probably not relevant for me. I have so much resistance in me. Let go. You don't have to control everything. It's time for them to fly out of the nest anyway. Let it go. If her path brings her to the process she chose, then so be it. Is there any way I can guide them?

Just be an example for them. You did your best, yes? Then it's time to let go. I am going to miss them. They are no longer there anyway. At least the old them, the kids that they were, it's not there anymore. I've let go then. That I see the reflection, then it is on the inside. This is what it's here for.

You get that everything is connected. You are on the path. What happens next? You act on the next most exciting thing. It's always this way. This is how I live my days. Only be in this light. You can choose not to. It's your cohice. But do you need all that friction? Isn't it better if you go downstream? Downstream never ends. You get in the ocean and it's a big ocean. You let synchronicity guide you.

Open up and be vulnerable. That's where your strength lies. Strength is like what's in there, background--power is strength applied. Power is in the execution. Strength is what's behind it. You od'nt have to go on that side. Only do this and see how it goes. This thing is going to finish today. Respond that way.

What if it doesn't? Then it's not relevant for today. You can move on and forward to the next best thing. It's like cooking. When this pan isn't ready, you do something else. I had fun hanging out with the son and wife yesterday. The shopping part was boring. If it were mine, we'd go to a fine steak restaurant, have coffee, walk around.

Then why did you not? You think they have a better agenda but they just want to hang out with you and have fun with the fun you. When you don't go there, you are not going to see the reflection. Why did you not go there?

I did not allow it. Why not. The source code shows I did not have it. Then you saw the reflection. Respond as the source code defines it and you will see the program running. When you do not, then the reflection won't be there.

Does that make sense to you. Don't do it just to get a job. It's going to be all uphill for you that way. You get kicked out of the system that way. Be in your own light and they come knockitng on your door. You see where this is going? It's all connected.

What happens next? Start your day. It don't matter what is on the outside anyway. You cleaned your skillet? It's already drying and seasoning by itself. What else to do there? We have bacon and eggs.

Had to stop there to add to grocery list. What's next? You contribute to all that is. It's how you get connected. You see that in the past. It don't work that way. It's failing already. It's time you move in to your new house. That was grand. It's where you will live in the next lifetime.

How do you know that. Everything is here and now. You can choose otherwise. But you have been there before. It's an old movie you have seen a thousand times. It's time to see a new movie. One that you wrote the script and yet do not know how things are going to turn out.

That's a more exciting way to live, doesn't it. How do you play that movie then? You put in the source code, then let the cpu run everything for you. It's the big picture way how it runs. You don't have to know the details. It all goes there for you. How do you know that?

I don't really know. It's just there. That's all I see. No need to see everything else. Wife responded. Kids are still in bed. She comes home around six. I think she'll do some grocery shopping later. What's going to make it good later?

I think we can go see that movie.