soon, or not

I made a comparison last night between doing android dev and ptesting. There were more cons for ptesting than the former. Overall, there was half as much pros. I decided to go with android dev. I can go run my software business with both. The thing is, it's just java and xml, plus maybe c++ to get going with anddev. Ptesting entails much more, but fewer than web deving.

I go with java, then deep dive into anddev. I can get something going in a month. Something going means i'll have my github repositories teeming with enough projects to get me through the interview process, or at least get me some gigs online.

There's far more gigs advertised for android as well. You only need to get a good copy up to win a good percentage of them gigs. I have the modem up and running now. Do I have to get those uploads faster? I'm not sure, but my spider sense is telling me it don't matter much.

Let it go there then. Wife keeps complaining about cotton buds lying around much. Does daughter have issues as well? I don't know. I let that be there. It's there for a reason though. Kids are all up. I can replace the modem now then mail the other one off. I can do that today. I'll be home today. Work from home situation. I have been here before.

Am I going around in circles? Everything is here and now. You are not going around in circles. It's all in your head. You use that illusion as reference. In effect, it's how you respond to it that affects your illusion. If you thin you dare not, you won't. That makes a lot of sense.

Knownig that, take a look at your source code. Why do youthink it is so? It was just one experience. I have that in the past and it turned out beautiful for me. I guess I put those challenges there to get me moving forward. There is much to pocess here. I have android studio. That helps in development although I would much prefer…

son said he is walking to school. I feel distant to my daughter. Why is that? I don't get to hug them as before. I chose that? Why so? I am responding to something here. I see that. I can make changes to that? I need to look at the source code and see what's not in alignment. Everything is that simple? If you let it be that simple then so be it.

It's like oop. You create simple classes, then you get everything to work in harmony. This is how you come up with complex software. What time are they leaving? I don't know. School ends on friday. Today is wednesday. Two more days. I think wife is home early tomorrow. I got one more night of staying up late. That be nice for now.

In the meantime, I just write. Things seem to have been quiet around here lately. Daughter's birthday is coming up. I can look into my blog and see how things were a year ago, going all the way up to eight year ago. That's how much I have been writing. It's all just exercise now.

What--connecting to flow. I write to get that flow. It's always there. It's the quieting the local self that's in the writing. Then the flow comes through. You have clarity. That's the fun part in doing morning pages. There be times when things get so clear you see the big picture.

What is the big picture? To be heaven on earth. There's so much lost in translation over the century. It's sad when you don't see what has happened and what is happening. The kids are getting ready for school now.

What then? I am past halfway this page. I can finish soon, or not. I can choose to keep going here. Why does she need all those plastic bags. I don't have to look at what I am writing. Am I getting old? I am shifting. I am changing definitions. Yes, I have shifted. I can change the stuff here.

I don't know what she is talking about. It has something to do with that. Hackers are about learning how things work. There is nothing wrong with that. It's a tool. It depends on how you use it. Give it a negative meaning and you get that effect out of it.

It's all a part of the process then. What can I do about it? I don't know. She likes leaving quietly. I respect that. So be it then. It's the env that they live in. did I do wrong? Only when you compare yourself to others.

I tend to do that often. Not a lot anymore. It has changed. I am aware of it sometimes. Do you send it back or you just keep...lost my train of thought there.