thinking about it

Feeling meh at the moment. I thought i'd go this way, and at the end of the day, question myself if this was in alignment for me or not. What I want to do is “more with less”. What's so hard about it?

There's the internet. Why not create something that I can sell at a really cheap price, then expand on that. I can do that with android so how come I am so bored with it? Why not build a roku box clone. Something that's open and people can tweak.

Maybe something that's similar in concept, you get the idea? Iwas able to get around yesterday. I took meds, put on my running shoes and did get around. I do the same today. The kids are still sleeping. They go back to school on monday. What's happening? Do you really want to get a job?

There's a lot of ads for that skill right now. Why not immerse yourself into that and see how it goes? You are skilled enough with this. You were able to help others. Why not go deep into that and see how it goes.

People need a site to communicate and connect with their audience. It's an ongoing thing. Even business people look for that so they can focus on what they do best. I go for security and it's boring that way. I would rather do something more interesting. This is why I write. It gets me to put these ideas out there where I can see them.

Wife got herself a new phone. It's the fourth one since that issue started in less than two years. So she gets a new phone every four months. It's not the idea of a job, it's the monotone of it all. I want to go for something I can build on. Lowest paid easy work, highest paid hard work. More with less. That is the path.

How do you do that? Who else is doing that? Youtube channels is one way. You have to be excited about it to do that. I don't need to go for anxiety and fear. Why not deal with relationships? I don't know. I explore forks in the road. No need to invalidate if it's not relevant for now. I can look into them later.

My friend's family got millions for their land. But when you are not the bank, it's only time before you can win back that money and then some profits as well. My friend, they can't buy another land with the same attributes that they owned before.

How do you solve that then? Have a bank for yourself. Get money to work for you. The fx market is such a vehicle when you know how to milk it. I have a theory in place. All I need to do is fund it and it goes that way.

How do you get back to that? Get a job and go that way. It's orange trrash bag truck. I can go down and send out that bottles. I can do that now or later. How come that image shrinks that way? Is there something about it I don't know. What else is there that I can do? I surely don't enjoy asp. Then don't go there.

What are my other options? Android are for tools and games. Why not go for games. People have something that needs tweaking. I am back in the fork again. This time, I have new information--more with less. This is the path I am in. look for sometihng that's relevant. You don't have to look. It's there automatically.

It's a reflection. When you are not. You get the contrast. You don't have to go out. Stay in and tune in to frequency. You can also check your source code. There are tons of resources. You gronud everything by your actions. You experience that.

I remember that makati call center days. I did not enjoy that. It was something I had to do. It's in my log. I can use that differently now. It's how all this is here and now. It's how everything is connected. How do you go here then? I don't know. For now, you have reference and feedback. This is how I use it.

If it's not there, stop thinking about it. Be in your light and you will see. It comes to you. When you go looking out there, you are not in the light. You won't find it out there. Be in the light, then behave, live, experience accordingly.

It's as easy as that. How to go now? Those sentences. You use that. Expand on that. Everything is here for you now. What else do I do? I don't know. When you are in the light you will see your reflection. Bring heavin on earth. It's simple as that. You go now. You have the template. Match that frequency and you will see.

You will never go wrong. You get feedback. That's ok. Feedback is good. That means try this instead and see how it fits. You use everything because they are connected.