this week only

We don't use as much cling wrap anymore. What if it was a coop on ether? The brick n mortar version is not as popular because of the effect of money. What if they used bitcoins, then convert somewhere down the road if needed.

What if everyone had access to bitcoins in that community, or any form of digital crypto currency to go around. What if nature provided for the community, and the community took care of nature. What if it were marijuana? There is big demand for that.

You will have a warehouse or build structure that's located somewhere it's legal or people don't care about. You then have it on free supply to all the community members. You have robots working on the repetetive tasks. How do you ship it? Out in the open.

So it's like a business still? Robots, plus product plus machine learning, and ether. This community takes care of itself. How do you get all of that? Create a new grid. You don't have to go under the grid that way.

So let's say you have this community, how do you move forward with it? Cpp. You can create a sim, then expand from that. You create a bot that will manage the events as they come up. You write up these events, then the bots will take care of them.

You don't have to change the world. You only need to create a system for yourself that works. Teach yourself and everything else expands from that. If not anything, you will have a nice sim going for yourself there.

Do you have to monetize? I don't think so. There was online monopoly happening years before. It's gone now. I wonder what happened there. Create one in web? Why not android? Everyone is on that platform anyway. Create that sim, then expand from there. Everyone can submit changes, the community decides what gets committed to the program.

Does it have to be cpp? If it's on the mobile platform, then you can do java. If it's mobile, why not get rid of the brand and go open source phone. It's there already anyway. You can create it to be open source.

How come nobody is playing with this idea? I think ubuntu has one. There is also cyanogenmod. Is there something like that on ios? There should be. There is a common thread going on there. Why isn't that mainstream by now. If you can install linux on both platforms, why not on the phone?

There must be something like that out there. Look it up. Join the conversation. You don't have to be an expert on that. You only do this to get to the other side. Go deep into this and you come out better on the other side. It's about moving memory around.

You create that exe file and it runs on all platforms. You can move it around as well. If it's open source, then everyone can chime in on the project. You then expand from that and see what happens.

How do you expand on that then? I think it's there. You just need to see where it's going. Then go java. It goes on both sides and you don't have to worry or concern yourself about the EEEs. I see where this is going. There is openjdk.

If not, cpp is everything you want. It'll run anywhere anyway. You compile then send out the exe file. It'll run o...i just repeated myself there. Even here synchronicity abounds. Everyone is off to wherever they have to go. I am headed to my office in a moment. I drive them off, make the shift, and I am in my office.

There's much on my plate today. Let's get going then. Maybe the trading platform isn't there for me right now. Get going with that. You enjoy doing that and see here it's going. You don't have to make things for someone else. It's not…

lost my train my thought there. Daughter was asking about oranges. That's not a block. The torrent community is working. You don't have to be wildly successful that way. So it's going to be like that model. I see where you are going. What else is there.

Put that book in your this folder and start learning. Make that your project this week. You chunk everything up in weeks. Then you measure look back how you did on a sunday. You write about it that way. Weeks are long enough and short enough for what you need. Make it like that and you have fifty two projects at the end of the year.

Monthly, that's four gigs each month. You pick one on sunday, then go through that on the week. How does that sound for you. In all cases, you can do that with videos even. You already have that in place anyway.