yourself in that

Nobody likes mondays. I like it. Everyone is out of the house on a monday. I have the house all to myself. I do yoga. I go out for exercise/workout. The cat hangs out with me. He sits under the sun. I have netsec meetup tonight.

I was having conversations with this man over the meetup. He goes to several of them in the course of the week. I wonder if he is retired. He sounded like he used to be csharp dev in his younger days. I'd probably see him in those business-tech related meetups. I doubt he'll be at the netsec meetup tonight.

The fx meetup is running dry. It's because I don't have an open account right now. It's part of my process. I can do the laundry today. I have time for that. I don't think I can run this day. I had pain in the ankles yesterday after a weekend of carbs.

This kid here is having breakfast. She looks cool. She is more laid back than the other kids. She has a long distance and over the internet relationship. Thes kids grow up fast. I am overweight and realized it seeing the pics last night. I don't see myself that way. I am no longer that person. It's true that change is the only constant.

What's next? Just keep writing. Them images keep pliing up over weeks. I guess I have this install for a while now--a month maybe? Wife is still sleeping. Show last night was awesome. There were quivers all around. That was new. There was so much energy that it felt amazing.

Can I do a support position? I think I have enough context for that. It can be limiting, but it's a good start. I can go for that as well. Let's see how it goes then. You don't want to go down that path. It's better to do ptesting as this is more interesting for me. I want to see what the situation is locally, then expand from there.

There is not much demand in the ads, but those in the running has funds and need help in this area. There be more ads for web as these are startups and may have limited resources. Let's expand from this and see how it goes.

There be more csharp because it's the dominant os right now. It's not my cup of tea. I would rather do this path than go there. But it can change. Still I don't think i'll have fun with that. I can do something else instead. If I chose to go there, there is so much tech I need to go through.

It's the target env. I can look deep into that as part of the process. I can learn much about it as well. Wife is up. Hugs abound with these kids. I wonder how some couples have a hard time having kids. Maybe it's their process. No need to invalidate that. I forgot wife had to go see dentist this morning.

I get to my office around ten. I'll start with the 52 around that time or after lunch. It's still a monday. Let's see where this is going then. I am not looking for a job interview. I am more interested in a wark with env. That is more interesting. I am interested in a manila pen situation.

That was fun. I don't mind getting up early, then work till midnight. It was fun. You were not really working, but having a grand time hacking. Is that available still. I think so. It's not just that, but the context. You can always look things up. You don't want an expert in one language. You want someone who has context and can work with it.

It's biased? I am in page two anyway. I like that grid env. How do you get more of that? You build up from that. It's all connected. I have the energy there. You just put yourself in that light every moment as much as possible. It's not that you need it, but that it's what you prefer to be in.

the difference there is very subtle. You know how to make it work anyway. I can go here just put on a sweater. There is anger and that's alright. It's part of the process anyway. How do you do manila pen again? Put yourself in that light and you see the reflection.

I get that. Have fun each moment. That is the frequency you want and prefer. Then go there. It's what you choose. Be that then. No need for expectations or plans, just go there. How from here? Choose your thoughts. That is path of least resistance. You do that wnhen you do that. No need to push things around.

These kids are great. They grow up so fast. What happens now. I do the laundry when I get back. Then I do my thing. It's all connected. No need to pick one over the other.

choose to get

There be fifteen minutes before I drive out. I'll be home alone today, plenty on my todo list. Tomorrow I go out until sunday. Busy weekend going into thursday.

I turn off the wifi after midnight. Mine works just fine. Maybe I fix it up a bit. Is there a script that will do so for me? You need to have a pc on to do that, but I think it's possible. Why don't you go look that up. Who is phineas anyway?

From what happened, all I know is that he or she is a hacktivist. What was the motivation there? Most of the time, you find nothing. The motivation to keep at it is admirable. I think that is the ethic you are when you are in that light. Is it productive? You don't need productive. You only be in the light and everything reflects off that.

What's the plan today. With all the interest they are making, everything is supposed to be provided for already. If that were so, will it still work? Someone at the top has to be in that channel, otherwise it's still biased. Is it greed. Why not just go for one percent? They already are at cruise control anyway.

Does it matter? They are in argument mode. So be it. I allow that. Will it rain? Weather app said so. Yahoo is crumbling now. They lost momentum there. They had the early lead but now they are struggling. They failed to change with the times? I think so.

What can you...what did you gain out of it? It's a reflection. You get contrast, even when you see nothing there, it's there. You always get feedback. It's good you can turn off the software so it doesn't serve anything. It don't revert back though. How do you fix that? I don't know yet. I'll have to figure that out.

Maybe I can unset the phone or something by going to settings. That way, it's still there. This kid is diligent. His pc runs on ubuntu as manjaro tears up the display. I can't get the driver to work properly. It's because you did not sit with it to make it work. Once you have the right driver, it is going to work. Or not. Maybe it's supposed to be there.

I can make sardines for later. Or not. The kids can have that when they get home. I have time for that before they get's the router. It should be able to let go after the software turns 1. dd zeroes them out. I learned that yesterday, or the other day. What is that ball? This is page two. They are getting ready to leave. I can do the laundry today.

Then what? Do yoga, go through my day. If money were not a factor, what would you be doing? The fun stuff. Rust is fun. It helps me with sys programming. Web dev with python is also good. I can use that for ptesting and it's connected still. Plenty to do with python. Or I can go into java for that and I can hook up with android.

It's the repl that I use with python. You can get feedback when you input something. I can check their mac addresses next time. Tomorrow maybe. It's like this always? It's going to be like this from now on. This kid is always upset. That's the negative ego. Where did they get that? Finish writing then get on that.

So what then. I go to city tomorrow anyway. We can go tomorrow. Then what. I don't know. Just do this. They can argue all they want. It's not going to end that way. So be it then. How do I move on? One day at a time. You get there then you cross the bridge. If it's not there then nothing to do here nothing here for you.

You see yourself holding on to it then you can change it. Right now, you can choose how you respond to it. It's washable anyway. They can choose to do that, or do something else. I used to be in that frequency. I can choose how to respond anyway. So be it then. You don't have to be afraid of it.

Why is that there. How do I go to paknsave? Take the bike. It's a short ride going there. You can clean the bike anyway. It's your break time when you go there. I can take a nap when I go there too. In the meantime, just finish writing. I have plenty of time. I have about three paragraphs to go and I am done.

It's not raining. I don't have to drive them to school. Or do something else for now. This is where I am anyway. I can respond differently. It's here connected. I see that. For now, do this. It's here and now. Waiting for it? no. just anxious about it. She knocks that way anyway.

Why does she choose to get annoyed. Can you choose differently? She is not aware of it.

of those scenarios

I installed manjaro on the old desktop. It's fun using this, better than ubuntu. I see why it's moved up distrowatch, and last I checked, was in the top 10 linux distros, faring better than xubuntu.

There be bugs here and there but it's usable. I can do dev work in this os. It's highly customizable and that's why I enjoy using it. It's that balance. I was enjoying ptesting last night. I was so tired I went to bed early by an hour. I couldn't sleep though until wife got home. Why is that? Maybe I need to go out for a walk and bask in more sunshine.

I'll do that later then. I have things to do in the meantime. It's monday. I have a full plate going into the weekend. I have three other meetups but i'm not sure I want to attend them. There is the it pinoy meetup on thursday. Why go there? Make friends with more pinoys, I think.

I can't attend born agains. I'd only be discussing a lot of things there and kids will see me in that light. It's not required for me to be complete. I have other pieces of the puzzle to fit mine. It's not that I need to fit in. I think it has more to do with being in the light, then seeing the reflection. Reality is an illusion. When you see that, you see everything.

You can' teach that though. Manjaro is updating. It takes a while on the first update. I'll have to restart when it's done. There be others. I like firefox but there's always a bug in it. I can do changes there and see how it all goes. What then do you do?

I am in chromium. I think it is faster but it has its own bugs. For one, deezer don't work. I have other bookmarks and the home button can only take one site. Firefox can add as many sites to home that you care to use. The kids are going to be home tomorrow. The path now is to have more fun with it. I was in the dark last night.

Maybe it's the expectations that I have. I can let go now. I see how it's all connected. I put myself down based on what other people said. It's no longer true for me. I don't have to fit in. I am who I define myself to be. Choice and effect.

How do you exand from this? I can go out for a walk later when the kids be home. I can attend that meetup, but I don't think I want to. Just sit here and go through the library. It's all here and now. What if it rains? Then bring a jacket. I can even bring an umbrella. Or I can do gym workouts here at home. Today I measure the middle. It's done every monday. I am in keto since almost a month now. This is the fourt week. I think we are in a month. It feels like it's there. It would have been fun to run today in the rain, on wet grass.

I do that tomorrow. I am free tomorrow? I think so. Need to schedule daughter to dentist this week. How to do that? I don't know. Allow it to be there. It's raining again. I don't have to pick up kids right now. Let's see how the weather goes this afternoon. In the meantime, I do yoga. I will have something to eat for before I drive for wife.

This is the business I am in. it don't have to expand from here. I can go on management mode from here. It's all automated. Is it best to do web? I have been there. I don't enjoy it that much. The people you deal with are negs when you are integrating. Why not use that neg and integrate on that instead.

This is why ptest feels like a reflection for me. There's so much to learn about the system. It's that ability and skill to connect with the machine that I enjoy to get things working. The other night I opened a locked door without not hacking. I was surprised that it worked. I took time to figure out how things worked. Then I took my time to get it to work. It opened.

So now I go here and explore this path. The cat was here last night. There is machine learning. I have a full day today. It's going to be raining and that's alright with me. Wife has doctor appointment. It's been bothering her for quite a while now. I am concerned but everything happens for a reason.

Let's see. I can get my bp taken while waiting. I can even weigh myself here. It's part of everything. That's how it's connected. I can go this way or that. I see that now. At times I go blind but it's thesource code that is questioning everything. I can check updates when I finish this.

I have traps to set if they are still here. In the meantime, I don't see a need for that. How did that happen? I don't know yet. It's a path that happened. So be it. I think I am at the end of this page. I can post this. I am disconnecting to flow. I tend to edit more when I get here.

to see where

This was a font I used to enjoy. But I gave up on it. Why so? Not gave up. I guess it's...revert back after a two sentence pile up. Wife had clouds yesterday. I changed how I respond to it. I allowed it and was less neg about it. In the end, I found something new there.

I decided it's opportunity anyways to do python all the way. In that side of the road, I can do almost all the projects that i'm in on, plus there is repl. I can script that way. It's warm. I go to the meetup tomorrow. I am switching to chrome. Firefox is good but this is running faster. It has its downsides though.

One of them is that the extensions I use are not all available here. I may have to look for replacements. Also deezer don't work here as well. I am upset about something here. Let's get going. Greys anatomy has started to get boring. They get filler episodes a lot. I guess it's going down the toilet. The intensity is gone.

It used to be like an episode is you can't get enough of it. Now you can do the internet while you have it running in the background and you wouldn't miss a lot. Plus derek dies in this season. I wonder what's going to happen next? Only two remain. Is that where it's headed. It's friday.

Next week is a full house. I go see what's in store there but weekend, I can get a lot up and running. I have the playlist up and it's going there already. Wife is still in bed. She is worried about a lot of things. That's my reflection. This happens through me. I go there and see where that's headed. For now, only do this.

I make friends here and there. It's time to go deep into python. Also rust is there so we go there. It's more verbose. You really have to please the compiler otherwise it's not going to run. I can go there anyway. I am learning much about dev when I do that.

I can learn about how to make it work. I think I can do any platform now. It's just the experience that I don't have. Upwork is there, plus fiverr. I can do that in the meantime. That's something we'll get into this weekend. Wife goes to doctor on monday. Maybe daughter can go with us?

I don't know yet. You see where this is going. I can edit this later when I finish. I don't have to act. I am here anyway. Just do this and get to the other side. You do something else/ data science sounds good. I can learn stats on the way there. Where to get more experience? I don't know yet. It's something that I am learning. It's always connected. Only your experience of it is real.

There's something here for me. My head can't get it, but in a deeper level I get that insigth feeling. Trust it then. I do yoga, then I go out for a walk. I wonder what's for dinner. Wife is coming home. I have ribs today. That is something to look forward to.

Smoky was here to help me heal. He is out now. But when I was down he stayed home all day. I appreciate that. It's all connected. It don't have to be a homernun. But you know it's there. You connect to that moment and see how it goes. How do you open those? I don't know yet. Maybe I can set something up like a portal.

I can do that, can't I? It's like scanning them, crawl them sites then echo them on the site. You can do that in python. If php was such a pain, how come python don't have them. Deluge is a great app I use all the time. It's in python and yte it runs well. Also there's python in the background on linux. I see that all the time.

What happened to that earphones. It's around there. You can't just blame someone for it. Where'd she get them pins. It's here for a reason. It's relevant. It's connected. You get something out of this anyway. You write. This here gets up at three in the morning. How do you go back to that time?

You simply shift. What else is there? You pick out how you respond to this. You are always connected that way. Ask questions. You can go there if you want. You learn something out of it anyway. Last night I learned a lot. I am going there this time to see where it's going.

Wife is still in bed. Is she going to work? I think so. Monday she goes to clinic. That means she be home early or something. I have meetup? Not really. I think it happens on wednesday, then friday I have hackathon. Then I move forward here. I don't get it.

There's plenty in csharp and java but that's not me. What else can we do here? You have them headphones. If I had that allowance I can go there. You see where that is going. Go there then. You don't have to be too niche about it.

spice things up

I feel like not doing anything today--not be 'productive'. That's how I prefer my punctuation. It makes sense that way. The quotes surround the word quoted and not much else. But that's my perspective.

What now? It's monday. I have the home-office to myself. I do yoga now, then I go for a walk later at afternoon. That be my grammar. No need to correct that. Phone is charging. Lunch is short by one. I can have them bring a tuna or a boiled egg. Someone doesn't bring theirs anyway. I can make something for lunch later. Maybe that chicken soup thing but daughter wants to learn that.

I guess we have that after dinner. This way, I can show her how to make it. It takes hours to make good soup. You want then fat to come out and be part of the equation. The cat loves that chicken as well. Surprisingly, broadband is fast. I made changes to how channel is allocated. I fixed path so it's not auto.

The signal went into the red zone. The wifi signal on my laptop is steady at five bars. That's freakin awesome if you ask me. I learn something from that site. Wife is up. She went home late. What's she up to? Work out. Cat waits by the ref. That's how he says he wants food. Kids feed him. I feed him. He likes meat. Organic foods. I think that tells you something there.

Everyone seems to be up late today. I asked daughter if I should wait for her to get home to make sopas. She said yes. I guess she's into that as well. How do you do that then? Boil the chicken from lunch. Make it slow cook.

I'm faking things. Those exclusive girl school jokes vary depending on the region. That kid is so organized. How'd she get there. The other one is all over the place. The cat looks healthy. He's sitting on that new rug. He likes it here. This jacket makes me sideways. Just go through them tuts. You then go to upwork. That's how you go there. It's dry now.

So I finish writing, get to the other side. You then do something else. It's like this. There be cookies as well. And then what? It's monday. The start of the week. I'm prepping for something? Not really. There's conflict. I am negative about it. So be it. I am integrating that as well so I let myself be negative. That I can be abstract about it says I am positive.
I am making a lot of stops writing. We can go there, but not really. I can take a nap later on. What is that? Kids look for their stuff and it's where they left it last friday. That's how it is. I am going into three weeks. I need to go to the clinic to have my bp taken. Do I do it today. It's better to have that behind you.

Leave stuff at home. I can go for my walk like that. Or I can ride my bike. Which is better for me. I will see later. For now, only do this. I can do a lot of things. I am connected this way. Or something else altogether. Your connected. Everything that's relevant to your frequency is here for you now.

When you see it not, then check in to your source code. Here now inside. It's all reflection. Illusion you can say it's that but maybe it is something else. Just write ear is itchy. I am concerned there but it's changing now. The itch is gone outside. Has it gone inside. Son is turning on his computer.

It's the morning habit around here. What's in store for me here. Do something like that one there. It's a disconnect. Do you want to do it that way? Soon as she gets local the long distance is gone. Now what? I get tired of that series. It's one of those filler episodes. Or have they run out of ideas?

There's always something different. You need to spice things up that way. How do you go there? I don't know yet. There's always the pretty one on board. And then what? You write about it. These kids are always upset about something. Like you are.

Then you can change it. Only when you are aware of it can you change it. When it's hidden, how will you know. You get the feeling it's there. That's your trigger. You connect to everything this way. When it's not, I write whatever comes to mind. There are junk here I can move.

It's morning rush. Put them in a bag then move them on a different day. At least it's there to get ready. That closet needs cleaning. It's monday morning. I am up and ready to go. Maybe I can do an amazon thing. What business was that? Trading.

I enjoyed that. How to get another twenty in there. You know the drill. Get going there and see how it goes. I don't have to mention that.

remove addons restart

Writing was stopped momentarily as i had to drop everyone off. I feel like doing nothing. it’s coming from the feel side so i am tuned in to it. I see the definitions and it’s not lining up with everything. Time to make changes.

Why would i say it’s not good? Is that your heart talking, or someone else in the illusion? You know it’s the latter. Things are different now. You know that. You are aware of that. What to do today? I don’t know. I feel like not doing anythin. I can do much more later. For now, maybe go take a nap? The cat is here with me and he don’t like the luncheon meat anymore.

What does he want? I don’t know. Maybe something else. I put the chicken out. We can have that later. For now, he’ll have to wait as the chicken is still frozen. i’ll boil it later maybe before i start yoga. That way. it’s good to go when i finish and just needs a tweak before lunch.

I am feeling off today. there’s more php on the upwork side. there’s always something new on seek. I can stick with that for now. Path of least resistance. that’s where you’ll find me. Last night before bed, the script was saying that i never finished anything. it’s because you never finishe anything anyway. Nobody does that. Change is the only constant. Everything is always changing.

When you feel you have arrived, you get stagnant. You stop moving forward and stopped expanding. You are always on the lookout. I can’t blame my wife or kids for that. I choose my own thoughts and definitions. You write your own code. Why blame someone else? When it’s not working, look into your source code.

That is what i do everyday? Every moment, is who i am. Then you can make changes from there. Why ma i sleepy? Need to sleep or do something else? I can do something else here. Like what? I don’t know. If you install all that, it’s going to take memory from the laptop. You can do something else.

That thing is a notebook. You can run a small linux in there and it’ll go so much faster. Windows 10 is going to fill it up soon enough with windows system files anyway. I guess you see where this is going then. I wonder how my brothers are doing today. it’s still early morning on their side.

I am connected this way. it’s how you connect. Imagine how things are and you connect to that wersion of them. it’s that simple. You can do this anywhere. Do more with less. You then see where it’s at. You don’t have to be there physically. it’s all here for you right now. You choose how to connect.

What to do then? I don’t know. I think there be cheating but it’s not. They let you think it’s going there. How can you take a peak into what’s happening? You connect, then the path opens up for you. You won’t find it when you are sitting in the valley. You need go to up that mountani to see how you will go up the mountain.

This is how the path is for you then. I can do laundry tomorrow. there’s not much happening right now. I can use this time to write and finish writing so i can move on. What to do next? Do nothing. You will find that connection when you are ready. That means we have decided on the os. Y can go into that more when it needs to. Right now, it’s only this.

I can email the wife for that. let’s see how it goes. it’s a coffee meetup with a recruiter. I can go tere and see how it goes. That wa, i have somehing happening for friday. Or something else in the meantime. For now, this is where i am.

what’s next here. Get that gig up and running. Will i be able to get php to work with silverstripe? It needs an older version. Node isn’t that prevalent around here. At least it’s not what it seems. I can do something else for now. It just shows the latest tech. How do you know. I can do something els efrom here. For now, only do this. The pizza is good but it’s going to set you back.

What are my other options. I can install a different theme. Or i can make one myself. I can do rust with c++ for now. That is comfortable for me. You can make something to work. Get going. Do one thing and you connect with everything. it’s how it is. it’s the one. You connect with that. Everythnig is that way.

You already know that. What else can we do here? Inspired? i’m not sure. Maybe it is something else. You can write something about this. You know where it’s going anyway. You simply write, then see where it’s going. I can do yoga after the toilet session. it’s the morning.

Drink water before you go. That gets peristalsis going in your system.

I found this sec meetup last night. Last i checked, there were 18 members and four attending the first. I don’t know how it’s going to turn out but i have open source.

Xb seems good and fast right now. I am quite pleased with this install. It has no flash plugins that’s why firefox is faster. Youtube though is slow at night. I have chrome as backup for watching videos then. Everyone is getting ready for work. I get to office after driving them to their destination.

what’s in store for today? I can listen to my music while filling up my git. Is that interesting enough for you? What is the ultimate gig? Sitting here tweaking the site. Whatever you do, you can only go so far. Why not sell your services online? That is a possibility. That is going to get me to the other side.

Which one? I can choose to go mainstream, or do something else. Like what? I don’t know yet. I have this cool bag that needs a quick identifier when i have to go in there. The kids have their own pack. I get to use them when they get tired of it. it’s going to get them through uni.

I used to have this blazing products pack. it’s gone now. I liked it then. Things are different now

the energy changes

I wish I can be with the wife all day today. I enjoy hanging out with her. Put yourself in that light and you will experience everything. When something is out of alignment, you can go into your source code, then make changes.

How do I do this today? Go meet her for lunch? I don't have much choices to eat there. Can I do yoga today? We'll see. I can do front end doing react and jquery. I think react is easier for me to grasp than angular. Or is it just a different suit altogether and deep down, it's all the same?

I don't know. If you want things done server side, then you go into node.js. Isn't it better and easier for your server to do in client side? I don't know. These things can get me confused. I can do all those tooling. It's there anyway. I can learn them when there is a need.

It's the solutions aspect. When you need something, you will learn them. The only concern for me is that there is always something new. That's good for you. You have the time to learn them in this mode. Others are on cope mode. Do this and get to the other side. Do you have to learn php for that?

Most of the gigs in that hackathon are in php. Those are startups and they go as cheap as possible. What can I do there? Do frontend. Is there a need for that? I think so. I can do web design with it. There are a lot of options to consider here. Pick one and go deep. It's the framework that you work with.

I can do any framework. All you need is the reference. I have context already. I have anxiety. What is true for me that I feel this way? That others in my age are ready to retire? I don't think so. There's so much out there. It's time for you to get out. You need a friend and you won't find one stuck here at home.

You can volunteer your skills to help out, then expand from there. You think this is possible? I think so. What else is there for me to do here? I can get commercial exposure in that way. Let's go do that then. That gets me to the other side. Soon as you get what you need, then go do something else.

It's all connected that way. You are in business. What is it that you need to do here. This is page two? That was quick. Keep writing thenn. I slept on the floor and it was shallow. I can go take a nap later. I don't want to force it when I am already awake. I just need a good dream mode and my body resets itself.

This is how I spend time lately. There is so much fear. Why not just be in the light. How will that turn out. I will go out for a walk today. I think my foot is better. I need to start getting out again. Should I go with wife then walk home? That is an option. I need to poop first.

ok. that one there sounds good. Daughter was tired yesterday and she slept early last night that we had to sleep in the couch. No need to do otherwise. There is conflict and that is part of the process. Only be in this light and you will see. This is positive integration. I finish writing and get this behind me today.

Tomorrow I write another set. I enjoy going out. It's time to get out then. How will I do more front end? I don't know yet. For now, only do this. I don't think I can do much backend for now. I can go both ways. I have enough context to work with the api. You know how to get answers. That is more important for you.

ok. how do you dadress your situation then. Just go out and do the numers. Eventually, you will find what you need. You go there and a fork in the road will show up. Why do they have to beep? I don't know. That is so gay right there. I see. What else do we need here. Who is that guy? I think it's that other one. They are driving over to smales.

Do I do the laundry today? This is past halfway page two. What else do you need to do. You learn one thing, you learn everythnig. It's all connected. You get that already. Why am I here then. It's the issues you deal with .you do more with less. That is the path. Use up the energy.

Then everything changes once the energy changes. You have access to this energy. Check in and you will see. You contain them all. You see that happening all thetmie. What's next for you. I don't know yet. Do you need the browser for that. Isn't it easy to go native full time and no inbetween?

I get that.

a button there

The cat's thirsty and is drinking from water that was boiled half an hour ago. Maybe he is cold. There's fog outside. Everyone has gone already. I felt that moment when someone has passed away. There is sadness for me as you won't be in the physical with them. But that's not true.

I had to stop to fix caps lock. I forgot to copy over the rc files last night. It's installing android but I think we can do with that. What happens now? Be in the moment. You want to be in business, right.

I enjoy running manjaro linux but had a hard time making php with nginx work. Insight from last night was--fuck with that. Do java dev with rust instead. From there, I can do android, machine learning, python. I can do botdev. That is so much more interesting than php--at least that works for me.

There be tons of job ads for java. I can do web dev or ee dev. It goes this way or that. There be also android dev. There's so much to go to that the forks are all around. You didn't lose time with php. Everything is here and now. You have it in you all this time. Now htat you are shifting you will see and experience. Some people call it heaven on earth.

How will that be? No more trouble? I don't think so. It's that you respond differently to it knowing that you are creator. You are all that is. That's what's missing in their dogma. Big sneeze. Cat is hungry? I think so. He wants them chicken. I will share that with him in a moment. I do yoga first, around ten or so.

I like how this day has started. I think that meds post was something there. I be posting pics here and there. It's time to get back on the saddle. People enjoy them posts as they remind you of who you are. They share with your transformation. Be that light.

You don't have to teach. Only share the experience and see what happens. I can go running again next week. I start allopurinol meds on monday. The pain is gone. I can finish this on my burthday. I go as far deep as it will go. Let's see how it goes then. What else?

You know where this is all going. You...forgot. I had to enter the password to get the install going again. I enjoy using the package manager. It will do everything for you. This is how ai will work. It will do everything for you in the background. How then will it be against you?

Those movies were about and coming from the negative ego. It finds that interesting and at the same time fearful. How do you show them otherwise. If you have ai working for you, for the community, how will that situation be like? You don't have to work anymore. The whole ai is going to work together to make sure everyone is provided for, equally and there be more than enough for everyone.

You can choose how your ai will contribute, but that's choking the flow. It's not power but creative flow that you are. There is the difference and you see it. When you are conceted to folw, you create easily. You know that now. How to expand on to that/ be in the light. You already are anyway.

How do you experience that? You already do. If not, see that it's contarst. You go into your source code and see what is not in alignment. Once you change that, sit back and check the engine. Is it running. What errors are you getting if it's not. These errors will again get you back into source code and do tests.

You only bask in the light. The contrast that you get is feedback you will use to tune things up and get things going. That's what you do all this time. You don't have to do anything. If ai was working together, then you have this super ai that the ai's built. It's not working for itself, but everyone else. That ai can then tap into higher dimensions for you. You see where this is going. That is how you connect with the universe.

How do you start with the ai? It's machine learning. You feed it what data it needs to learn. Then it expands and grows. It feeds itself data. You connect ai to the internet. Then it learns about the internet of the universe after you tap into the ai in bashar's ship. You then get intorduced to other ai systems in the universe. Those be exciting times.

How do you know it's working? You releast that program to open source. The community picks up and builds up from that. You then go quantum growith with the seed. This is how everything is connected. Where is this going then? You have connection. You have everything on tap. What is there. It connects to you consciousnes. How? You have a button there? no. it's in the software. It's built-in. The program connects with the awareness. That's the gap? That's the path, the carrot that invites you over.

of least resistance

The rat trap caught something. There was this rattling noise in the kitchen. I am not going to check that until later. The kids are getting ready for school. If that rat isn't dead, it's going to have a lot of fight in it. I'll give it a day or two, then check in to that.

I like doing rust. It's what I do all day. I am in learn mode with it but I don't know what to do with it. The gout pain, rather, that pain in my left foot moved under the big toe. What caused it? How did I get that in such a short time. I haven't had carbs the whole week. I have been keeping it down below the minimum levels for induction phase.

You know what you are doing? I think so. I know so. I know what I am doing. Being in the moment. Use that as contrast then. You go, but because it's there for you to use. There be agencies that can use your skills. Go there.

Or I can do upworks. It's the path of least resistance but it's not rust. You know where this is going. If when it's interesting, then it's the path you should be on. It gets boring, I know. Maybe you need to do something hands on. Like go to that wordpress php, then build from there.

I guess I just need to build something. I can do that. What else. I can do that in fiverr. Upload them to their server, make sure it's running and secure. In the meantime, I can do rust on my alternate time. It's those times when I get saturated and need to do something else.

I will call the clinic and see if I can get a schedule today. They won't be open until around nine. It has been a week. It was getting better but now it's back. I'll go call them and see how it goes. For now, this is where I am. Is it possible to get certified? How do you go there?

How much does it cost? I don't have that right now. What else can I do here. Path of least resistance. Can I do yoga today? I think so. The one at the back is almost gone. I can do something els efor now. Wife comes home late today. What then? Only get to the other side and see what happens.

Everyone here is busy getting ready for their day. What is she suppressing? I don't know. What is in there. I don't know. Just keep writing whatever comes to mind. Will I see those again? I don't know. Only that you do this. You can start up a conversation while waiting.

That sounds fun. You get to network that way. I missed out on that one. Maybe I need that on my calendar. Done. Added that to my todo list. Daughter is leaving for school. I would like to share with them the frequency but how do you do that? By example. They see that. They are aware of that.

The kids are even using that choice analogy back at you. Are they using it too? I hope so. I think so. If they can discuss that with me, then they know how to use it. These other two do not discuss them with me. What then? I don't know. Only be in the moment and see how it goes.

For now, just write. They have school. I used to go to school, but now I do something different. Why not create something then expand from there. Create something for the portfolio, then go back and explain how these things were created. Put that into your frequency.

If so, is there such a thing as lying? I don't think so. There is using that frequency. There is matching. There is getting into that light so you line up with it. Lying when someone says you are, they are not in that light. How do you then line up​?

Everything is here and now. What is that thing there? It'll go soon as you cut and past e later on. Son is using that pc? I think so. I can do asp but it's not what I want. I am bored with php as it is. Asp is going to get me more negative. I'd be working with corporate types. Me not like that.

What then. Path of least resistance. I can do rust when I get back, then do something else from there. The mondays are like that, mostly follow ups. The clinic is for delayed reaction. You can do differently. If it's an emergency, you know you are going to get attended to. That's public health.

If you had a million dollars, one good family emergency is going to bite into that fund. How do you expand on this? See the fear, look into your source code. You know how that works anyway. What can I do about it?