choose to get

There be fifteen minutes before I drive out. I'll be home alone today, plenty on my todo list. Tomorrow I go out until sunday. Busy weekend going into thursday.

I turn off the wifi after midnight. Mine works just fine. Maybe I fix it up a bit. Is there a script that will do so for me? You need to have a pc on to do that, but I think it's possible. Why don't you go look that up. Who is phineas anyway?

From what happened, all I know is that he or she is a hacktivist. What was the motivation there? Most of the time, you find nothing. The motivation to keep at it is admirable. I think that is the ethic you are when you are in that light. Is it productive? You don't need productive. You only be in the light and everything reflects off that.

What's the plan today. With all the interest they are making, everything is supposed to be provided for already. If that were so, will it still work? Someone at the top has to be in that channel, otherwise it's still biased. Is it greed. Why not just go for one percent? They already are at cruise control anyway.

Does it matter? They are in argument mode. So be it. I allow that. Will it rain? Weather app said so. Yahoo is crumbling now. They lost momentum there. They had the early lead but now they are struggling. They failed to change with the times? I think so.

What can you...what did you gain out of it? It's a reflection. You get contrast, even when you see nothing there, it's there. You always get feedback. It's good you can turn off the software so it doesn't serve anything. It don't revert back though. How do you fix that? I don't know yet. I'll have to figure that out.

Maybe I can unset the phone or something by going to settings. That way, it's still there. This kid is diligent. His pc runs on ubuntu as manjaro tears up the display. I can't get the driver to work properly. It's because you did not sit with it to make it work. Once you have the right driver, it is going to work. Or not. Maybe it's supposed to be there.

I can make sardines for later. Or not. The kids can have that when they get home. I have time for that before they get's the router. It should be able to let go after the software turns 1. dd zeroes them out. I learned that yesterday, or the other day. What is that ball? This is page two. They are getting ready to leave. I can do the laundry today.

Then what? Do yoga, go through my day. If money were not a factor, what would you be doing? The fun stuff. Rust is fun. It helps me with sys programming. Web dev with python is also good. I can use that for ptesting and it's connected still. Plenty to do with python. Or I can go into java for that and I can hook up with android.

It's the repl that I use with python. You can get feedback when you input something. I can check their mac addresses next time. Tomorrow maybe. It's like this always? It's going to be like this from now on. This kid is always upset. That's the negative ego. Where did they get that? Finish writing then get on that.

So what then. I go to city tomorrow anyway. We can go tomorrow. Then what. I don't know. Just do this. They can argue all they want. It's not going to end that way. So be it then. How do I move on? One day at a time. You get there then you cross the bridge. If it's not there then nothing to do here nothing here for you.

You see yourself holding on to it then you can change it. Right now, you can choose how you respond to it. It's washable anyway. They can choose to do that, or do something else. I used to be in that frequency. I can choose how to respond anyway. So be it then. You don't have to be afraid of it.

Why is that there. How do I go to paknsave? Take the bike. It's a short ride going there. You can clean the bike anyway. It's your break time when you go there. I can take a nap when I go there too. In the meantime, just finish writing. I have plenty of time. I have about three paragraphs to go and I am done.

It's not raining. I don't have to drive them to school. Or do something else for now. This is where I am anyway. I can respond differently. It's here connected. I see that. For now, do this. It's here and now. Waiting for it? no. just anxious about it. She knocks that way anyway.

Why does she choose to get annoyed. Can you choose differently? She is not aware of it.