of least resistance

The rat trap caught something. There was this rattling noise in the kitchen. I am not going to check that until later. The kids are getting ready for school. If that rat isn't dead, it's going to have a lot of fight in it. I'll give it a day or two, then check in to that.

I like doing rust. It's what I do all day. I am in learn mode with it but I don't know what to do with it. The gout pain, rather, that pain in my left foot moved under the big toe. What caused it? How did I get that in such a short time. I haven't had carbs the whole week. I have been keeping it down below the minimum levels for induction phase.

You know what you are doing? I think so. I know so. I know what I am doing. Being in the moment. Use that as contrast then. You go, but because it's there for you to use. There be agencies that can use your skills. Go there.

Or I can do upworks. It's the path of least resistance but it's not rust. You know where this is going. If when it's interesting, then it's the path you should be on. It gets boring, I know. Maybe you need to do something hands on. Like go to that wordpress php, then build from there.

I guess I just need to build something. I can do that. What else. I can do that in fiverr. Upload them to their server, make sure it's running and secure. In the meantime, I can do rust on my alternate time. It's those times when I get saturated and need to do something else.

I will call the clinic and see if I can get a schedule today. They won't be open until around nine. It has been a week. It was getting better but now it's back. I'll go call them and see how it goes. For now, this is where I am. Is it possible to get certified? How do you go there?

How much does it cost? I don't have that right now. What else can I do here. Path of least resistance. Can I do yoga today? I think so. The one at the back is almost gone. I can do something els efor now. Wife comes home late today. What then? Only get to the other side and see what happens.

Everyone here is busy getting ready for their day. What is she suppressing? I don't know. What is in there. I don't know. Just keep writing whatever comes to mind. Will I see those again? I don't know. Only that you do this. You can start up a conversation while waiting.

That sounds fun. You get to network that way. I missed out on that one. Maybe I need that on my calendar. Done. Added that to my todo list. Daughter is leaving for school. I would like to share with them the frequency but how do you do that? By example. They see that. They are aware of that.

The kids are even using that choice analogy back at you. Are they using it too? I hope so. I think so. If they can discuss that with me, then they know how to use it. These other two do not discuss them with me. What then? I don't know. Only be in the moment and see how it goes.

For now, just write. They have school. I used to go to school, but now I do something different. Why not create something then expand from there. Create something for the portfolio, then go back and explain how these things were created. Put that into your frequency.

If so, is there such a thing as lying? I don't think so. There is using that frequency. There is matching. There is getting into that light so you line up with it. Lying when someone says you are, they are not in that light. How do you then line up​?

Everything is here and now. What is that thing there? It'll go soon as you cut and past e later on. Son is using that pc? I think so. I can do asp but it's not what I want. I am bored with php as it is. Asp is going to get me more negative. I'd be working with corporate types. Me not like that.

What then. Path of least resistance. I can do rust when I get back, then do something else from there. The mondays are like that, mostly follow ups. The clinic is for delayed reaction. You can do differently. If it's an emergency, you know you are going to get attended to. That's public health.

If you had a million dollars, one good family emergency is going to bite into that fund. How do you expand on this? See the fear, look into your source code. You know how that works anyway. What can I do about it?