of those scenarios

I installed manjaro on the old desktop. It's fun using this, better than ubuntu. I see why it's moved up distrowatch, and last I checked, was in the top 10 linux distros, faring better than xubuntu.

There be bugs here and there but it's usable. I can do dev work in this os. It's highly customizable and that's why I enjoy using it. It's that balance. I was enjoying ptesting last night. I was so tired I went to bed early by an hour. I couldn't sleep though until wife got home. Why is that? Maybe I need to go out for a walk and bask in more sunshine.

I'll do that later then. I have things to do in the meantime. It's monday. I have a full plate going into the weekend. I have three other meetups but i'm not sure I want to attend them. There is the it pinoy meetup on thursday. Why go there? Make friends with more pinoys, I think.

I can't attend born agains. I'd only be discussing a lot of things there and kids will see me in that light. It's not required for me to be complete. I have other pieces of the puzzle to fit mine. It's not that I need to fit in. I think it has more to do with being in the light, then seeing the reflection. Reality is an illusion. When you see that, you see everything.

You can' teach that though. Manjaro is updating. It takes a while on the first update. I'll have to restart when it's done. There be others. I like firefox but there's always a bug in it. I can do changes there and see how it all goes. What then do you do?

I am in chromium. I think it is faster but it has its own bugs. For one, deezer don't work. I have other bookmarks and the home button can only take one site. Firefox can add as many sites to home that you care to use. The kids are going to be home tomorrow. The path now is to have more fun with it. I was in the dark last night.

Maybe it's the expectations that I have. I can let go now. I see how it's all connected. I put myself down based on what other people said. It's no longer true for me. I don't have to fit in. I am who I define myself to be. Choice and effect.

How do you exand from this? I can go out for a walk later when the kids be home. I can attend that meetup, but I don't think I want to. Just sit here and go through the library. It's all here and now. What if it rains? Then bring a jacket. I can even bring an umbrella. Or I can do gym workouts here at home. Today I measure the middle. It's done every monday. I am in keto since almost a month now. This is the fourt week. I think we are in a month. It feels like it's there. It would have been fun to run today in the rain, on wet grass.

I do that tomorrow. I am free tomorrow? I think so. Need to schedule daughter to dentist this week. How to do that? I don't know. Allow it to be there. It's raining again. I don't have to pick up kids right now. Let's see how the weather goes this afternoon. In the meantime, I do yoga. I will have something to eat for before I drive for wife.

This is the business I am in. it don't have to expand from here. I can go on management mode from here. It's all automated. Is it best to do web? I have been there. I don't enjoy it that much. The people you deal with are negs when you are integrating. Why not use that neg and integrate on that instead.

This is why ptest feels like a reflection for me. There's so much to learn about the system. It's that ability and skill to connect with the machine that I enjoy to get things working. The other night I opened a locked door without not hacking. I was surprised that it worked. I took time to figure out how things worked. Then I took my time to get it to work. It opened.

So now I go here and explore this path. The cat was here last night. There is machine learning. I have a full day today. It's going to be raining and that's alright with me. Wife has doctor appointment. It's been bothering her for quite a while now. I am concerned but everything happens for a reason.

Let's see. I can get my bp taken while waiting. I can even weigh myself here. It's part of everything. That's how it's connected. I can go this way or that. I see that now. At times I go blind but it's thesource code that is questioning everything. I can check updates when I finish this.

I have traps to set if they are still here. In the meantime, I don't see a need for that. How did that happen? I don't know yet. It's a path that happened. So be it. I think I am at the end of this page. I can post this. I am disconnecting to flow. I tend to edit more when I get here.