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Writing was stopped momentarily as i had to drop everyone off. I feel like doing nothing. it’s coming from the feel side so i am tuned in to it. I see the definitions and it’s not lining up with everything. Time to make changes.

Why would i say it’s not good? Is that your heart talking, or someone else in the illusion? You know it’s the latter. Things are different now. You know that. You are aware of that. What to do today? I don’t know. I feel like not doing anythin. I can do much more later. For now, maybe go take a nap? The cat is here with me and he don’t like the luncheon meat anymore.

What does he want? I don’t know. Maybe something else. I put the chicken out. We can have that later. For now, he’ll have to wait as the chicken is still frozen. i’ll boil it later maybe before i start yoga. That way. it’s good to go when i finish and just needs a tweak before lunch.

I am feeling off today. there’s more php on the upwork side. there’s always something new on seek. I can stick with that for now. Path of least resistance. that’s where you’ll find me. Last night before bed, the script was saying that i never finished anything. it’s because you never finishe anything anyway. Nobody does that. Change is the only constant. Everything is always changing.

When you feel you have arrived, you get stagnant. You stop moving forward and stopped expanding. You are always on the lookout. I can’t blame my wife or kids for that. I choose my own thoughts and definitions. You write your own code. Why blame someone else? When it’s not working, look into your source code.

That is what i do everyday? Every moment, is who i am. Then you can make changes from there. Why ma i sleepy? Need to sleep or do something else? I can do something else here. Like what? I don’t know. If you install all that, it’s going to take memory from the laptop. You can do something else.

That thing is a notebook. You can run a small linux in there and it’ll go so much faster. Windows 10 is going to fill it up soon enough with windows system files anyway. I guess you see where this is going then. I wonder how my brothers are doing today. it’s still early morning on their side.

I am connected this way. it’s how you connect. Imagine how things are and you connect to that wersion of them. it’s that simple. You can do this anywhere. Do more with less. You then see where it’s at. You don’t have to be there physically. it’s all here for you right now. You choose how to connect.

What to do then? I don’t know. I think there be cheating but it’s not. They let you think it’s going there. How can you take a peak into what’s happening? You connect, then the path opens up for you. You won’t find it when you are sitting in the valley. You need go to up that mountani to see how you will go up the mountain.

This is how the path is for you then. I can do laundry tomorrow. there’s not much happening right now. I can use this time to write and finish writing so i can move on. What to do next? Do nothing. You will find that connection when you are ready. That means we have decided on the os. Y can go into that more when it needs to. Right now, it’s only this.

I can email the wife for that. let’s see how it goes. it’s a coffee meetup with a recruiter. I can go tere and see how it goes. That wa, i have somehing happening for friday. Or something else in the meantime. For now, this is where i am.

what’s next here. Get that gig up and running. Will i be able to get php to work with silverstripe? It needs an older version. Node isn’t that prevalent around here. At least it’s not what it seems. I can do something else for now. It just shows the latest tech. How do you know. I can do something els efrom here. For now, only do this. The pizza is good but it’s going to set you back.

What are my other options. I can install a different theme. Or i can make one myself. I can do rust with c++ for now. That is comfortable for me. You can make something to work. Get going. Do one thing and you connect with everything. it’s how it is. it’s the one. You connect with that. Everythnig is that way.

You already know that. What else can we do here? Inspired? i’m not sure. Maybe it is something else. You can write something about this. You know where it’s going anyway. You simply write, then see where it’s going. I can do yoga after the toilet session. it’s the morning.

Drink water before you go. That gets peristalsis going in your system.

I found this sec meetup last night. Last i checked, there were 18 members and four attending the first. I don’t know how it’s going to turn out but i have open source.

Xb seems good and fast right now. I am quite pleased with this install. It has no flash plugins that’s why firefox is faster. Youtube though is slow at night. I have chrome as backup for watching videos then. Everyone is getting ready for work. I get to office after driving them to their destination.

what’s in store for today? I can listen to my music while filling up my git. Is that interesting enough for you? What is the ultimate gig? Sitting here tweaking the site. Whatever you do, you can only go so far. Why not sell your services online? That is a possibility. That is going to get me to the other side.

Which one? I can choose to go mainstream, or do something else. Like what? I don’t know yet. I have this cool bag that needs a quick identifier when i have to go in there. The kids have their own pack. I get to use them when they get tired of it. it’s going to get them through uni.

I used to have this blazing products pack. it’s gone now. I liked it then. Things are different now