spice things up

I feel like not doing anything today--not be 'productive'. That's how I prefer my punctuation. It makes sense that way. The quotes surround the word quoted and not much else. But that's my perspective.

What now? It's monday. I have the home-office to myself. I do yoga now, then I go for a walk later at afternoon. That be my grammar. No need to correct that. Phone is charging. Lunch is short by one. I can have them bring a tuna or a boiled egg. Someone doesn't bring theirs anyway. I can make something for lunch later. Maybe that chicken soup thing but daughter wants to learn that.

I guess we have that after dinner. This way, I can show her how to make it. It takes hours to make good soup. You want then fat to come out and be part of the equation. The cat loves that chicken as well. Surprisingly, broadband is fast. I made changes to how channel is allocated. I fixed path so it's not auto.

The signal went into the red zone. The wifi signal on my laptop is steady at five bars. That's freakin awesome if you ask me. I learn something from that site. Wife is up. She went home late. What's she up to? Work out. Cat waits by the ref. That's how he says he wants food. Kids feed him. I feed him. He likes meat. Organic foods. I think that tells you something there.

Everyone seems to be up late today. I asked daughter if I should wait for her to get home to make sopas. She said yes. I guess she's into that as well. How do you do that then? Boil the chicken from lunch. Make it slow cook.

I'm faking things. Those exclusive girl school jokes vary depending on the region. That kid is so organized. How'd she get there. The other one is all over the place. The cat looks healthy. He's sitting on that new rug. He likes it here. This jacket makes me sideways. Just go through them tuts. You then go to upwork. That's how you go there. It's dry now.

So I finish writing, get to the other side. You then do something else. It's like this. There be cookies as well. And then what? It's monday. The start of the week. I'm prepping for something? Not really. There's conflict. I am negative about it. So be it. I am integrating that as well so I let myself be negative. That I can be abstract about it says I am positive.
I am making a lot of stops writing. We can go there, but not really. I can take a nap later on. What is that? Kids look for their stuff and it's where they left it last friday. That's how it is. I am going into three weeks. I need to go to the clinic to have my bp taken. Do I do it today. It's better to have that behind you.

Leave stuff at home. I can go for my walk like that. Or I can ride my bike. Which is better for me. I will see later. For now, only do this. I can do a lot of things. I am connected this way. Or something else altogether. Your connected. Everything that's relevant to your frequency is here for you now.

When you see it not, then check in to your source code. Here now inside. It's all reflection. Illusion you can say it's that but maybe it is something else. Just write ear is itchy. I am concerned there but it's changing now. The itch is gone outside. Has it gone inside. Son is turning on his computer.

It's the morning habit around here. What's in store for me here. Do something like that one there. It's a disconnect. Do you want to do it that way? Soon as she gets local the long distance is gone. Now what? I get tired of that series. It's one of those filler episodes. Or have they run out of ideas?

There's always something different. You need to spice things up that way. How do you go there? I don't know yet. There's always the pretty one on board. And then what? You write about it. These kids are always upset about something. Like you are.

Then you can change it. Only when you are aware of it can you change it. When it's hidden, how will you know. You get the feeling it's there. That's your trigger. You connect to everything this way. When it's not, I write whatever comes to mind. There are junk here I can move.

It's morning rush. Put them in a bag then move them on a different day. At least it's there to get ready. That closet needs cleaning. It's monday morning. I am up and ready to go. Maybe I can do an amazon thing. What business was that? Trading.

I enjoyed that. How to get another twenty in there. You know the drill. Get going there and see how it goes. I don't have to mention that.