the energy changes

I wish I can be with the wife all day today. I enjoy hanging out with her. Put yourself in that light and you will experience everything. When something is out of alignment, you can go into your source code, then make changes.

How do I do this today? Go meet her for lunch? I don't have much choices to eat there. Can I do yoga today? We'll see. I can do front end doing react and jquery. I think react is easier for me to grasp than angular. Or is it just a different suit altogether and deep down, it's all the same?

I don't know. If you want things done server side, then you go into node.js. Isn't it better and easier for your server to do in client side? I don't know. These things can get me confused. I can do all those tooling. It's there anyway. I can learn them when there is a need.

It's the solutions aspect. When you need something, you will learn them. The only concern for me is that there is always something new. That's good for you. You have the time to learn them in this mode. Others are on cope mode. Do this and get to the other side. Do you have to learn php for that?

Most of the gigs in that hackathon are in php. Those are startups and they go as cheap as possible. What can I do there? Do frontend. Is there a need for that? I think so. I can do web design with it. There are a lot of options to consider here. Pick one and go deep. It's the framework that you work with.

I can do any framework. All you need is the reference. I have context already. I have anxiety. What is true for me that I feel this way? That others in my age are ready to retire? I don't think so. There's so much out there. It's time for you to get out. You need a friend and you won't find one stuck here at home.

You can volunteer your skills to help out, then expand from there. You think this is possible? I think so. What else is there for me to do here? I can get commercial exposure in that way. Let's go do that then. That gets me to the other side. Soon as you get what you need, then go do something else.

It's all connected that way. You are in business. What is it that you need to do here. This is page two? That was quick. Keep writing thenn. I slept on the floor and it was shallow. I can go take a nap later. I don't want to force it when I am already awake. I just need a good dream mode and my body resets itself.

This is how I spend time lately. There is so much fear. Why not just be in the light. How will that turn out. I will go out for a walk today. I think my foot is better. I need to start getting out again. Should I go with wife then walk home? That is an option. I need to poop first.

ok. that one there sounds good. Daughter was tired yesterday and she slept early last night that we had to sleep in the couch. No need to do otherwise. There is conflict and that is part of the process. Only be in this light and you will see. This is positive integration. I finish writing and get this behind me today.

Tomorrow I write another set. I enjoy going out. It's time to get out then. How will I do more front end? I don't know yet. For now, only do this. I don't think I can do much backend for now. I can go both ways. I have enough context to work with the api. You know how to get answers. That is more important for you.

ok. how do you dadress your situation then. Just go out and do the numers. Eventually, you will find what you need. You go there and a fork in the road will show up. Why do they have to beep? I don't know. That is so gay right there. I see. What else do we need here. Who is that guy? I think it's that other one. They are driving over to smales.

Do I do the laundry today? This is past halfway page two. What else do you need to do. You learn one thing, you learn everythnig. It's all connected. You get that already. Why am I here then. It's the issues you deal with .you do more with less. That is the path. Use up the energy.

Then everything changes once the energy changes. You have access to this energy. Check in and you will see. You contain them all. You see that happening all thetmie. What's next for you. I don't know yet. Do you need the browser for that. Isn't it easy to go native full time and no inbetween?

I get that.