to see where

This was a font I used to enjoy. But I gave up on it. Why so? Not gave up. I guess it's...revert back after a two sentence pile up. Wife had clouds yesterday. I changed how I respond to it. I allowed it and was less neg about it. In the end, I found something new there.

I decided it's opportunity anyways to do python all the way. In that side of the road, I can do almost all the projects that i'm in on, plus there is repl. I can script that way. It's warm. I go to the meetup tomorrow. I am switching to chrome. Firefox is good but this is running faster. It has its downsides though.

One of them is that the extensions I use are not all available here. I may have to look for replacements. Also deezer don't work here as well. I am upset about something here. Let's get going. Greys anatomy has started to get boring. They get filler episodes a lot. I guess it's going down the toilet. The intensity is gone.

It used to be like an episode is you can't get enough of it. Now you can do the internet while you have it running in the background and you wouldn't miss a lot. Plus derek dies in this season. I wonder what's going to happen next? Only two remain. Is that where it's headed. It's friday.

Next week is a full house. I go see what's in store there but weekend, I can get a lot up and running. I have the playlist up and it's going there already. Wife is still in bed. She is worried about a lot of things. That's my reflection. This happens through me. I go there and see where that's headed. For now, only do this.

I make friends here and there. It's time to go deep into python. Also rust is there so we go there. It's more verbose. You really have to please the compiler otherwise it's not going to run. I can go there anyway. I am learning much about dev when I do that.

I can learn about how to make it work. I think I can do any platform now. It's just the experience that I don't have. Upwork is there, plus fiverr. I can do that in the meantime. That's something we'll get into this weekend. Wife goes to doctor on monday. Maybe daughter can go with us?

I don't know yet. You see where this is going. I can edit this later when I finish. I don't have to act. I am here anyway. Just do this and get to the other side. You do something else/ data science sounds good. I can learn stats on the way there. Where to get more experience? I don't know yet. It's something that I am learning. It's always connected. Only your experience of it is real.

There's something here for me. My head can't get it, but in a deeper level I get that insigth feeling. Trust it then. I do yoga, then I go out for a walk. I wonder what's for dinner. Wife is coming home. I have ribs today. That is something to look forward to.

Smoky was here to help me heal. He is out now. But when I was down he stayed home all day. I appreciate that. It's all connected. It don't have to be a homernun. But you know it's there. You connect to that moment and see how it goes. How do you open those? I don't know yet. Maybe I can set something up like a portal.

I can do that, can't I? It's like scanning them, crawl them sites then echo them on the site. You can do that in python. If php was such a pain, how come python don't have them. Deluge is a great app I use all the time. It's in python and yte it runs well. Also there's python in the background on linux. I see that all the time.

What happened to that earphones. It's around there. You can't just blame someone for it. Where'd she get them pins. It's here for a reason. It's relevant. It's connected. You get something out of this anyway. You write. This here gets up at three in the morning. How do you go back to that time?

You simply shift. What else is there? You pick out how you respond to this. You are always connected that way. Ask questions. You can go there if you want. You learn something out of it anyway. Last night I learned a lot. I am going there this time to see where it's going.

Wife is still in bed. Is she going to work? I think so. Monday she goes to clinic. That means she be home early or something. I have meetup? Not really. I think it happens on wednesday, then friday I have hackathon. Then I move forward here. I don't get it.

There's plenty in csharp and java but that's not me. What else can we do here? You have them headphones. If I had that allowance I can go there. You see where that is going. Go there then. You don't have to be too niche about it.