yourself in that

Nobody likes mondays. I like it. Everyone is out of the house on a monday. I have the house all to myself. I do yoga. I go out for exercise/workout. The cat hangs out with me. He sits under the sun. I have netsec meetup tonight.

I was having conversations with this man over the meetup. He goes to several of them in the course of the week. I wonder if he is retired. He sounded like he used to be csharp dev in his younger days. I'd probably see him in those business-tech related meetups. I doubt he'll be at the netsec meetup tonight.

The fx meetup is running dry. It's because I don't have an open account right now. It's part of my process. I can do the laundry today. I have time for that. I don't think I can run this day. I had pain in the ankles yesterday after a weekend of carbs.

This kid here is having breakfast. She looks cool. She is more laid back than the other kids. She has a long distance and over the internet relationship. Thes kids grow up fast. I am overweight and realized it seeing the pics last night. I don't see myself that way. I am no longer that person. It's true that change is the only constant.

What's next? Just keep writing. Them images keep pliing up over weeks. I guess I have this install for a while now--a month maybe? Wife is still sleeping. Show last night was awesome. There were quivers all around. That was new. There was so much energy that it felt amazing.

Can I do a support position? I think I have enough context for that. It can be limiting, but it's a good start. I can go for that as well. Let's see how it goes then. You don't want to go down that path. It's better to do ptesting as this is more interesting for me. I want to see what the situation is locally, then expand from there.

There is not much demand in the ads, but those in the running has funds and need help in this area. There be more ads for web as these are startups and may have limited resources. Let's expand from this and see how it goes.

There be more csharp because it's the dominant os right now. It's not my cup of tea. I would rather do this path than go there. But it can change. Still I don't think i'll have fun with that. I can do something else instead. If I chose to go there, there is so much tech I need to go through.

It's the target env. I can look deep into that as part of the process. I can learn much about it as well. Wife is up. Hugs abound with these kids. I wonder how some couples have a hard time having kids. Maybe it's their process. No need to invalidate that. I forgot wife had to go see dentist this morning.

I get to my office around ten. I'll start with the 52 around that time or after lunch. It's still a monday. Let's see where this is going then. I am not looking for a job interview. I am more interested in a wark with env. That is more interesting. I am interested in a manila pen situation.

That was fun. I don't mind getting up early, then work till midnight. It was fun. You were not really working, but having a grand time hacking. Is that available still. I think so. It's not just that, but the context. You can always look things up. You don't want an expert in one language. You want someone who has context and can work with it.

It's biased? I am in page two anyway. I like that grid env. How do you get more of that? You build up from that. It's all connected. I have the energy there. You just put yourself in that light every moment as much as possible. It's not that you need it, but that it's what you prefer to be in.

the difference there is very subtle. You know how to make it work anyway. I can go here just put on a sweater. There is anger and that's alright. It's part of the process anyway. How do you do manila pen again? Put yourself in that light and you see the reflection.

I get that. Have fun each moment. That is the frequency you want and prefer. Then go there. It's what you choose. Be that then. No need for expectations or plans, just go there. How from here? Choose your thoughts. That is path of least resistance. You do that wnhen you do that. No need to push things around.

These kids are great. They grow up so fast. What happens now. I do the laundry when I get back. Then I do my thing. It's all connected. No need to pick one over the other.