doing stuff anyway

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Verdana has higher thing in the middle. This makes it readable, as well as that the font base is wider. I have been learning visual. What's good about this perspective is that it don't care about status quo, only that this works for its own.

I have this working as my browser font. I can change that later in epiphany and chromium. I write to bring it out in front of me. It's there with the noise but writing gives it its own voice. I saw something good last night--silicon valley. It had more laughs last night. I like the energy and the relationships in there. How do you make that?

You create a basic, then grow from there. Where is that cat? He is usually here in the mornings. I run later. I do yoga? It's the path, yes. I do that later this morning, then run sometime around noon. I am out all day wednesday. I go to city for the aws summit. Keep to your path. When it's interesting for you go there. No expectations. Simply enjoy being in the moment. You don't have to have a plan. Plans get in the way of being in the moment.

You get that part, you have everything figured out. You have heaven on earth. The son is not going to school it seems. That's fine. We have a few more weeks of school maybe. He can go straight. There is that running thing. He has to go through that. Wife is getting ready for her day. This is how I prepare for mine. We do css the rest of the month? Or at least finish one module, then get on with it.

There's plety to do with it. Verdana really looks good this way. It's sans serif. I keep to it most of the time. Avenir also looks good. I can use that for something else. In the meantime, use this as default when making art. It's all connected. I get that pork skins today so I bring them tomorrow. That's a lot of prep but you know where it is going. Is that kid going to school.

This is still page one. Go through this and see how it goes. Everyone is doing that anyway. Those who don't are probably doing something else in the meantime. I can call the school after I drop off the wife. I can hang out someplace else, or immediately get back. I may have to get gas later. So be it then. I think wife needs to do something.

It's a tuesday. Two more nights like that. I may need to get a different path going for me at nights. Doing yoga last night was good. Do more of that? That sounds good. I slept well last night. Tension was released. I can do something forward today. Writing is good. You have the voice in there. Just keep writing then. I threw out the grass thing. It was dying out.

I have laundry to do. There's so much to do on a project. It just keeps going then. How do you want it done? Get things going. No need for expectations. Only do this, then see what happens. What ma I mising here? Only what's not relevant. If when you don't have it in your bag, it's not part of your reality. Get on with it and see how it goes.

That is the path? I think so. Do you change it? Only after you have used up the energy can you shift. When it's still there, it's not going to shift. Beauty is from the inside. When you see it reflected in your reality, tells you it's there. You don't seek it from the outside. There is nothing there. It's a projection. It has to come from the inside. Then why I have contrast?

Contrast is feedback. Contrast tells you what you have holding on. When you realize, when you are aware of it, you can choose to do something about it. It's a switch really. You do switch it on, then you are in the moment. You don't even have to go to university and work towards someone else's approval. It's also an illusion. You grant your own wishes.

How can you test that? Live that way. Be in the moment. You get what's relevant. It's raining. Go through wairau traffic again? That's a nice brand. It means a river runs through it, or a stream. Something like that. There really is a stream going through near that hiway. Or is that a storm drain. I see that there near the bank. What happens now?

You don't have to fight them. You simply do your own. When people see that it works for you, they go there. It's the frequency they seek. When you are in that channel, when you are in your light, people see the light. You are the beacon. Everyone else is a beacon. It's the frequency that tells you what's relevant or not. I write a lot of words but how do you live this way?

You are open to synchronicity. Everything is connected so you don't have to make it happen. They just come to you and you allow yourself to be vulnerable. Then you can enjoy being in the moment. You chose differently? Different from the usual. I saw contrast. That's fine with me then. What else is there? I don't know. Maybe she leave earlier?

If not, that's fine with me. When does this end? That's expectation. Just write and it'll finish when you are done. The flow is there. You bring forth give it voice. You connect to everything else. You are everything else. That's why you are able to tap into it. No need for contrast in your writing unless it has to be there. You can move on with your day now. One kid is still in school. Everyone else is going.

I have the day all to myself? I think so. It's a long day. Not to be productive. Just go to the light and see how it goes. I am doing stuff anyway. Just write. They go later when the timing is right. How to get from here to there? You have that. You start wherever it's convenient for you. Do what interests you. That's how you know it's the right thing to do.

When you have contrast, then use the energy. You don't have to invalidate it and hate it or fight it. You see your energy, you go into your source code and see why it's there.

no longer that

I am running confused again. I was actually thinking of signing up with pluralsight for a month. Not good. Rather, it's not relevant for me. I have tons of resources from the library. I don't have to go down that path. That was contrast then. It was feedback that I am no longer in that light.

What's the plan then? No plans. Do only what's interesting for you. I like this mild and easy piano playlist. I will keep to this while writing. I am not going like a headless chicken. I would rather write about it then. Do you need to be a manuscript writer? No need. Just connect to flow here and write what comes to mind. More to the point, I write about the storm going on in my head.

What's it about? Set plans for the future. Everything is here and now, so what's the point in planning? It's almost ten and it's a friday. Keep writing until bedtime? That, or finish two pages, then get on with the day. It's been a long and productive day? I think so. I did a lot of things here. I was testing this and that. No need to go there though. I have more than enough for now.

Do I go back to trading? I think I want to explore seo organics and advertising. There is google analytics so that's one path that's open for me. There is a meetup coming up tomorrow. I am interested in going and it's on after lunch. I can either go on bike, or use the car. How far is it by bike? Will I be fresh when I get there and back?

It'll be in rosedale. I've been there before so I can take that shortcut via unsworth drive. That be a fun ride and will go through sunnynook. It takes an hour to get there? I think so. I don't have to like this music otherwise it comes up in my flow. It's not appropos for me. I wonder if all this goes into a machine learning algorithm.

You need to write more articles about it. What do I write about? I have that page on facebook. I can continue writing for that getting meat from upwork applications. Then I build something up with the business, then grow from there. It's all connected. I am supported anyway. How do you get that business up and running then? Which one has more funds going for them?

I don't know. The easy path is to go IT. They have funding now and then. They can afford the minimum. You don't need a job. Jobs income are not tax deductible. You are a slave that way. You can't scale much because you can't outsource. You would rather be your own project manager, then run the business that way. You see where this is going?

Does that feel good for you? I think so. It's easy. I can work with this. There is much design going for it as well. Wife likes the movie she is seeing. Is it watch a movie or see a movie? I can look that up.

It seems to not matter that much. I can use what sounds good in my writing. So far, I like 'see a movie'. I go on use it that way then. There are on rules other than what works for you. Does this sound like good music for you? Should I get something else now? I don't know. This is me writing. I found this cool theme for the computer. It's more dark and there are nice widgets and icons. I shifted here and removed the arc theme.

I like the green highlights here and there. The other vera was also good but it wasn't perfect. This one feels on the spot somewhat. I will keep to this in the coming days and see how things go. I am in a good place here. I am in my secodnd wind. I did not notice it but I lost twenty kilos already. I don't feel like it. It feels like about ten. Maybe the weighing scale was wrong.

I am going to get upset with that. At least the extremes are smaller now. That's where all the weight was that left. It's timet o do second hald. Then it's going to get fast from here. I like the deep strings. Why not go for them and see how it goes. I like these string. Added. Time to move on. What else? The episode last night was good. There was a lot happening. It's the season finale.

I wonder how they are going to end this one. One of the starks died again. That's their story. What happens when I reach that point? I can break once a week. Is that a flea at the back of my neck? I am sleepy? Daughter is upset. So be it. I don't have to change her. She needs her own space. Let it be then. Things move on like this.

Wife goes out tomorrow. Will I go to that meetup? It looks like a weak one for now. Where will you find a good one then? I don't know yet. We'll see what happens. We can do roundtables where they bring up their site then they take input from everyone. I can do design for web and print. Then you go from there. I think I have enough background to make a difference.

I don't know yet. She talks that way and I don't have to push that away. Just observe and see why it's there. Observe how you respond to that and look into source code. That's why it's there. You can do something there yoruself. What then do we do here? I don't know yet. Only that it's here and that I can move forward. My foot has discomfort. It's from the running. It's not gout.

I am no longer that. This is about halfway through. Then you just keep writing. It's a long way to get finished and you just write. I break once a week. That will solidify things. When things start to move away, then I do somehing else here. I think that will work. No need to be something else. You know what is relevant.

You don't have to go there though. How can you compete with that? Keanu reeves and he is younger and a doctor. I see that. It's a movie and I dont' think that's relevant for me now. I see what you mean. Well, it's not here, so keep wrriting then. Why did rose contact me here? I don't know. I think she wanted to see how you were.

Seeing there was no response... maybe she was unhappy with her relationship and wanted to see how things were on the other side. My other phone needs charging. I can do that when I finish this. I think deezer download to phone is about finish now. It took the whole day?

It did. It took several hours. At least it's here. I can start enjoying that then. I never go out for walks. I can use this playlist for when I go out for a run. I can run with that when it's not raining. If it rains, do something else.

others are there

I haven't written in a few days. I was thingking of doing this nights, but get too busy and forget about it. I am trying out this new font. It looks ok. It's a sans serif font. Why is magento so difficult? Wordpress is true plug and play. Why not focus on that, then do woo-commerce?

It's the simple things. When it gets too complicated, step back and let it air off for a while. So now I do docker with wordpress on aws. I can go that way. I'll expand on that path over time. I have magento meetup later. Do you want to go there? I think it's interesting. If it's that difficult, maybe other will need help? It's the simple things. Why not do something in javascript?

This font looks solid enough on this size as I few them. I think I can include them when I design pages. I have a lot of mcwade to see. I like his videos. They make sense. The others are not quite there yet. It's the simplicity of it that makes sense. There's this other designer that I like. His artwork is outside of my comfort zone. Maybe that's what art is about as well. It makes, rather, good art invites you outside of your comfort zone.

I'll do that then. I have a schedule to follow. Do whatever interests you. If it's there, then it's part of your process. I think it's more relevant for me to test out docker. Let's go that path later then. I can do the flask tutorial and it runs. I can just segue into that during the day. I have the kids' lunches ready.

If it rains, I may have to drive everyone off to school. That's a lot of traffic, but we'll make it. I have a long walk later on. I installed some adobe fonts in the system. I haven't tried them but I removed times roman. I wonder if others use it. I didn't like them from the start when I first played with word. Now it's gone. I had validation but it took some time. no. I really did not like it from there. Let's move on now.

I doubt? I think so. They have mufti today. I made lunch. These two have rice for lunch. The other two don't. They have sandwich. That's what I make them... I have meetup later. I asked someone from the old town and he said they don't have meetups ther. Why is that? Maybe they are not that interested? I got into palm pilot meetups years ago. I never went back.

It was a sell-athon. Anyway, it's gone now. They were there, then they were gone. They did not last one year. What happened there? Management? Idon't know. Maybe they sold out or something, do something else instead. You lead that lifestyle and you follow your path. It's best that way. Everything that's connected is going to be there for you. It's by reflection.

How do you know that? It's the template that makes sense for me. Is this taking too long? It's ok. Keep writing. The linne spaces look aierd enough. I think this will work for now. I can expand them but it's not lerevant for now. Only write. Do I have to drive them to school? I don't know yet. We'll see later how things go. For now, only do this.

There be enough in here. These kids are off in a few minutes. I may have to get bread later. There's rice. I have one more page to write after this. Do you want to go down this path? Take a brea when you get here. That means your head is tired of processing. It won't see from a higher level. It needs to let go for now. Then you do that. Nothing much to watch and see so I do something else.

It's the data. You always trust that? I don't know but it's what makes sense here. Do you do what's interesting all the time? It's connected that way. I have meds. I do my run today. Is the weather going to improve? I think so. If it's raining then I drive them. If not, do something else. Like what? I don't know yet. If it's traffic, do something else. They meetup with friends.

I have more than half a page to go. What am I thinking here. Ptesting feels negative for me. It's predatory. I can do something else. I would rather be a positive influence. I am no longer there. What then is relevant for you. I am back here. Android feels like a dead end for now. Then do what feels better for you.

For now, it's this. It don't have to go deep only do it because it interests you. They won't hire me then I take business for myself. You don't have to go in deep. Do I bring this with me? I can, but I don't have to. Just do this. It's all connected anyway. Is there a way to go there? I think so. I was able to get the flask kitty thing up. I can do it then. I can deploy even.

The tutorials are there for you. Use it. Why not plant the seed? Maybe they have other plans. The others are there anyway. It's connected that way. It's a big file. You go there and see how it goes. When you feel distracted, take a break. You don't have to learn all of it anyway. For now, docker feels right. Let's do that then get going already.

Do they have it in lynda. They have a nice logo there. What logo should I use? The letters of my thing? I don't know. Maybe there is something else I can do. Something simple. A doodle will do as well. Anything. It's just a symbol of something else. It's a thing. It don't have to be complicated.

It frames things. That viewport you get when you do with your hands. That could be a logo. Or something else. It's a perspective. How do you symbolize that? It's a single point with line... I drive them to school. It might rain. It's in the horizon. Them clouds be there. I can post this later. It's full enough. Where else do we go? Done.

then edit later

How do you know when you are on the right path? I envy this guy because he has what I don't have. Does that sound like anything? I know I shouldn't, but I am giving my self space to feel negative down about it. It's ok to envy. This shows me contrast.

Maybe I don't have to have that. Maybe this shows me feedback as to which way to go. Surely he doesn't have what I have. I have been marriend sixteen years and I am good with what I have. Maybe that's what's missing there. You are done with that. You can choose to go there, but what's the point. It's like movie you've seen twice already.

I don't see movies twice in one year. I do so some times but not regularly. What then do we do here? Greys anatomy has lost its magic. Up to season two was spectacular, then things went downhill from there. Was it the actor or the story?

If it were the story, do you put that on the writer? Eventually it boils down to that, but it's a hive mind thing. They work together to get there. Or was it that--writing by consensus? My brother passed away a year ago. Time flies. This may have been the toughest year for me. I think it was hard for his family. They experience the loss first hand.

My father passed, it was hard the first two years, I think. I was lost. But I had to lose my self in order to find my self from a different perspective. I am still waiting for payment. That is not who I am and it's feedback. I can choose how to respond to it. Am I going to apply for work?

Wouldn't it be better to advertise and get business instead? That way, you can deduct expenses from income before tax. It's how you grow your business. It's not really some other thing. How do you expand on that? Pick one, then leverage. You know how this goes. Do full stack dev as a service. You help people out that way.

Or you can do consulting finding holes. How do you expand on that? There be a handful out there and it's tough to learn all that. At least I don't have to learn all that tech. I am still learning something though. Do that instead. How do you get clients? You advertise. You create a good enough website, then start getting gigs.

Who is your target? Those that have reputations to uphold. They have illusions to hold on to. You thrive on insecurity? In a way, yes. That's what it's all about. You sell the hope. It feels fakely for me. Maybe there be other things I would rather spend time on.

Creating stuff is good. Design sounds good. You have that in you. You like colors. You can go deep into that. You have the tools already. You just put them all together so it gets into place. Design sounds good. How do you go there? You create portfolio. You do not have to learn everything but it's all connected anyway.

You then invest in advertising. Not everyone gets it. You cearet all these portfolio then move on from there. You know how to do this. You create that then make them choose what you create. You don't start with what's out there. You put them down on paper. You then choose color combinations.

After all that is done, you wireframe everything and make it work. It's the design aspect. You start from scratch. You connect and have that work into you. You can do that over drinks. You don't have to drink but you need to put down inhibitions. You need to quiet the critic, then you build. Create first, edit later.

You know the drill there. Who needs them? I don't know. Are there graphic designers out there? I think so. You can do that business anyway. How else can you go here? Daughter has htat tablet thing. I can look into that. I do that later. Is design really where you want to go?

It looks interesting. I can see what happens there. You are building up your portfolio now? That sounds good. Do you need dockers for that? I think so. You can host everything up on aws with dockers. I think I looked good in dockers back in the day. You can go there now. Be that person.

You define them everyday anyway. Security work looks boring. I think you can create something better. You start with something blank, then build up from there. You create something from optimized. You know how to do this. Is it meant to entertain? There's that expectation again.

Just create something, then edit later. You don't even have to do the editing.

tutorials do we

I don't feel like doing much web dev. The last session got boring. There are edges to the game and I feel like I am running on that edge looking for something new. Ptests feel like there's almost zero edge and that it's always expanding.

What sets the limit is how I relate to it. It's the relationship. You set those as they become relevant. You see where this is going? And now you have a different perspective. You have a differet iew. Look at the opportunities aailable to you. See what is fertile based on your perspective.

All opportunities are positie. The point is, you look at what's relevant for you and that be the most fertile soil to plant your seed. What interests you? How do you wish to spend your time. I can do tests from a hotel room. I don't mind travelling. That could be fun. You get paid to travel. You can also do them from where you get connection.

Do what's relevant. It's not negative unless you say it is. It's how it's connected. You go down the path and you will see more why it's connected. You have abundace already. You are supported in this way. Focus on one aspect for now. When you go there, more doors open up. You can focus on one and be known for that brand.

How do you get into mainstream? I can do advertising. I can create my own site and expand on that. I think I can do that in wordpress, but I would like the backend to be in postgres. This means I don't have to have wordpress, or any cms. That means I can have node.js and postgress backend.

I can upload that to either openshift or google cloud. Is that enough for one year? I think so. They also hae machine learning on the cloud. I can make use of that. You get the trader api then hook up with the cloud. That is interesting as it can get. What are you afraid of?

That it's not going to work out. It's because you have expectations. You drop the expectations and just have fu with it. Play with it and you see where it is going. You will never know how it's going to turn out anyway. It is always expanding and anything can happen anyway. You see the point here?

Get going with it. When you feel negative, take a break and do rust instead. That gets you going again. You don't have to have everything down pat in one day. Get the point, process it and have fun with it. I start again tomorrow. I get my meds and then I see how it goes. I go to bed late agin. It's another monday. Turn that off?

I can finish writing then get on with it. I have more than enough. It's all connected and eerything here is what needs to eb here. Process that energy. Is there anything good to see today?. I have modules lined up for the day. We get fiber soon. Do we move there?

I think so. I like bigpipe. That's where we go next. You can get your own router but I think what we have is going to work out. I can even go below gui and sort things out. It's all here anyway. You can find out where that is going. Do you need a nap?

I can go later. For now, only do this. Wife is making carbonara. The kids like it. I am done eating for today. Kids get me gummies and I am done here. The break is part of the process. It's a cycle which is naturally part of everything. You did not stop. You remembered how it's not good anymore. It's more about how you feel about these things.

Then play with it. Do you have to go there? I think so. I have that connection though. How to get clients? Advertise. You need a good site. Why not make it a tutorial? That way, you can make changes to it. I can do a tutorial on youtube. That gets more views than readables. I think it is that way.

I will need a screencaster. I think obs will line up good there for you. Look it up later. What tutorials do we do here? You have a number in there. You can create one every week. That will turn out good for you. How to make one? Will I be more focused on creating them videos? A short one is good enough.

Start with just one, then expand from there. You know where this is all going. See what happens and expand from there. Do you have to go there? I think it's interesting. That tells me which for in the road to take. When it's flat, compare how you feel about it being flat. Everything is connected. I was there because I need to see how it was.

Now things are different.

have chosen now

I'm not sure if I wrote this morning, but i'm moving morning pages to nights. I feel down at nights more so when I have to wait until midnight to pick up the wife. I can write about my thoughts and emotions, also experience during the day.

I don't know how it's going to help but at least I am not going to fixate on these ideas and put them down on the page and see what comes out of it. I have my friend playing in the background. I feel change is afoot. It's like spring coming in and you see small flowers here and there.

There is contrast, and I am alright with it. I am reminding myself who I am at every moment anyway. With that idea comes echo from who you used to be, and feedback as to how you are doing now. I guess writing this time is better. I feel light already. This is better than learning something new. I will limit that to up till ten and then I get to doing time for myself.

We have plenty of wind. Why is that? Are we going to have rain soon? I like that location there. Son is using it. Maybe during the day I can move there. I give that to myself. The stream is up and down. It changes now and then. I can delete the older files, those that do not resonate with me. I am alright with that.

I can also delete those that are inaudible--negative recordings. I can't hear them anyway. It's all coming from you anyway. You don't have to see it from the outside. Be in the inside and you see the reflection and projection come forth.

The years are far behind now. What was there. I had a great time during that time. I have these times when things transition. I see. Change is always happening. You create your reality from the inside. You know this. It's time to be in the light. It's a choice for you. Either be in the dark and not feel good about it, or choose your thoughts.

You define your source code, then resonate with that. It's that simple. Why then did I let myself feel down? It's because I was responding to what opinion of what is on the outside. Now you are aware, you can choose differently. This is why it's feedback. You are given the opportunity to choose what is good for you.

That is the motivation. You choose what you think is good for you. There was a different perspective term for that but I forgot what it was. Then it's not relevant for now. Move on. That pie looks good. How to make that? You get flour and make the base. I can also make pizza.

But that is not who I am. I have this year to resonate with my frequency. I can do differently. I am at peace here and there is contrast here and there. So be it then. I don't have to go back. If it were relevant, we'd be there pointing downstream. Here is where I am and this is what's connected for me.

Trust that synchronicity. It's all connected. I can sleep at two anyway. I can take a nap later on. I am able to make things work. So be it then. I get help because I give help. It's that frequency. You attract to you everything that's relevant for that vibration. It's all here and now. So be it. Write about it.

I don't have to make this a best selling novel. I write for myself to connect to flow. I don't have to prove anything here anyway. So it's here and it's here for my self. That person I talked to was a painter. I wonder why he is down here renting when he has his own place up north.

I think it has something to do with the old idea that you need it from the outside. If I was in those shoes, I will focus my efforts to the new reality. I am not doing this right now. I realize that. I have shifted. I have chosen now. I am in alignment now. I don't have to write fast. Only that I be more connected with the writing. It don't have to make sense.

Feel your fingers reaching for the right key. It don't have to be fast. Only that you feel that finger reaching for each key. Feel the clarity. There is connection to flow in that moment. It's all connected moment. I am almost done and maybe three more paragraphs. I am closing my eyes so I can write and not thing about it.

I have one down. Then superman is flying. Why bringht colors? I think they are changing that already. They made him look like batman and even so, his colors have changed. Why do they make bad movies on that. I don't know. Maybe they have this idea that it should be this way or that. It's not connected. It's contrived. It's all special effect.

sit in front

I am done reinstalling os. I had to do another one as the gui didn't look right and it bothered me. This points to something in my source code. Maybe I should work on that instead. I'll look into that. Right now, I want to take a nap. The wife is on the couch and daughter has taken over our bedroom.

This is so much contrast for me, and it's good that it's telling me, showing me what's in my source code. I can make changes when I choose to. It's all connected that way. Did I write yesterday? Tomorrow is a holiday. I think wife is taking the kids out. I can go out and run tomorrow, or do my own thing. I don't ride anymore. Why is that?

I don't let myself go there. Do I take a nap now? I feel like it. I can take coffee when I finish. Better that you do that later. For now, write about it. What about it? Am I a writer? Only when I believe, know that I am. Right now, if I write, there be expectations. At least I am aware of that. I am going to switch back the smartdns.

It's a workaround provided by these networks. How times have changed now. The overseas don't have that much advantage anymore. Only what you have inside of you that is giving the difference. Other than that, it's all the same anyway. When you see the contrast, you can make changes. You always have a choice.

What can I do here? I am low bat. I want to take a nap. Play a game? Do rust? I do rust later. Right now, I am learning php plus postgres. It's a better alt to sql but mysql is more popular. Why is that? I don't know. It's the tutorials out there. Soon as you are at home using it, then you see more of it.

It took a while to get here, but I am here already. What else can you build that uses postgres. There be a lot of things actually, now that you are down this path. I want to take a nap. Where? Go lie in the floor. You did that when you were a kid.

Things are different now? It's the same yet different--from the inside is what's different. The outside is an illusion and it is what you define it to be true. When you see contrast, then the outside is more malleable. You can make changes to it.

I guess the key here is to question what is on the outside, then you start to see cracks. It gets easy to mold like soft clay. Is that how you change it? I think so. Here be plenty of perspectives. Choose the one that works for you. I am so sleepy. It's going to be cold again. It's winter. Daughter's birthday is coming up.

What to do then? Get back on the horse and have fun again. You stopped doing that. Why so? How did that serve you? I saw the contrast. I see that I have a choice. What do you choose then? Alignment. It's easy as going inside and choosing, and being that choice.

That's how you get in the light? It's a summary but it's pointing in that direction. More of it is underground. You go inside and you know more about it. I can finish writing with this. Not good music. Some music are not yours. You choose what you prefer. That's how you own it. What happens next?

I don't know for now. Get this on the way and see what happens. I am getting rust as well. I think it was there but I can look into that. It's all connected anyway. Is there something else for you? It was big before and now you get themm moving when you click. That's how different things are these days.

How will it evolve? You know the pattern. Evolve with it. You can ride the wave by synchronicity. That's how you line things up for yourself. Am I thinking here? Just write. It's like you go sit on the side and see what comes across. You are audience and yet it's all you.

How do you know that? This is past halfway already. Keep writing and finish this. Write in the morning next time. It's already almost fifteen minutes that I am writing. I go out to run later. That's what I do to have fun. It's more than enough and I get that hit and high. Go for it then.

I go at sunset. There be less people there then. If not, just go. It's all yours anyway. Change is the only constant. Nature is change. Change is nature. It's a quote I came across a while ago, I forgot where it was. I think it was from tv. Wife was watching something last night.

She can do that, just sit in front of tv and watch the world go by. I can go there as well.