doing stuff anyway

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Verdana has higher thing in the middle. This makes it readable, as well as that the font base is wider. I have been learning visual. What's good about this perspective is that it don't care about status quo, only that this works for its own.

I have this working as my browser font. I can change that later in epiphany and chromium. I write to bring it out in front of me. It's there with the noise but writing gives it its own voice. I saw something good last night--silicon valley. It had more laughs last night. I like the energy and the relationships in there. How do you make that?

You create a basic, then grow from there. Where is that cat? He is usually here in the mornings. I run later. I do yoga? It's the path, yes. I do that later this morning, then run sometime around noon. I am out all day wednesday. I go to city for the aws summit. Keep to your path. When it's interesting for you go there. No expectations. Simply enjoy being in the moment. You don't have to have a plan. Plans get in the way of being in the moment.

You get that part, you have everything figured out. You have heaven on earth. The son is not going to school it seems. That's fine. We have a few more weeks of school maybe. He can go straight. There is that running thing. He has to go through that. Wife is getting ready for her day. This is how I prepare for mine. We do css the rest of the month? Or at least finish one module, then get on with it.

There's plety to do with it. Verdana really looks good this way. It's sans serif. I keep to it most of the time. Avenir also looks good. I can use that for something else. In the meantime, use this as default when making art. It's all connected. I get that pork skins today so I bring them tomorrow. That's a lot of prep but you know where it is going. Is that kid going to school.

This is still page one. Go through this and see how it goes. Everyone is doing that anyway. Those who don't are probably doing something else in the meantime. I can call the school after I drop off the wife. I can hang out someplace else, or immediately get back. I may have to get gas later. So be it then. I think wife needs to do something.

It's a tuesday. Two more nights like that. I may need to get a different path going for me at nights. Doing yoga last night was good. Do more of that? That sounds good. I slept well last night. Tension was released. I can do something forward today. Writing is good. You have the voice in there. Just keep writing then. I threw out the grass thing. It was dying out.

I have laundry to do. There's so much to do on a project. It just keeps going then. How do you want it done? Get things going. No need for expectations. Only do this, then see what happens. What ma I mising here? Only what's not relevant. If when you don't have it in your bag, it's not part of your reality. Get on with it and see how it goes.

That is the path? I think so. Do you change it? Only after you have used up the energy can you shift. When it's still there, it's not going to shift. Beauty is from the inside. When you see it reflected in your reality, tells you it's there. You don't seek it from the outside. There is nothing there. It's a projection. It has to come from the inside. Then why I have contrast?

Contrast is feedback. Contrast tells you what you have holding on. When you realize, when you are aware of it, you can choose to do something about it. It's a switch really. You do switch it on, then you are in the moment. You don't even have to go to university and work towards someone else's approval. It's also an illusion. You grant your own wishes.

How can you test that? Live that way. Be in the moment. You get what's relevant. It's raining. Go through wairau traffic again? That's a nice brand. It means a river runs through it, or a stream. Something like that. There really is a stream going through near that hiway. Or is that a storm drain. I see that there near the bank. What happens now?

You don't have to fight them. You simply do your own. When people see that it works for you, they go there. It's the frequency they seek. When you are in that channel, when you are in your light, people see the light. You are the beacon. Everyone else is a beacon. It's the frequency that tells you what's relevant or not. I write a lot of words but how do you live this way?

You are open to synchronicity. Everything is connected so you don't have to make it happen. They just come to you and you allow yourself to be vulnerable. Then you can enjoy being in the moment. You chose differently? Different from the usual. I saw contrast. That's fine with me then. What else is there? I don't know. Maybe she leave earlier?

If not, that's fine with me. When does this end? That's expectation. Just write and it'll finish when you are done. The flow is there. You bring forth give it voice. You connect to everything else. You are everything else. That's why you are able to tap into it. No need for contrast in your writing unless it has to be there. You can move on with your day now. One kid is still in school. Everyone else is going.

I have the day all to myself? I think so. It's a long day. Not to be productive. Just go to the light and see how it goes. I am doing stuff anyway. Just write. They go later when the timing is right. How to get from here to there? You have that. You start wherever it's convenient for you. Do what interests you. That's how you know it's the right thing to do.

When you have contrast, then use the energy. You don't have to invalidate it and hate it or fight it. You see your energy, you go into your source code and see why it's there.