no longer that

I am running confused again. I was actually thinking of signing up with pluralsight for a month. Not good. Rather, it's not relevant for me. I have tons of resources from the library. I don't have to go down that path. That was contrast then. It was feedback that I am no longer in that light.

What's the plan then? No plans. Do only what's interesting for you. I like this mild and easy piano playlist. I will keep to this while writing. I am not going like a headless chicken. I would rather write about it then. Do you need to be a manuscript writer? No need. Just connect to flow here and write what comes to mind. More to the point, I write about the storm going on in my head.

What's it about? Set plans for the future. Everything is here and now, so what's the point in planning? It's almost ten and it's a friday. Keep writing until bedtime? That, or finish two pages, then get on with the day. It's been a long and productive day? I think so. I did a lot of things here. I was testing this and that. No need to go there though. I have more than enough for now.

Do I go back to trading? I think I want to explore seo organics and advertising. There is google analytics so that's one path that's open for me. There is a meetup coming up tomorrow. I am interested in going and it's on after lunch. I can either go on bike, or use the car. How far is it by bike? Will I be fresh when I get there and back?

It'll be in rosedale. I've been there before so I can take that shortcut via unsworth drive. That be a fun ride and will go through sunnynook. It takes an hour to get there? I think so. I don't have to like this music otherwise it comes up in my flow. It's not appropos for me. I wonder if all this goes into a machine learning algorithm.

You need to write more articles about it. What do I write about? I have that page on facebook. I can continue writing for that getting meat from upwork applications. Then I build something up with the business, then grow from there. It's all connected. I am supported anyway. How do you get that business up and running then? Which one has more funds going for them?

I don't know. The easy path is to go IT. They have funding now and then. They can afford the minimum. You don't need a job. Jobs income are not tax deductible. You are a slave that way. You can't scale much because you can't outsource. You would rather be your own project manager, then run the business that way. You see where this is going?

Does that feel good for you? I think so. It's easy. I can work with this. There is much design going for it as well. Wife likes the movie she is seeing. Is it watch a movie or see a movie? I can look that up.

It seems to not matter that much. I can use what sounds good in my writing. So far, I like 'see a movie'. I go on use it that way then. There are on rules other than what works for you. Does this sound like good music for you? Should I get something else now? I don't know. This is me writing. I found this cool theme for the computer. It's more dark and there are nice widgets and icons. I shifted here and removed the arc theme.

I like the green highlights here and there. The other vera was also good but it wasn't perfect. This one feels on the spot somewhat. I will keep to this in the coming days and see how things go. I am in a good place here. I am in my secodnd wind. I did not notice it but I lost twenty kilos already. I don't feel like it. It feels like about ten. Maybe the weighing scale was wrong.

I am going to get upset with that. At least the extremes are smaller now. That's where all the weight was that left. It's timet o do second hald. Then it's going to get fast from here. I like the deep strings. Why not go for them and see how it goes. I like these string. Added. Time to move on. What else? The episode last night was good. There was a lot happening. It's the season finale.

I wonder how they are going to end this one. One of the starks died again. That's their story. What happens when I reach that point? I can break once a week. Is that a flea at the back of my neck? I am sleepy? Daughter is upset. So be it. I don't have to change her. She needs her own space. Let it be then. Things move on like this.

Wife goes out tomorrow. Will I go to that meetup? It looks like a weak one for now. Where will you find a good one then? I don't know yet. We'll see what happens. We can do roundtables where they bring up their site then they take input from everyone. I can do design for web and print. Then you go from there. I think I have enough background to make a difference.

I don't know yet. She talks that way and I don't have to push that away. Just observe and see why it's there. Observe how you respond to that and look into source code. That's why it's there. You can do something there yoruself. What then do we do here? I don't know yet. Only that it's here and that I can move forward. My foot has discomfort. It's from the running. It's not gout.

I am no longer that. This is about halfway through. Then you just keep writing. It's a long way to get finished and you just write. I break once a week. That will solidify things. When things start to move away, then I do somehing else here. I think that will work. No need to be something else. You know what is relevant.

You don't have to go there though. How can you compete with that? Keanu reeves and he is younger and a doctor. I see that. It's a movie and I dont' think that's relevant for me now. I see what you mean. Well, it's not here, so keep wrriting then. Why did rose contact me here? I don't know. I think she wanted to see how you were.

Seeing there was no response... maybe she was unhappy with her relationship and wanted to see how things were on the other side. My other phone needs charging. I can do that when I finish this. I think deezer download to phone is about finish now. It took the whole day?

It did. It took several hours. At least it's here. I can start enjoying that then. I never go out for walks. I can use this playlist for when I go out for a run. I can run with that when it's not raining. If it rains, do something else.