others are there

I haven't written in a few days. I was thingking of doing this nights, but get too busy and forget about it. I am trying out this new font. It looks ok. It's a sans serif font. Why is magento so difficult? Wordpress is true plug and play. Why not focus on that, then do woo-commerce?

It's the simple things. When it gets too complicated, step back and let it air off for a while. So now I do docker with wordpress on aws. I can go that way. I'll expand on that path over time. I have magento meetup later. Do you want to go there? I think it's interesting. If it's that difficult, maybe other will need help? It's the simple things. Why not do something in javascript?

This font looks solid enough on this size as I few them. I think I can include them when I design pages. I have a lot of mcwade to see. I like his videos. They make sense. The others are not quite there yet. It's the simplicity of it that makes sense. There's this other designer that I like. His artwork is outside of my comfort zone. Maybe that's what art is about as well. It makes, rather, good art invites you outside of your comfort zone.

I'll do that then. I have a schedule to follow. Do whatever interests you. If it's there, then it's part of your process. I think it's more relevant for me to test out docker. Let's go that path later then. I can do the flask tutorial and it runs. I can just segue into that during the day. I have the kids' lunches ready.

If it rains, I may have to drive everyone off to school. That's a lot of traffic, but we'll make it. I have a long walk later on. I installed some adobe fonts in the system. I haven't tried them but I removed times roman. I wonder if others use it. I didn't like them from the start when I first played with word. Now it's gone. I had validation but it took some time. no. I really did not like it from there. Let's move on now.

I doubt? I think so. They have mufti today. I made lunch. These two have rice for lunch. The other two don't. They have sandwich. That's what I make them... I have meetup later. I asked someone from the old town and he said they don't have meetups ther. Why is that? Maybe they are not that interested? I got into palm pilot meetups years ago. I never went back.

It was a sell-athon. Anyway, it's gone now. They were there, then they were gone. They did not last one year. What happened there? Management? Idon't know. Maybe they sold out or something, do something else instead. You lead that lifestyle and you follow your path. It's best that way. Everything that's connected is going to be there for you. It's by reflection.

How do you know that? It's the template that makes sense for me. Is this taking too long? It's ok. Keep writing. The linne spaces look aierd enough. I think this will work for now. I can expand them but it's not lerevant for now. Only write. Do I have to drive them to school? I don't know yet. We'll see later how things go. For now, only do this.

There be enough in here. These kids are off in a few minutes. I may have to get bread later. There's rice. I have one more page to write after this. Do you want to go down this path? Take a brea when you get here. That means your head is tired of processing. It won't see from a higher level. It needs to let go for now. Then you do that. Nothing much to watch and see so I do something else.

It's the data. You always trust that? I don't know but it's what makes sense here. Do you do what's interesting all the time? It's connected that way. I have meds. I do my run today. Is the weather going to improve? I think so. If it's raining then I drive them. If not, do something else. Like what? I don't know yet. If it's traffic, do something else. They meetup with friends.

I have more than half a page to go. What am I thinking here. Ptesting feels negative for me. It's predatory. I can do something else. I would rather be a positive influence. I am no longer there. What then is relevant for you. I am back here. Android feels like a dead end for now. Then do what feels better for you.

For now, it's this. It don't have to go deep only do it because it interests you. They won't hire me then I take business for myself. You don't have to go in deep. Do I bring this with me? I can, but I don't have to. Just do this. It's all connected anyway. Is there a way to go there? I think so. I was able to get the flask kitty thing up. I can do it then. I can deploy even.

The tutorials are there for you. Use it. Why not plant the seed? Maybe they have other plans. The others are there anyway. It's connected that way. It's a big file. You go there and see how it goes. When you feel distracted, take a break. You don't have to learn all of it anyway. For now, docker feels right. Let's do that then get going already.

Do they have it in lynda. They have a nice logo there. What logo should I use? The letters of my thing? I don't know. Maybe there is something else I can do. Something simple. A doodle will do as well. Anything. It's just a symbol of something else. It's a thing. It don't have to be complicated.

It frames things. That viewport you get when you do with your hands. That could be a logo. Or something else. It's a perspective. How do you symbolize that? It's a single point with line... I drive them to school. It might rain. It's in the horizon. Them clouds be there. I can post this later. It's full enough. Where else do we go? Done.