pick one for

Maybe I shouldn't be deleting stuff on my computer. Is it the browser addons that slow it down? Does it really matter if there be viewing content? What if it was meant to be there? I tend to be neg about it when I go there. It's not what I prefer.

Seeing that, I can change it from the inside. I don't have to go on autopilot. I can choose. I can make that a habit. When there be the stimulus, I can take pause. That pause gets more efficient, and brings in effective. It's getting to corporate there. The kids are grown up.

Do I control everything from there? Not really. You know how to be in this moment. When you are confused, simply choose. Do I have to create a portfolio? Start small. I can do bug hunting there. You still need a portfolio. Why not make that a priority then--that portfolio. When she clicks on that thing it's going to install it on her computer.

What to do about it? I don't know. That's why I am not there. It's not part of me anymore. You can choose from the inside. The outside is just an echo. It's still connected and it's your connection. The connection flows through you, from you. How can you test that? It's in your head. You are aware of it. The outside is an extension.

In a way, you create it through your head. When you get up in the morning, you put everything in place. You feel like you remember everything. What if that mechanism wasn't there. What if you wake up and everything is brand new. How will you create everything. What is she doing. Watch what she's doing. She is cutting it up.

What is the other sandwich for? I think wife is not working out today. She makes everything in order. She worked out yesterday. Today we see family tv. Families still do that. She brings two sandwiches. That's healthy. Every kid is different. Today I do yoga. Tomorrow I run. The feet doesn't hurt as much anymore. I am expanding on this then.

It was almost a week when I ran yesterday. The last run was thursday before the hackathon. I think I had gout coming from sunday and had to ease off that. Why would they do that. Even ubuntu didn't upgrade until you said so. If that was in production, you are breaking software that way.

If that were the case, it's a vulnerability. Some stuff will break with the upgrade. How can you ride that wave? I don't know yet. You simply go there and see what happens. Is that part of your equation? If when it's here then it is relevant for you.

Choose how you respond to it. No put weight on your wrists when typing. That hurts everything else as it's not in alignment. That was a pretty event. I can do more of that. You can choose that. What's interesting for today. I can do more laravel. I was doing oop bootcamp. That is a learning...

daughter is coming home late today. What is she...when everyone is up, I get diverted? It's a better word than blocked. How else do you describe that? It's good the kids have good friends at this level. I don't have that right now. Did I let go there? It feels that way. What else can I do there?

I don't know. It feels like I chose that way. You know what to do with it then. The kids are lineu up in the bathroom. We need another one. Kid got another jacket. I'm getting it all when they get tired of it. I am headed in that direction. Anyway, you know where this is headed. You go here and see how it's connected.

He's always complaining about something. You can do something about it. Why not let him pick one for you. It's contrast. You use that as feedback. Why not turn it in and get another one. I can do that. Just get yourself a tsinelas. I think that's how you spell it. You can make that a password of sorts. Pick one language that you won't understand, then go from there.

There be honor amongst thieves. Is that where you want to go. What would you rather do then? It feels shady in there. Maybe it's the definition that you have. I can do more of that if I have to. In the meantime, finish writing. I drive them out, then head to my office. I like the pre-lunch naps. It's long enough and refreshing when I come back.

That sounds more lined up than waking up. You come back from that dimension. It's like time travel. You do so in different dimensions. How do you test? You take a nap yourself. When you wake up, you look at how you respond to things. That's how you extract yourself from the commons.