sit in front

I am done reinstalling os. I had to do another one as the gui didn't look right and it bothered me. This points to something in my source code. Maybe I should work on that instead. I'll look into that. Right now, I want to take a nap. The wife is on the couch and daughter has taken over our bedroom.

This is so much contrast for me, and it's good that it's telling me, showing me what's in my source code. I can make changes when I choose to. It's all connected that way. Did I write yesterday? Tomorrow is a holiday. I think wife is taking the kids out. I can go out and run tomorrow, or do my own thing. I don't ride anymore. Why is that?

I don't let myself go there. Do I take a nap now? I feel like it. I can take coffee when I finish. Better that you do that later. For now, write about it. What about it? Am I a writer? Only when I believe, know that I am. Right now, if I write, there be expectations. At least I am aware of that. I am going to switch back the smartdns.

It's a workaround provided by these networks. How times have changed now. The overseas don't have that much advantage anymore. Only what you have inside of you that is giving the difference. Other than that, it's all the same anyway. When you see the contrast, you can make changes. You always have a choice.

What can I do here? I am low bat. I want to take a nap. Play a game? Do rust? I do rust later. Right now, I am learning php plus postgres. It's a better alt to sql but mysql is more popular. Why is that? I don't know. It's the tutorials out there. Soon as you are at home using it, then you see more of it.

It took a while to get here, but I am here already. What else can you build that uses postgres. There be a lot of things actually, now that you are down this path. I want to take a nap. Where? Go lie in the floor. You did that when you were a kid.

Things are different now? It's the same yet different--from the inside is what's different. The outside is an illusion and it is what you define it to be true. When you see contrast, then the outside is more malleable. You can make changes to it.

I guess the key here is to question what is on the outside, then you start to see cracks. It gets easy to mold like soft clay. Is that how you change it? I think so. Here be plenty of perspectives. Choose the one that works for you. I am so sleepy. It's going to be cold again. It's winter. Daughter's birthday is coming up.

What to do then? Get back on the horse and have fun again. You stopped doing that. Why so? How did that serve you? I saw the contrast. I see that I have a choice. What do you choose then? Alignment. It's easy as going inside and choosing, and being that choice.

That's how you get in the light? It's a summary but it's pointing in that direction. More of it is underground. You go inside and you know more about it. I can finish writing with this. Not good music. Some music are not yours. You choose what you prefer. That's how you own it. What happens next?

I don't know for now. Get this on the way and see what happens. I am getting rust as well. I think it was there but I can look into that. It's all connected anyway. Is there something else for you? It was big before and now you get themm moving when you click. That's how different things are these days.

How will it evolve? You know the pattern. Evolve with it. You can ride the wave by synchronicity. That's how you line things up for yourself. Am I thinking here? Just write. It's like you go sit on the side and see what comes across. You are audience and yet it's all you.

How do you know that? This is past halfway already. Keep writing and finish this. Write in the morning next time. It's already almost fifteen minutes that I am writing. I go out to run later. That's what I do to have fun. It's more than enough and I get that hit and high. Go for it then.

I go at sunset. There be less people there then. If not, just go. It's all yours anyway. Change is the only constant. Nature is change. Change is nature. It's a quote I came across a while ago, I forgot where it was. I think it was from tv. Wife was watching something last night.

She can do that, just sit in front of tv and watch the world go by. I can go there as well.