then edit later

How do you know when you are on the right path? I envy this guy because he has what I don't have. Does that sound like anything? I know I shouldn't, but I am giving my self space to feel negative down about it. It's ok to envy. This shows me contrast.

Maybe I don't have to have that. Maybe this shows me feedback as to which way to go. Surely he doesn't have what I have. I have been marriend sixteen years and I am good with what I have. Maybe that's what's missing there. You are done with that. You can choose to go there, but what's the point. It's like movie you've seen twice already.

I don't see movies twice in one year. I do so some times but not regularly. What then do we do here? Greys anatomy has lost its magic. Up to season two was spectacular, then things went downhill from there. Was it the actor or the story?

If it were the story, do you put that on the writer? Eventually it boils down to that, but it's a hive mind thing. They work together to get there. Or was it that--writing by consensus? My brother passed away a year ago. Time flies. This may have been the toughest year for me. I think it was hard for his family. They experience the loss first hand.

My father passed, it was hard the first two years, I think. I was lost. But I had to lose my self in order to find my self from a different perspective. I am still waiting for payment. That is not who I am and it's feedback. I can choose how to respond to it. Am I going to apply for work?

Wouldn't it be better to advertise and get business instead? That way, you can deduct expenses from income before tax. It's how you grow your business. It's not really some other thing. How do you expand on that? Pick one, then leverage. You know how this goes. Do full stack dev as a service. You help people out that way.

Or you can do consulting finding holes. How do you expand on that? There be a handful out there and it's tough to learn all that. At least I don't have to learn all that tech. I am still learning something though. Do that instead. How do you get clients? You advertise. You create a good enough website, then start getting gigs.

Who is your target? Those that have reputations to uphold. They have illusions to hold on to. You thrive on insecurity? In a way, yes. That's what it's all about. You sell the hope. It feels fakely for me. Maybe there be other things I would rather spend time on.

Creating stuff is good. Design sounds good. You have that in you. You like colors. You can go deep into that. You have the tools already. You just put them all together so it gets into place. Design sounds good. How do you go there? You create portfolio. You do not have to learn everything but it's all connected anyway.

You then invest in advertising. Not everyone gets it. You cearet all these portfolio then move on from there. You know how to do this. You create that then make them choose what you create. You don't start with what's out there. You put them down on paper. You then choose color combinations.

After all that is done, you wireframe everything and make it work. It's the design aspect. You start from scratch. You connect and have that work into you. You can do that over drinks. You don't have to drink but you need to put down inhibitions. You need to quiet the critic, then you build. Create first, edit later.

You know the drill there. Who needs them? I don't know. Are there graphic designers out there? I think so. You can do that business anyway. How else can you go here? Daughter has htat tablet thing. I can look into that. I do that later. Is design really where you want to go?

It looks interesting. I can see what happens there. You are building up your portfolio now? That sounds good. Do you need dockers for that? I think so. You can host everything up on aws with dockers. I think I looked good in dockers back in the day. You can go there now. Be that person.

You define them everyday anyway. Security work looks boring. I think you can create something better. You start with something blank, then build up from there. You create something from optimized. You know how to do this. Is it meant to entertain? There's that expectation again.

Just create something, then edit later. You don't even have to do the editing.