tutorials do we

I don't feel like doing much web dev. The last session got boring. There are edges to the game and I feel like I am running on that edge looking for something new. Ptests feel like there's almost zero edge and that it's always expanding.

What sets the limit is how I relate to it. It's the relationship. You set those as they become relevant. You see where this is going? And now you have a different perspective. You have a differet iew. Look at the opportunities aailable to you. See what is fertile based on your perspective.

All opportunities are positie. The point is, you look at what's relevant for you and that be the most fertile soil to plant your seed. What interests you? How do you wish to spend your time. I can do tests from a hotel room. I don't mind travelling. That could be fun. You get paid to travel. You can also do them from where you get connection.

Do what's relevant. It's not negative unless you say it is. It's how it's connected. You go down the path and you will see more why it's connected. You have abundace already. You are supported in this way. Focus on one aspect for now. When you go there, more doors open up. You can focus on one and be known for that brand.

How do you get into mainstream? I can do advertising. I can create my own site and expand on that. I think I can do that in wordpress, but I would like the backend to be in postgres. This means I don't have to have wordpress, or any cms. That means I can have node.js and postgress backend.

I can upload that to either openshift or google cloud. Is that enough for one year? I think so. They also hae machine learning on the cloud. I can make use of that. You get the trader api then hook up with the cloud. That is interesting as it can get. What are you afraid of?

That it's not going to work out. It's because you have expectations. You drop the expectations and just have fu with it. Play with it and you see where it is going. You will never know how it's going to turn out anyway. It is always expanding and anything can happen anyway. You see the point here?

Get going with it. When you feel negative, take a break and do rust instead. That gets you going again. You don't have to have everything down pat in one day. Get the point, process it and have fun with it. I start again tomorrow. I get my meds and then I see how it goes. I go to bed late agin. It's another monday. Turn that off?

I can finish writing then get on with it. I have more than enough. It's all connected and eerything here is what needs to eb here. Process that energy. Is there anything good to see today?. I have modules lined up for the day. We get fiber soon. Do we move there?

I think so. I like bigpipe. That's where we go next. You can get your own router but I think what we have is going to work out. I can even go below gui and sort things out. It's all here anyway. You can find out where that is going. Do you need a nap?

I can go later. For now, only do this. Wife is making carbonara. The kids like it. I am done eating for today. Kids get me gummies and I am done here. The break is part of the process. It's a cycle which is naturally part of everything. You did not stop. You remembered how it's not good anymore. It's more about how you feel about these things.

Then play with it. Do you have to go there? I think so. I have that connection though. How to get clients? Advertise. You need a good site. Why not make it a tutorial? That way, you can make changes to it. I can do a tutorial on youtube. That gets more views than readables. I think it is that way.

I will need a screencaster. I think obs will line up good there for you. Look it up later. What tutorials do we do here? You have a number in there. You can create one every week. That will turn out good for you. How to make one? Will I be more focused on creating them videos? A short one is good enough.

Start with just one, then expand from there. You know where this is all going. See what happens and expand from there. Do you have to go there? I think it's interesting. That tells me which for in the road to take. When it's flat, compare how you feel about it being flat. Everything is connected. I was there because I need to see how it was.

Now things are different.