that excited about

Something is wrong with my nexus5. I'm not that excited about getting a new phone. It's a short term high. I'm on the laptop all the time anyway. I'd rather put my money on a new laptop, a better laptop than buy a new phone.

What are my options? Let it be. Get on with your life. When you are out there anyway, it's part of the process and it's time to get going with your day. What else do I do now? I am going out for a run. I give it a few minutes. I run after four. I have time to finish writing.

I feel like that lady wants to flirt? Not really. Her husband is in brazil. If she did, will you go? Probably. No strings attached, just sex, i'd say yes to that opportunity. Otherwise, I am quite happy with what I have right now. That guy at the meetup, the host -- he was a total bore. I wonder if he is aware of it.

Probably not. If you are that old and you are still at it, there's a big hole in there that needs to be filled. Go do something else instead and see where all this is going. No need to grandiose anything. It's all by reflection. It's not the money. It's about the options you give yourself. I don't think he has that?

Not better though. Your path is different. No need to compare on this. What happens now? Just be in the moment and choose to be yourself. What happened there? I have my nilaga and there's fish left over. I can microwave that later. That will get me through the week. There's eggs.

I hae hackathon in two weeks. In the meantime, finish wordpress. Should I do shopify? It's an option. It's an easy way to go. Most of the shops seem to have been built on the same framed template. There's a better way here. Look it up and see how it goes.

There are dozens of developers out there. How come there is only one stripe or paypal? I don't know. Why don't they build an alternative? Something that will work for you. Maybe there is a reason for it. Some people create games as an independent. I think this is possible. I will look into it.

This is page two now. I have stuff to do here. No need for carbs. It's a short term gain and you feel terrible immediately afterwards. I would rather create that high myself without the carbs. There are things in the source code that you can work with. Do I have to recharge this again? I don't know. Maybe I can reinstall the old stock then go from there. I think that'll work.

I will look into that and see how it goes. I am pleased with my website now. It's running well. I don't have to get a crm for now. Everything is good. I have hubspot crm in place. I can use that. There is zoho. That probably integrates with my mail. I can upgrade into that later on.

The intention, or path here is to automate everything. The business should be in auto-pilot. How do you do that? Do you have to sell? Not really. How do you auto-pilot writing? Create the content and it will be available for all time. You write a lot anyway. You can create content at a whim and have that work for you a long time.

Anyway, just be in the light. Give it time to crystallize. There is school tomorrow. I yoga tonight. I run later. If I feel up to it I can do yoga. If not, do something else. I can move that post over to my wordpress from blogger, then delete that one single post.

I may have to transfer stuff around. Do you still need to be an affiliate there? I don't know. For now, leave it at that. Shopify is probably for noobs but there be enterprise solutions as well. Those are shops that have scaled up and have more business.

Sell something that you create. How about candies? Cookies perhaps. Something on subscription where you send them something on a regular basis. Start off local, then scale up from there. You have an idea of where this is going. Be in that light and you will see.

I get this. I will do this for now. Take it easy today. The less you push to make it happen, the easier it will fall into place. I moved the light over to daughter's room. I'll get a replacement later on grocery. That's the highlight of my week now. Also wife coming home from work.

I have this energy in place. It's time to expand and see where this is going. Facebook is a good platform. You can also use reddit. It's anonymous and you don't have to worry about voicing your true opinion. I see that. I think it's good that way. I can make something out of that.

got me in

I don't have helvetica in this pc. I am giving a speech on copywriting. Now I have imposter syndrome. What now? Just get on with it. It's what i've been doing since ten years. I ran some ads and it worked out before. I ran one landing page and people bought. I think it was seo that made it not show up though.

What then? Just give it your best. People are going to look into that and see anyway. You know what you are doing. Let's get cracking. A number of folks there will want to learn more about it and you are in a unique position here to make it work. Let's get cracking then.

The point here is that you are learned and have experience with it. I don't know if i'll fall asleep if I laid down. Maybe later around dinner or so. I'll be watching tv with the wife later anyway. She's making carbonara. What's for lunch tomorrow? I forgot. I don't know. Maybe bacon of sorts.

Let's see. She saw what was in there. Maybe we can sort something out and mak esomething. I don't know. Why is this font looking so much bigger? Maybe that's the point of it. It's equal size width so you read it and it takes up the same space. Get writing then. I am not hungry. It's that sensation coming from definition that I am not. I ran earlier.

I did nine rounds equals five k. that be good. Coming from carb weekend, I feel better running this time than last time. My fingers are shaking with the cold? Not really but it is cold. The cat just sits there doing nothing. I guess he's not that hungry anymore.

I get a buzz writing copy. I don't get that buzz doing dev work. I realized that this time around. Then why go dev? It was part of my process. Keep at it then. If I had been doing this since, I would have a sizable portfolio?

I think so. Not everyone is into this--writing. Not everyone has this combination of skillsets. It's your perspective that's different. Keep at it this time and see. You can do dev work on your free time. At least you know how to get them to work. Hackathon this friday I opted out. It's data science geeks and it's not my thing.

It would have been fun being thrown out the deep end but I guess this is something here that I can do. I can offer this to the nz group. I do this for free right now to build up my portfolio. It's going to be fun. I don't have to travel to their place as it's for free. Give me all the details and I work from here.

You want me to go there you pay my transport and time. I get more done workning from home. That guy neer sent a message again. I don't think he knew what he was up to but at least we move forward here. That is moving fast. How to write with less tense? Get this table lower. Your shoulders need to be low.

Will I finish that series? Why not a series on writers like this. Maybe a reality show of sorts? I can do that. Do that on youtube. Announce it to the forums. There are a lot of us out there that can pull this off. Who is going to make it out there then?

How do you monitor? It takes a while to get results. Maybe a three month course of time and you still won't know. I think the first out you will get an idea on how it works. Other than that, maybe it's not relevant for now. I see. Do something else then. Do it because it's what interests you.

No expectations. Just do it and see where it leads to. This is the path. You are never lost anyway. This is the creative flow. You know you tap into this. You are aware of it. Not eeryone is aware of the connection but it's there for eeryone.

Try not to compare your art with someone else. There is going to be some difference in the perspective anyway. No point in comparing. I think that is what got me in the past. How do you move forward then. You flow some good ideas then take it from there. You don't have to know how. Just put yourself in the light and you will see. Everything is connected that way.

How can you test that. Whatever is here is what's relevant. You already know this. No need for proof. When you are in the light you see. How was that in the bible. It was reworded rephrased. When you know, you know which ones were rephrased to fit the curve.

I see. What time will wife finish? She's probably finishing up by now. No action for me. Just be yourself and see where it's going. You don't have to be a hacker. You can if you wanted to. You don't have to to get a job. Do it because it's interesting enough.

I am done.

light and those

There are times when I don't feel like writing, like today. What I do to get oer this hump is to write about it. This way, I get everything out to paper -- do a page dump. I can see out there what's in here, then I don't know...i don't have to sort them. Just see what's going on. I am made aware of what the source code is.

Today is detox. It has been a loose two weeks. I am clear about where I am going. This is what I do now. I don't have to get that. Just be in my light here. I have a new copy project. I work on it today. I am looking for an appeal. I think I can work with noobs. That's what I do when I am in that situation. You then line everything up with that appeal.

There's a lot of ask question then answer it yourself. It's cliché now, and feels like a filler. I don't want that in there. You don't have to give them an outline of the course. You can give them the benefits of what they will learn and answer questions related to that.

You want to build up on their curiosity and not to give everything away. I can apply for it but the site will block that anyway. I can move on from here. I can and am using that to build up the site. I create one content each week, or at least every three days. That'll put enough meat to be found on search engines. Am I done with dev? Not really. I am still in there. I do design mostly and deployment.

There are a few plugin devs here and there. It's part of the game. I got recycling site up and running so it's time to get going again. I wonder if they are going to church this morning. Wife is teasing me. She looks different now with braces. She didn't finish that. It's time she got over that herself. The kids follow.

It don't matter what you have outside. What's important is who you are from inside. The outside is an illusion and that reflects what you project. To move forward, be on the inside regardless of what you think you see on the outside. Maybe question yourself when you see those things.

Meetups are communities. Some forget that and bring people in to sell. That's shortsighted. Build up the community and support that community. In time, the community turns around and will support yours as well. You gotta make yours part of the community. How do you expand on that? It makes sense but I don't know how to write about it. At least this is a beacon to move to.

How do you go now? They go to church. I keep writing. No need to create one. Just put it out there and see where it's going. I can break it up into chunks. Who else needs that. How do you know that it's the right appeal? You test it. Maybe you have that appeal, but use different or the appropirate headline. Appropirate sounds too limiting. Find the relevant headlines is better. I see that.

A small step there but finding the relevant word makes a lot of difference. I think the wife is going to work out now. I have the page set to index. Do I make changes to it or leave it at that for now? It's a work in progress. Keep it there. How do you do the lander? Index you meant as that is more descriptive word. For now, the landing page is too broad. Say that it's your sales page. The funnel is everything else that comes before that. It's a process. You put everything in there then see how it works.

It's not that you are putting them into boxes. You just get everything to jive together and see how it feels like. The kids are all in their bedroom. The wife is doing her workout now. I do the laundry today. Is this going to work? That is expectation. You don't need that. Just be in the light and you see the reflection. That is guaranteed? That too, is a reflection.

I tried the blublocker copy. It's more a curiosity copy but the other things are in there as well. Curio keeps the copy going. That's how you use it. See it that way and you get the benefits from the process. I write. I do this a lot. It's how I connect. Why did I stop? It's to take a break. You have better vantage point now. You see better this way.

What else do we do now? You need to frame things up in there. There's no thing for the eye to tell you this here ends and the next one starts. You can create something in there to make that work. I can do that today. Is that in the plan? No pla. Just a general direction where I am going. This is page dump. You research as brain dump fill in the page, then you dump everything. You edit now and then but each one is its own process.

How do you know you are done. You'll know. There is nothing to fix. How long does that take? About a week. Give it three weeks so you have time composting. Those in a hurry don't know and don't get it. They are in a different room. No need to go there as it's not relevant for me anyway.

What to do then? Be in your light and those that are relevant for you will find you. Those who are not relevant, you do not have to go after them. It's going to be upstream work and you don't want that. It only puts you in a negative state. It's not you. Do something else...or do nothing. It's that simple.

I think that works for me. It's how I live my day and everything is falling into place. That lady yesterday sounds busy. Is that negative energy? It felt like it. Also that chinese lady had a lot of things going. I stayed because there was something in there for me. I got what I needed and I did socials better this time.

I can do more of hat now. How do you know. You get to them meetups and see where it's going. You don't have to be that agency. You know who you are anyway. I don't see it then I don't need it. It feels like it's someone's birthday today. I know a lot of good friends born this month. Wife is a feb. I think that's pisces.

Does it matter?

how to work

Hostgator reseller package looks enticing, but the price is too steep for me now. I guess this is not the path then. What is? How about setting up soemething on aws, create your own cpanel, then run everything from that. You will have email and all that shit too.

The drawback is the learning process. You have to create all that and it's going to take time away from marketing. I already have a few. Just do a wp multisite, then go from there. Or is there a better way? Scale up is easy. You just do everything from in there. I do yoga this morning around ten. I drive two kids around this time.

What else can we do here? Is there a school or parking lot we can go to practice? Beach haven looks cool. What else is there? That park could have kids. Where else do we go? Do it this morning before lunch, then see what else there is for you.

Sunnynook has cars parked in it. Maybe we can drive at night. Or she drives for her mother. That may sound good. Let's see where this is going. She just needs practice to make this work. I think the site is up. I am still testing some things. You get inquiries and it goes into that. I can check analytics to see how things are going there.

Do you manage that site? I think so. He comes in to ask stuff now and then. At least the interface is cleaner. Maybe there's a way to get that gif to work from the server. Someone must have created something in the process. Kids are still in bed. I do yoga after this. Or I go yoga tonight. That sounds interesting.

If I can't do it this morning then tonight is a better alternative then. I have much in the library to go through. I can create one for that site, or do something else altogether. I have much plugins in there to make things work. Not cutting edge though. Just do this and see where it's going. If not, just play with what you got and what's in there for you.

Kids go back to school on monday. I have more time then. Let's just do it then. I have meetup this weekend, then next friday I have hackathon. That's a busy week coming up. I enjoy those hackathons. It is great for meeting people. The wordpress meetup is something to look forward too. They have five-minute talks and I can start practicing my talks. They give you two minutes in the speaker course I attended. Five is more than enough for me.

I can create or get an app to help me with that. I can do several timers and have that up and running. So be it then. It happens once a month. I ge to network and talk to people more. By doing them talks, I get to put myself in that light. It's something I enjoyed doing. Let's get going there. The landing page is supposed to look busy that way. Is there a different path? I don't know. Create one yourself.

I am doing that today. I had some stuff in place. It's going to get going that way, then we see what else is there to do. I can put that to do list near the bottom so it's not in the way. I see. He still has to figure things out. He'll learn much using the software. The community is great at wordpress. In blogger, you are pretty much on your own.

It's bland. It seems faster but it's a quick fix. You can do better than that. What else can we write about here? Use a better comment system. Like what? I don't know yet. There was this plugin that they showed but I am done with that. Seo is always evolving that any technique you use can backfire on you. It's better to just use good content. You write well anyway. Keep to that path and you see.

I have some good books to read here. I can do one chapter a day. In one year, that's a finished book. One chapter is probably one percent, maybe more. Where can you go for driving practice? Use them back roads. You have a lot in that part of the city. Go where not much people go anyway. That road to the prison. You can go there yourself.

I think that be good. Will she learn much in there. I think so. I rode there on bike and there were very less cars. Silverdale? no. it was something else. It's beyond albany. Or do that dirt track road. We can go slower on that part and see where it's going. She can ride slower.

How far do we go? Get her that license, then see what you make out of it. We can go there. Or do that motorway. Where does it lead to? There is that park in there at rosedale. You can go there. Are there games happening this time? I don't know. There is that parking lot. Or that hockey field. It's big enough. You can go there as well.

It's a bit of a drive to go there but it looks good for now. Or maybe that park near there. It's quite empty at times. We can do that. Let's do it then. Should there be something else? That's backup. For now, only do this here and see where you can go with it. It's good that she drives on reverse. It helps to get you aware of the corners in your car.

You see where this is headed. Do you want to write something? Not really. I have much in my plate to edit. You can do something there. How to work with your copywriter? That could be something. Go for long tail keywords. There's less competition there and you get more qualified leads that way for them to look up such terms.

How do you know that? Test it. You will see where it's going when you test it that way. In direct mail, they couldn't afford it that way. Internet as a medium gives you more freedom. How to stream from this? I don't know yet but you get there when you get there. Remarketing is a dud. Someone created that so they can position themselves for it. Still it's the same stick but a different part.

I don't have to go there.

money your course

This situation makes me sad. What to do about it? Use the energy. You already know these things. Why choose the old ways when something else you know will work for you?

It's an echo. I have feedback telling me how to go. Choose that then. No expectations. You go down that path because it interests you. See where this is going then. What is there that I do not see? I don't know. Maybe there's a story there. Do you have to listen to that story?

Maybe I need to change the folder for that app. I just deleted something from the library and now have to start over. I use that app for its search functions. Maybe they need somethnig like that to work with. Keep to this and see what happens. I had some ideas last night. Is it going to get you going? I think so. I don't have to rely on my kids?

Some of them I had expectations. I let go now. It's not going to put me in my light going down that path. Only you can do that. No one else will do that for you. That is what sets trips you up. Now that you know, you can choose otherwise. I am not hungry. I am thirsty and need water. I can run tonight. Yesterday was a dud run. I did not finish after two kilometers.

It was the energy. I felt sluggish. My body was processing the junk from the day before. I don't feel like doing anything today. Practice as the champion you seek. That way, you get what the energy feels like. Respond as that person. You see everything that way. It's all reflection anyway.

That module had a lot of fluff in it. Get to the point, give examples. Take case studies, see their path and show them examples on how to get going. That is a better way imo. I have that. It's not what I expeted. What to do now? It's cold. I can get out and get warm running. I can do so tonight. What happens now. Take it a minute at a time.

This desk is awkward to work in. better that computer table with a different seat. This is not ergonomic. That is a term going away. It's still marketing. They create new terms to get hipster and position themselves in that light. It's still the same thing. I can go there myself but you know you can do something else. Like what?

Finish writing ffor now. Finish writing, then post this over. You then get on with your day. I can go out and go for a ride. Why would she get stressed out. What can I do about it. I don't want to open things up when they don't want to talk. Why would she rather talk to her mother. Am I talking down to her?

I don't know. Why would she get stressed out like that. She carries a lot of baggage that way. Am I giving the wrong example here? They don't have the full story. I have my own path. I am in that path now. I don't have to show how to do things differently. It's pay per click, not impressions. They can show your ad everywhere and get charged for it.

Better for the clicks. At least people took actions to learn more about it. When they bounce, it's your fault--and you can change that. Impressions are there too but when it's not the right target, what more can you do. I would rather do ppc. How to get on board then. Would you rather do ppc and have not a store front? Run the campaign, then show them your store front. How can I do that?

Get some of those back, then get more up and running. You need several in them posts. At least they have something to read. They won't land in your index so use that as your sell page. They can click on that then do the funnel. But they find your site deep in and they will surface through your index.

You already know these things. Do advertising. It's that simple. You already know these things. How else do you move forward. I donn't know yet. Test them and see what works in your situation. You have access to that much people. Work your way from there.

Flyers look good to saturate a local area. There be gaps but you are looking for that one percent. How do you tighten that? You define your target. Who is she. What does she do. Where does she go? What are the conversations going on around her. You put yourself in those situations. You join the conversations. That's what all this is about.

So with the meetup, you position yourself as that. When they see how you make sense, they will ask for help as well. You see where this is going? They need help with this and that. I think you see this as well. You write advertising. You run this ad agency and it's new. How do you go forward with this. Pay for performance.

It don't matter which platform. Those that get certs look for work, not results. You would rather go for results. Those people know how to fit the cookie cutter. They don't know how to sell. They know how to use them apps but selling? It comes as an afterthought.

You don't want to put your money into that. What else can we do here then? Grow your website. It's that simple. You know these campaigns. Run the article and see what you get. Right now, I need to customise my site. I write that way it's better for the fingers. You don't have to go that way. You always have choice.

I see where this is going then. Let's get cracking and see if you can work with that. Of course you can. Everything is connected anyway. Do I use react instead? It is faster and works with php. I can do that. It's the next best thing? I think so. Create your theme, move forward from there. Maybe I can do that react this weekend. Do something that interests you.

Like what? Finish writing. Then write mose more. That was dyslexic. You carry that baggage. I see. You can let go now. What to eat later? They make their own food.

things from here

What if i've been wrong all along? What if I took this other path things would be different? Things are different all the time. Why am I here then? What are you getting out of it? You see the path? You can change that. It's why it's here. You have a choice. You have that freedom.

How do I change it then? Change your response to it. Why do you fight it? Why do you not want it in your life? You have it in contrast. It's feedback. It's giving a wall to propel yourself with. Why not use it? Use up the energy and the energy changes. It's physics--as you already know.

Did I write yesterday? Am I afraid again? I had that yesterday. I get that way everytime I go to the city. I want things. It's not out there. It's yours anyway. When you get how everything is, you know it's yours. You don't have to fight the illusion. Use the energy.

How do you know that's true. Is that even real. You have been on this path for decades. When you let go, things go your way. Right now I don't know which way to go, or who I am. That's good then. You are malleable. You can be anyone you say you are. Why believe her. She doesn't know anything. She don't get it.

Because I let it affect me. I choose that. Why not be the person you are. Choose to be in your own light. Everything reflects off that. Why not be in that light? Because I want to have control as to where I am going. You already have that. You control it but not the way you think it is supposed to. I have echo then. Let it be there but choose how and who you prefer to be.

It's contrast for you. Use the contrast. You've been here before. Do I have to respond negatively? I don't know. All I know is that it don't have to be there. Then I don't have to control anyone. Everything is here and now anyway. I can do this and I can choose. Do I get that today? I do yoga later tonight. I do that now since the kids are on school break.

I don't have access to the room. Will she know there is no internet for her at home. Why fight it? I don't want her to go there. Then you are controlling things. Be in your own light and you will see your reflection. If that has to be there then that is supposed to be there. Use your energy.

You don't have to invalidate it. It's her process. You are connected. It's there for you to use. Use the energy. What does that mean? It means it's there for you to use. Dive into the deep end. Everything is there for you. What is not there is not relevant. You know that. Which path this time? I can go out and run. Are the kids going to be there this time? Then go run after lunch when it's warm.

Or not. Do this for two weeks? I think this is the first week. Soon it changes and when you get to that part you can do something else. For now, it's here. What are you going to do about it? I saw a reflection last night. It's solving problems getting things done and connecting with people. You have that. You are good with that. You know how it's connected. You can make this work. You don't even have to go that way.

What happens then? I don't know yet. You are not going there? Why not? It's outside validation. I already know who I am. I can live in that cottage and just be in my light. You don't have to fight the outside. It's your energy anyway. Why would you fight your own reflection. That's silly. Am I knowing all this? Then just keep writing. I have thatin there. What am I doing here. Why am I after that paycheck?

You know which way to go. Do that. You don't have to be like someone else. You are different anyway. You will never be like someone else. Some days are so clear you can see right through the blue sky. Other days are so cloudy that you don't know when it's going to end. Why did it turn like this? How do you go back?

You were coasting. Am I? How do I change that? Is it her energy? Why do you give your power over to some illusion. You are putting it down. Maybe that's power too. You can put it down and still have it your way. The universe still responds to your calling. You see how that's connected. Maybe I turn it over. It's not that you don't have it.

You see it outside. You can't tell them about it. They are sleeping. How will you wake them up? You can't. You just be your own light and when they are awake, they see your light. When they are not then you are still in the light anyway. You see how it is? Get on that light and just be. You don't even have to have a toy. You already are. You have it anyway.

This is why you have it. You just keep writing and you see what happens. You don't even have to practice. When you are that person, everything falls into place for you. When you pretend you are not, then you see that reflection. Just keep writing then. I can't write all day. What to do today. I go out for a run. I can do that now then have breakfast when I get back.

I go to bed late again. It's her energy. I don't have to go there. This is who I am. Why am I fighting that? At least I am aware of what I do. I can change things from here. I have been writing for a long time. How do you know things are different. Because I choose how I use the outside. I know that. It was different before. It's out in the light this time.

What does that light mean? It means you are not groping in the dark. You know where this is going. You can create something good out of this. Use it then. You don't need the reflection. You know it's there for you. It comes from you anyway. Do you need to take a break? I can choose to take a break. How long? I can be different. You don't need a break when you are different.

Where is it coming from then?

one good cup

I woke up this morning with my eyes, right side swollen. I don't know where this came from. Maybe I put dirty fingers on them before going to bed. Maybe not. I don't know.

Sometimes the cliches come from the head. They are fillers. Where do you read about them copy these days? I like blogger. The stuff I put in there years ago are still there. Some of them need editing. Some are good stuff though. That tells me I have something to say.

The formatting is not common. I think that people will come look for you when they need it. You don't have to sell those not interested anyway. When they do come, you want to build up trust with your copy, not to close them. Show them proof, facts, stats, feedback. Show them why you are a better choice, rather the relevant choice for them than someone else's.

You...i had to take a moment there to write it down. I think that was good insight. Son is not going to school today. It's friday. I had a good night's sleep. That is more important. That is something money can't buy and I get two of them later in the day. You take a good nap, then wake up slow, make yourself a good cup of coffee.

You can buy a good cup of coffee in a hotel but you can't buy a good nap. Maybe sleeping pills, but that's different. Still, a good sleep is a good sleep. How do you hack your body into it? Sleeping pills will build up resistance. It's better to tire yourself out then sleep. Daughter is going to city with her friends. They are celebrating a friend having braces.

Wife has been giving out cash. I am resisting? Path is to do more with less. That's a good path then. Let's stick with this. I am getting a lot out of it anyway. I have the pad running. I don't reallly need it but it's ok if it's there. It catches my attention now and then but I ignore it. So it's sem and seo that you do, not hard sell copy?

I don't think so. I think that guy on youtube I was watching last night wasn't good or maybe it's the way he looked. Or I was jealous of his path. Still, it's a different path. He has been writing since he was a teen. You write that long and you will see that too. Is my writing has flow in it? Yes. I have seen that before. Not the draft though. The draft is meant to be a brain dump. Write like you would writing to a friend. You put what's in your head down to paper.

There is structure and you let it flow through the structure. It's like water. The flow goes through the path of least resistance. Least resistance is the copy guide. You let the water flow through that. Sometimes you stop to see where you are and that's ok too. See where this is all going?i think I wrote that down wrong. It's dayton, not drayton.

I go look that up again. When do you go to library? I don't know yet. Am I going back to red team? It's there but I don't really have to. Web design is good.

i get back

I haven't been writing. Let's get doing this. I have about twenty minutes. Get words into paper. It don't matter if you are connected to flow. Only write and see where this leads. I got analytics on my wordpress site. I even checked into the source code to see if it's there.

The plugin works, but it should have something on the interface to tell you which code is in there. Now the fun begins. I don't have to know everything in there and commit to memory. You can always look it up when you need it. Right now, I am building up the new theme based on skeleton ui. It's a simple kit that I can use and don't get in the way.

I am going to warrens for web dev practice. It's not I practice because I am not. It's because I am that I scale. It's expanding anyway. This morning is not as cold. I woke up before six and went back to bed. My alarm didn't sound yet and I wanted to lie down a bit. I woke up again a few minutes later. It's probably the carbs.

I got upset yesterday because--why not make it a journey log. It puts you out there as a human and you get to play around with your notes anyway. I can insert images now and then, make it look like that blogger thing. I think the sidebar makes the text line up better, or you center everything so you have a number of words per line.

I can do that. My paragraphs start with I most of the time. You can edit that later. You don't edit while it's coming out. There's plenty of jobs advertised but most of them are with recruiters and they have unreasonable expectations. It's a waste of time to go through all that. It's better to build up your network. They don't need a full-time dev. They just want one to get setup then off you go.

Hostgator has a lot going for it and it's cheaper. How much will you make there. I think gandi has potential as well and it's free to register as a reseller. I can go there. Looking into possible auto pilot business where I don't have to do a lot of doing on the business. You just manage everything zoomed out.

I am going to look more into that. It's processing. The sun is out today. I will ride the bike to warrens. It's fun that way. Kids have this week for school then it's term break. What happens now? Play with wordpress. It's not that slow anyway. It's like a repository of ideas. It's fun that way. I can set audience for blog posts? I think so.

Why not make it like that anyway. Put it for business and you will see. Do critiques work? I think it did in that part of the world. Anyway. I like being in this frequency. It's connected and this is my reflection. This is page one. I haven't been writing everyday and I can change that. I just did. I go to city tomorrow. Do you have bus money?

It's the gat thing. It's going to be interesting and it's going to be at the grid. Wife gets home late tomorrow anyway. I am building up my network and there be people in there that are devs. You can make something out of it anyway. Do you need asp for that?

It's overrated. There is magento and it's too technical. I can get that up and running in a docker container. I think that's easier. That's on my list of things to do. It's not a priority right now. What did I do yesterday? Synchronicity. I was riding that wave as far as it will go. What is not there did not have to be there. It's not relevant for you.

What is is what needs to get you to the next best thing. Trust and be open. You will see how it's connected when you are higher up the mountain. When you are on the trail, you don't see much. You don't have vista. The trees and everything are in the way. These are the details. Once you get into a clearing you see how far you've gone.

This is why you go up. I stopped going up already. It's time to move on to what's relevant. It gave me freedom knowing that. Maybe I should be writing about something else. Like what? I don't know yet. I think you will see where all this is going. You don't have to be an expert. Just write about it and see where it's going.

What about them writing gigs? You are not going to get all of them anyway. You get what's relevant, then you start going your way anyway. You have that skill. It may seem irrelevant but not everyone can do that. Not everyone is even aware of their connection. You are and it's strongi with thisk one. You are alawys connected. You see the connection. You are the connection.

That was profound. I stopped there to see the vista. It was astounding. It was riding on the cret of inifinity and you see the universe. The universe is not outer space. It's inside and you see the void. You are the void. There is a difference there. The city is like contrast for me. I go there and learn sometihng all the time.

When I get back I see something new. I know which meetups to go to now. That one internet marketing seems to wolk. People want to know what works. That's a market for you. You can always go there anyway. If they see something they don't want then you can change it. You don't have to but it's connected somewhat.

I get home I have a quick breakfast, go to toilet then I head out. I have something frozen. This kid is always testing something new. It's good that they can be open and talk about a lot of things. I guess this is how I am connected to everyone here. I might not be around for long and I am having a grand time with all this.

I want to talk but I finish this first.