good source there

I can use a better chair, one with lumbar support. I felt a discomfort last night on my lower right back. I wonder am curious what that is. I woke up to two degrees temperature. It was cold, I felt it creep up my back under the sheets. Do I turn on the heater? It shoulb be under this table so it reverts back. Let's do this.

It wouldn't fit under the table. I placed it beside me here. Warren hasn't sent the last invoice. That's fine. This is synchronicity for me. I am making changes to the site theme. That's intention for the weekend. Is there anything else that's needed here? I think I made changes correctly there. Let's see how things go.

I prefer digitalocean when setting up my host. It's simple and straightforward. It's almost the same as an aws setup but the figuring out has been done for you. I am letting go of that for now. Maybe I can set something with bitnami. It's the easy way to go and it was done in an hour. Maybe I can do docker, then do that. This is the path I go anyway. I will look into that some more. Do I need to setup the db?

It has been done for you behind the scenes. I guess it's something I will learn myself. I removed some of that. There's also that ui design gig. I will get to that. I don't want to have to setup two separate gigs. I can do that with one umbrella to streamline everything. I can learn python flask. It's easy and i've been there before. I think you know where this is going.

I can do wp child theme design soon as I have docker on aws. That's the priroity then? It feels better that way. You setup the container, then deploy. How hard can that be? I get lost because I did not finish the tutorial. Now you know what to do. I run later. Is that enough time then? I think so. If not, she can make it herself when she gets home. I think one hour to dinner for that is more than enough.

I can run without music this time. This helps me sort things out in my head. What else do we need to do here? Keep writing. I can do desig critiques with upwork. That adds more content to the site. I can also develop stuff for wordpress. I can even do side trips to something else. But wordpress has its own ecosystem. Woocommerce looks promising. You can work with that from here on. It's the db that get you cracked up.

I can look into that and make it work then. I can develop apps in silverstipe, then deploy them out. I think we can make it work this time. Put everything in docker, then deploy. Is there an easier alternative? Do digitalocean. It's a bit more expersive, but soon as you have everything ftp'd, you don't have to touch them servers.

I can setup five sites in one droplet. You just need to make changes to the conf file. I can look into that. It's still five bucks a month, but you get to put in more. It's still that amazon thing that gets me. Look into that. You are allowed one instance. Is it cheaper to dothat, or do something else?

If I get that, things are going to get streamlined. Look into that after you have one setup. I have moved the domains over. Backend is easy. You set it up, then forget about it. You know what to do here. Put in docker then. This is the intention for the day. How many tutorials arou out there? I don't know. Set up something here, then move everything to cloud later on.

That sounds easy. I can do that. In the meantime, when you get ideas, you can add them to local, then move to cloud. You get things going along that way and see what happens. Daughter is up to get wifi. She is starting o her chores now. She will do vacuum as well. That's how things are around here. I give haircut to son later on.

Do I need one? Waveapps looks interesting. I read something about it before on reddit. There be others as well. Look into xero. It's a paid app. No wonder things were slow there. What else are my options? I don't know yet. There's quickbooks. I can look into that. There are a lot of things you can do here. You know where this is going. See what you can do about it.

This vacuum wakes up everyone. So be it then. It's a weekend anyway. They can sleep later when they need to. My fingers are freezing. It's winter. This is how it is. I got drenched in rain the other day. I am not into that anymore. You don't have to get hired. You build up your portfolio then grow from there. You see where this is headed. Do this and get to the other side.

I can get additional connects. It's ten bucks a month and carries over. That's more than enough for me, I think. It's a paid service. We can make it work better. At one dollar a month and you get thousands of devs, that's a good source there. You don't have to worry about investors. Why not make it open source? It's going to be a full time job supporting that site.

It's still a good project to get into. Let's see how it goes. I can play around with one, create it as a game, then build around it and see how it goes. How do you create that timer app? You will know when you get there. What are my other options here? Do I have to write copy?

You already know that. You see where this is going? I used to have that with me. Now it's time to get things going this way. You can hack into it, or do soemtihng else altogether. For now, only write and get to the other side. In the meantime, only do this. I can make that and get the right stuff going. Or not. Them downstairs are a pain. No need to put awareness into that.

It's your energy. It's contrast. It gives you feedback as to which way to go next. I see. I wonder how things are going to go from here. You can remove that and go local on your pc. Are there other options? Create one for yourself. You will make it easy as you go along. Do you need a framework for that? I don't know yet. I will learn that later.