got me in

I don't have helvetica in this pc. I am giving a speech on copywriting. Now I have imposter syndrome. What now? Just get on with it. It's what i've been doing since ten years. I ran some ads and it worked out before. I ran one landing page and people bought. I think it was seo that made it not show up though.

What then? Just give it your best. People are going to look into that and see anyway. You know what you are doing. Let's get cracking. A number of folks there will want to learn more about it and you are in a unique position here to make it work. Let's get cracking then.

The point here is that you are learned and have experience with it. I don't know if i'll fall asleep if I laid down. Maybe later around dinner or so. I'll be watching tv with the wife later anyway. She's making carbonara. What's for lunch tomorrow? I forgot. I don't know. Maybe bacon of sorts.

Let's see. She saw what was in there. Maybe we can sort something out and mak esomething. I don't know. Why is this font looking so much bigger? Maybe that's the point of it. It's equal size width so you read it and it takes up the same space. Get writing then. I am not hungry. It's that sensation coming from definition that I am not. I ran earlier.

I did nine rounds equals five k. that be good. Coming from carb weekend, I feel better running this time than last time. My fingers are shaking with the cold? Not really but it is cold. The cat just sits there doing nothing. I guess he's not that hungry anymore.

I get a buzz writing copy. I don't get that buzz doing dev work. I realized that this time around. Then why go dev? It was part of my process. Keep at it then. If I had been doing this since, I would have a sizable portfolio?

I think so. Not everyone is into this--writing. Not everyone has this combination of skillsets. It's your perspective that's different. Keep at it this time and see. You can do dev work on your free time. At least you know how to get them to work. Hackathon this friday I opted out. It's data science geeks and it's not my thing.

It would have been fun being thrown out the deep end but I guess this is something here that I can do. I can offer this to the nz group. I do this for free right now to build up my portfolio. It's going to be fun. I don't have to travel to their place as it's for free. Give me all the details and I work from here.

You want me to go there you pay my transport and time. I get more done workning from home. That guy neer sent a message again. I don't think he knew what he was up to but at least we move forward here. That is moving fast. How to write with less tense? Get this table lower. Your shoulders need to be low.

Will I finish that series? Why not a series on writers like this. Maybe a reality show of sorts? I can do that. Do that on youtube. Announce it to the forums. There are a lot of us out there that can pull this off. Who is going to make it out there then?

How do you monitor? It takes a while to get results. Maybe a three month course of time and you still won't know. I think the first out you will get an idea on how it works. Other than that, maybe it's not relevant for now. I see. Do something else then. Do it because it's what interests you.

No expectations. Just do it and see where it leads to. This is the path. You are never lost anyway. This is the creative flow. You know you tap into this. You are aware of it. Not eeryone is aware of the connection but it's there for eeryone.

Try not to compare your art with someone else. There is going to be some difference in the perspective anyway. No point in comparing. I think that is what got me in the past. How do you move forward then. You flow some good ideas then take it from there. You don't have to know how. Just put yourself in the light and you will see. Everything is connected that way.

How can you test that. Whatever is here is what's relevant. You already know this. No need for proof. When you are in the light you see. How was that in the bible. It was reworded rephrased. When you know, you know which ones were rephrased to fit the curve.

I see. What time will wife finish? She's probably finishing up by now. No action for me. Just be yourself and see where it's going. You don't have to be a hacker. You can if you wanted to. You don't have to to get a job. Do it because it's interesting enough.

I am done.