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Hostgator reseller package looks enticing, but the price is too steep for me now. I guess this is not the path then. What is? How about setting up soemething on aws, create your own cpanel, then run everything from that. You will have email and all that shit too.

The drawback is the learning process. You have to create all that and it's going to take time away from marketing. I already have a few. Just do a wp multisite, then go from there. Or is there a better way? Scale up is easy. You just do everything from in there. I do yoga this morning around ten. I drive two kids around this time.

What else can we do here? Is there a school or parking lot we can go to practice? Beach haven looks cool. What else is there? That park could have kids. Where else do we go? Do it this morning before lunch, then see what else there is for you.

Sunnynook has cars parked in it. Maybe we can drive at night. Or she drives for her mother. That may sound good. Let's see where this is going. She just needs practice to make this work. I think the site is up. I am still testing some things. You get inquiries and it goes into that. I can check analytics to see how things are going there.

Do you manage that site? I think so. He comes in to ask stuff now and then. At least the interface is cleaner. Maybe there's a way to get that gif to work from the server. Someone must have created something in the process. Kids are still in bed. I do yoga after this. Or I go yoga tonight. That sounds interesting.

If I can't do it this morning then tonight is a better alternative then. I have much in the library to go through. I can create one for that site, or do something else altogether. I have much plugins in there to make things work. Not cutting edge though. Just do this and see where it's going. If not, just play with what you got and what's in there for you.

Kids go back to school on monday. I have more time then. Let's just do it then. I have meetup this weekend, then next friday I have hackathon. That's a busy week coming up. I enjoy those hackathons. It is great for meeting people. The wordpress meetup is something to look forward too. They have five-minute talks and I can start practicing my talks. They give you two minutes in the speaker course I attended. Five is more than enough for me.

I can create or get an app to help me with that. I can do several timers and have that up and running. So be it then. It happens once a month. I ge to network and talk to people more. By doing them talks, I get to put myself in that light. It's something I enjoyed doing. Let's get going there. The landing page is supposed to look busy that way. Is there a different path? I don't know. Create one yourself.

I am doing that today. I had some stuff in place. It's going to get going that way, then we see what else is there to do. I can put that to do list near the bottom so it's not in the way. I see. He still has to figure things out. He'll learn much using the software. The community is great at wordpress. In blogger, you are pretty much on your own.

It's bland. It seems faster but it's a quick fix. You can do better than that. What else can we write about here? Use a better comment system. Like what? I don't know yet. There was this plugin that they showed but I am done with that. Seo is always evolving that any technique you use can backfire on you. It's better to just use good content. You write well anyway. Keep to that path and you see.

I have some good books to read here. I can do one chapter a day. In one year, that's a finished book. One chapter is probably one percent, maybe more. Where can you go for driving practice? Use them back roads. You have a lot in that part of the city. Go where not much people go anyway. That road to the prison. You can go there yourself.

I think that be good. Will she learn much in there. I think so. I rode there on bike and there were very less cars. Silverdale? no. it was something else. It's beyond albany. Or do that dirt track road. We can go slower on that part and see where it's going. She can ride slower.

How far do we go? Get her that license, then see what you make out of it. We can go there. Or do that motorway. Where does it lead to? There is that park in there at rosedale. You can go there. Are there games happening this time? I don't know. There is that parking lot. Or that hockey field. It's big enough. You can go there as well.

It's a bit of a drive to go there but it looks good for now. Or maybe that park near there. It's quite empty at times. We can do that. Let's do it then. Should there be something else? That's backup. For now, only do this here and see where you can go with it. It's good that she drives on reverse. It helps to get you aware of the corners in your car.

You see where this is headed. Do you want to write something? Not really. I have much in my plate to edit. You can do something there. How to work with your copywriter? That could be something. Go for long tail keywords. There's less competition there and you get more qualified leads that way for them to look up such terms.

How do you know that? Test it. You will see where it's going when you test it that way. In direct mail, they couldn't afford it that way. Internet as a medium gives you more freedom. How to stream from this? I don't know yet but you get there when you get there. Remarketing is a dud. Someone created that so they can position themselves for it. Still it's the same stick but a different part.

I don't have to go there.