i get back

I haven't been writing. Let's get doing this. I have about twenty minutes. Get words into paper. It don't matter if you are connected to flow. Only write and see where this leads. I got analytics on my wordpress site. I even checked into the source code to see if it's there.

The plugin works, but it should have something on the interface to tell you which code is in there. Now the fun begins. I don't have to know everything in there and commit to memory. You can always look it up when you need it. Right now, I am building up the new theme based on skeleton ui. It's a simple kit that I can use and don't get in the way.

I am going to warrens for web dev practice. It's not I practice because I am not. It's because I am that I scale. It's expanding anyway. This morning is not as cold. I woke up before six and went back to bed. My alarm didn't sound yet and I wanted to lie down a bit. I woke up again a few minutes later. It's probably the carbs.

I got upset yesterday because--why not make it a journey log. It puts you out there as a human and you get to play around with your notes anyway. I can insert images now and then, make it look like that blogger thing. I think the sidebar makes the text line up better, or you center everything so you have a number of words per line.

I can do that. My paragraphs start with I most of the time. You can edit that later. You don't edit while it's coming out. There's plenty of jobs advertised but most of them are with recruiters and they have unreasonable expectations. It's a waste of time to go through all that. It's better to build up your network. They don't need a full-time dev. They just want one to get setup then off you go.

Hostgator has a lot going for it and it's cheaper. How much will you make there. I think gandi has potential as well and it's free to register as a reseller. I can go there. Looking into possible auto pilot business where I don't have to do a lot of doing on the business. You just manage everything zoomed out.

I am going to look more into that. It's processing. The sun is out today. I will ride the bike to warrens. It's fun that way. Kids have this week for school then it's term break. What happens now? Play with wordpress. It's not that slow anyway. It's like a repository of ideas. It's fun that way. I can set audience for blog posts? I think so.

Why not make it like that anyway. Put it for business and you will see. Do critiques work? I think it did in that part of the world. Anyway. I like being in this frequency. It's connected and this is my reflection. This is page one. I haven't been writing everyday and I can change that. I just did. I go to city tomorrow. Do you have bus money?

It's the gat thing. It's going to be interesting and it's going to be at the grid. Wife gets home late tomorrow anyway. I am building up my network and there be people in there that are devs. You can make something out of it anyway. Do you need asp for that?

It's overrated. There is magento and it's too technical. I can get that up and running in a docker container. I think that's easier. That's on my list of things to do. It's not a priority right now. What did I do yesterday? Synchronicity. I was riding that wave as far as it will go. What is not there did not have to be there. It's not relevant for you.

What is is what needs to get you to the next best thing. Trust and be open. You will see how it's connected when you are higher up the mountain. When you are on the trail, you don't see much. You don't have vista. The trees and everything are in the way. These are the details. Once you get into a clearing you see how far you've gone.

This is why you go up. I stopped going up already. It's time to move on to what's relevant. It gave me freedom knowing that. Maybe I should be writing about something else. Like what? I don't know yet. I think you will see where all this is going. You don't have to be an expert. Just write about it and see where it's going.

What about them writing gigs? You are not going to get all of them anyway. You get what's relevant, then you start going your way anyway. You have that skill. It may seem irrelevant but not everyone can do that. Not everyone is even aware of their connection. You are and it's strongi with thisk one. You are alawys connected. You see the connection. You are the connection.

That was profound. I stopped there to see the vista. It was astounding. It was riding on the cret of inifinity and you see the universe. The universe is not outer space. It's inside and you see the void. You are the void. There is a difference there. The city is like contrast for me. I go there and learn sometihng all the time.

When I get back I see something new. I know which meetups to go to now. That one internet marketing seems to wolk. People want to know what works. That's a market for you. You can always go there anyway. If they see something they don't want then you can change it. You don't have to but it's connected somewhat.

I get home I have a quick breakfast, go to toilet then I head out. I have something frozen. This kid is always testing something new. It's good that they can be open and talk about a lot of things. I guess this is how I am connected to everyone here. I might not be around for long and I am having a grand time with all this.

I want to talk but I finish this first.