light and those

There are times when I don't feel like writing, like today. What I do to get oer this hump is to write about it. This way, I get everything out to paper -- do a page dump. I can see out there what's in here, then I don't know...i don't have to sort them. Just see what's going on. I am made aware of what the source code is.

Today is detox. It has been a loose two weeks. I am clear about where I am going. This is what I do now. I don't have to get that. Just be in my light here. I have a new copy project. I work on it today. I am looking for an appeal. I think I can work with noobs. That's what I do when I am in that situation. You then line everything up with that appeal.

There's a lot of ask question then answer it yourself. It's cliché now, and feels like a filler. I don't want that in there. You don't have to give them an outline of the course. You can give them the benefits of what they will learn and answer questions related to that.

You want to build up on their curiosity and not to give everything away. I can apply for it but the site will block that anyway. I can move on from here. I can and am using that to build up the site. I create one content each week, or at least every three days. That'll put enough meat to be found on search engines. Am I done with dev? Not really. I am still in there. I do design mostly and deployment.

There are a few plugin devs here and there. It's part of the game. I got recycling site up and running so it's time to get going again. I wonder if they are going to church this morning. Wife is teasing me. She looks different now with braces. She didn't finish that. It's time she got over that herself. The kids follow.

It don't matter what you have outside. What's important is who you are from inside. The outside is an illusion and that reflects what you project. To move forward, be on the inside regardless of what you think you see on the outside. Maybe question yourself when you see those things.

Meetups are communities. Some forget that and bring people in to sell. That's shortsighted. Build up the community and support that community. In time, the community turns around and will support yours as well. You gotta make yours part of the community. How do you expand on that? It makes sense but I don't know how to write about it. At least this is a beacon to move to.

How do you go now? They go to church. I keep writing. No need to create one. Just put it out there and see where it's going. I can break it up into chunks. Who else needs that. How do you know that it's the right appeal? You test it. Maybe you have that appeal, but use different or the appropirate headline. Appropirate sounds too limiting. Find the relevant headlines is better. I see that.

A small step there but finding the relevant word makes a lot of difference. I think the wife is going to work out now. I have the page set to index. Do I make changes to it or leave it at that for now? It's a work in progress. Keep it there. How do you do the lander? Index you meant as that is more descriptive word. For now, the landing page is too broad. Say that it's your sales page. The funnel is everything else that comes before that. It's a process. You put everything in there then see how it works.

It's not that you are putting them into boxes. You just get everything to jive together and see how it feels like. The kids are all in their bedroom. The wife is doing her workout now. I do the laundry today. Is this going to work? That is expectation. You don't need that. Just be in the light and you see the reflection. That is guaranteed? That too, is a reflection.

I tried the blublocker copy. It's more a curiosity copy but the other things are in there as well. Curio keeps the copy going. That's how you use it. See it that way and you get the benefits from the process. I write. I do this a lot. It's how I connect. Why did I stop? It's to take a break. You have better vantage point now. You see better this way.

What else do we do now? You need to frame things up in there. There's no thing for the eye to tell you this here ends and the next one starts. You can create something in there to make that work. I can do that today. Is that in the plan? No pla. Just a general direction where I am going. This is page dump. You research as brain dump fill in the page, then you dump everything. You edit now and then but each one is its own process.

How do you know you are done. You'll know. There is nothing to fix. How long does that take? About a week. Give it three weeks so you have time composting. Those in a hurry don't know and don't get it. They are in a different room. No need to go there as it's not relevant for me anyway.

What to do then? Be in your light and those that are relevant for you will find you. Those who are not relevant, you do not have to go after them. It's going to be upstream work and you don't want that. It only puts you in a negative state. It's not you. Do something else...or do nothing. It's that simple.

I think that works for me. It's how I live my day and everything is falling into place. That lady yesterday sounds busy. Is that negative energy? It felt like it. Also that chinese lady had a lot of things going. I stayed because there was something in there for me. I got what I needed and I did socials better this time.

I can do more of hat now. How do you know. You get to them meetups and see where it's going. You don't have to be that agency. You know who you are anyway. I don't see it then I don't need it. It feels like it's someone's birthday today. I know a lot of good friends born this month. Wife is a feb. I think that's pisces.

Does it matter?