money your course

This situation makes me sad. What to do about it? Use the energy. You already know these things. Why choose the old ways when something else you know will work for you?

It's an echo. I have feedback telling me how to go. Choose that then. No expectations. You go down that path because it interests you. See where this is going then. What is there that I do not see? I don't know. Maybe there's a story there. Do you have to listen to that story?

Maybe I need to change the folder for that app. I just deleted something from the library and now have to start over. I use that app for its search functions. Maybe they need somethnig like that to work with. Keep to this and see what happens. I had some ideas last night. Is it going to get you going? I think so. I don't have to rely on my kids?

Some of them I had expectations. I let go now. It's not going to put me in my light going down that path. Only you can do that. No one else will do that for you. That is what sets trips you up. Now that you know, you can choose otherwise. I am not hungry. I am thirsty and need water. I can run tonight. Yesterday was a dud run. I did not finish after two kilometers.

It was the energy. I felt sluggish. My body was processing the junk from the day before. I don't feel like doing anything today. Practice as the champion you seek. That way, you get what the energy feels like. Respond as that person. You see everything that way. It's all reflection anyway.

That module had a lot of fluff in it. Get to the point, give examples. Take case studies, see their path and show them examples on how to get going. That is a better way imo. I have that. It's not what I expeted. What to do now? It's cold. I can get out and get warm running. I can do so tonight. What happens now. Take it a minute at a time.

This desk is awkward to work in. better that computer table with a different seat. This is not ergonomic. That is a term going away. It's still marketing. They create new terms to get hipster and position themselves in that light. It's still the same thing. I can go there myself but you know you can do something else. Like what?

Finish writing ffor now. Finish writing, then post this over. You then get on with your day. I can go out and go for a ride. Why would she get stressed out. What can I do about it. I don't want to open things up when they don't want to talk. Why would she rather talk to her mother. Am I talking down to her?

I don't know. Why would she get stressed out like that. She carries a lot of baggage that way. Am I giving the wrong example here? They don't have the full story. I have my own path. I am in that path now. I don't have to show how to do things differently. It's pay per click, not impressions. They can show your ad everywhere and get charged for it.

Better for the clicks. At least people took actions to learn more about it. When they bounce, it's your fault--and you can change that. Impressions are there too but when it's not the right target, what more can you do. I would rather do ppc. How to get on board then. Would you rather do ppc and have not a store front? Run the campaign, then show them your store front. How can I do that?

Get some of those back, then get more up and running. You need several in them posts. At least they have something to read. They won't land in your index so use that as your sell page. They can click on that then do the funnel. But they find your site deep in and they will surface through your index.

You already know these things. Do advertising. It's that simple. You already know these things. How else do you move forward. I donn't know yet. Test them and see what works in your situation. You have access to that much people. Work your way from there.

Flyers look good to saturate a local area. There be gaps but you are looking for that one percent. How do you tighten that? You define your target. Who is she. What does she do. Where does she go? What are the conversations going on around her. You put yourself in those situations. You join the conversations. That's what all this is about.

So with the meetup, you position yourself as that. When they see how you make sense, they will ask for help as well. You see where this is going? They need help with this and that. I think you see this as well. You write advertising. You run this ad agency and it's new. How do you go forward with this. Pay for performance.

It don't matter which platform. Those that get certs look for work, not results. You would rather go for results. Those people know how to fit the cookie cutter. They don't know how to sell. They know how to use them apps but selling? It comes as an afterthought.

You don't want to put your money into that. What else can we do here then? Grow your website. It's that simple. You know these campaigns. Run the article and see what you get. Right now, I need to customise my site. I write that way it's better for the fingers. You don't have to go that way. You always have choice.

I see where this is going then. Let's get cracking and see if you can work with that. Of course you can. Everything is connected anyway. Do I use react instead? It is faster and works with php. I can do that. It's the next best thing? I think so. Create your theme, move forward from there. Maybe I can do that react this weekend. Do something that interests you.

Like what? Finish writing. Then write mose more. That was dyslexic. You carry that baggage. I see. You can let go now. What to eat later? They make their own food.