one good cup

I woke up this morning with my eyes, right side swollen. I don't know where this came from. Maybe I put dirty fingers on them before going to bed. Maybe not. I don't know.

Sometimes the cliches come from the head. They are fillers. Where do you read about them copy these days? I like blogger. The stuff I put in there years ago are still there. Some of them need editing. Some are good stuff though. That tells me I have something to say.

The formatting is not common. I think that people will come look for you when they need it. You don't have to sell those not interested anyway. When they do come, you want to build up trust with your copy, not to close them. Show them proof, facts, stats, feedback. Show them why you are a better choice, rather the relevant choice for them than someone else's.

You...i had to take a moment there to write it down. I think that was good insight. Son is not going to school today. It's friday. I had a good night's sleep. That is more important. That is something money can't buy and I get two of them later in the day. You take a good nap, then wake up slow, make yourself a good cup of coffee.

You can buy a good cup of coffee in a hotel but you can't buy a good nap. Maybe sleeping pills, but that's different. Still, a good sleep is a good sleep. How do you hack your body into it? Sleeping pills will build up resistance. It's better to tire yourself out then sleep. Daughter is going to city with her friends. They are celebrating a friend having braces.

Wife has been giving out cash. I am resisting? Path is to do more with less. That's a good path then. Let's stick with this. I am getting a lot out of it anyway. I have the pad running. I don't reallly need it but it's ok if it's there. It catches my attention now and then but I ignore it. So it's sem and seo that you do, not hard sell copy?

I don't think so. I think that guy on youtube I was watching last night wasn't good or maybe it's the way he looked. Or I was jealous of his path. Still, it's a different path. He has been writing since he was a teen. You write that long and you will see that too. Is my writing has flow in it? Yes. I have seen that before. Not the draft though. The draft is meant to be a brain dump. Write like you would writing to a friend. You put what's in your head down to paper.

There is structure and you let it flow through the structure. It's like water. The flow goes through the path of least resistance. Least resistance is the copy guide. You let the water flow through that. Sometimes you stop to see where you are and that's ok too. See where this is all going?i think I wrote that down wrong. It's dayton, not drayton.

I go look that up again. When do you go to library? I don't know yet. Am I going back to red team? It's there but I don't really have to. Web design is good.