that excited about

Something is wrong with my nexus5. I'm not that excited about getting a new phone. It's a short term high. I'm on the laptop all the time anyway. I'd rather put my money on a new laptop, a better laptop than buy a new phone.

What are my options? Let it be. Get on with your life. When you are out there anyway, it's part of the process and it's time to get going with your day. What else do I do now? I am going out for a run. I give it a few minutes. I run after four. I have time to finish writing.

I feel like that lady wants to flirt? Not really. Her husband is in brazil. If she did, will you go? Probably. No strings attached, just sex, i'd say yes to that opportunity. Otherwise, I am quite happy with what I have right now. That guy at the meetup, the host -- he was a total bore. I wonder if he is aware of it.

Probably not. If you are that old and you are still at it, there's a big hole in there that needs to be filled. Go do something else instead and see where all this is going. No need to grandiose anything. It's all by reflection. It's not the money. It's about the options you give yourself. I don't think he has that?

Not better though. Your path is different. No need to compare on this. What happens now? Just be in the moment and choose to be yourself. What happened there? I have my nilaga and there's fish left over. I can microwave that later. That will get me through the week. There's eggs.

I hae hackathon in two weeks. In the meantime, finish wordpress. Should I do shopify? It's an option. It's an easy way to go. Most of the shops seem to have been built on the same framed template. There's a better way here. Look it up and see how it goes.

There are dozens of developers out there. How come there is only one stripe or paypal? I don't know. Why don't they build an alternative? Something that will work for you. Maybe there is a reason for it. Some people create games as an independent. I think this is possible. I will look into it.

This is page two now. I have stuff to do here. No need for carbs. It's a short term gain and you feel terrible immediately afterwards. I would rather create that high myself without the carbs. There are things in the source code that you can work with. Do I have to recharge this again? I don't know. Maybe I can reinstall the old stock then go from there. I think that'll work.

I will look into that and see how it goes. I am pleased with my website now. It's running well. I don't have to get a crm for now. Everything is good. I have hubspot crm in place. I can use that. There is zoho. That probably integrates with my mail. I can upgrade into that later on.

The intention, or path here is to automate everything. The business should be in auto-pilot. How do you do that? Do you have to sell? Not really. How do you auto-pilot writing? Create the content and it will be available for all time. You write a lot anyway. You can create content at a whim and have that work for you a long time.

Anyway, just be in the light. Give it time to crystallize. There is school tomorrow. I yoga tonight. I run later. If I feel up to it I can do yoga. If not, do something else. I can move that post over to my wordpress from blogger, then delete that one single post.

I may have to transfer stuff around. Do you still need to be an affiliate there? I don't know. For now, leave it at that. Shopify is probably for noobs but there be enterprise solutions as well. Those are shops that have scaled up and have more business.

Sell something that you create. How about candies? Cookies perhaps. Something on subscription where you send them something on a regular basis. Start off local, then scale up from there. You have an idea of where this is going. Be in that light and you will see.

I get this. I will do this for now. Take it easy today. The less you push to make it happen, the easier it will fall into place. I moved the light over to daughter's room. I'll get a replacement later on grocery. That's the highlight of my week now. Also wife coming home from work.

I have this energy in place. It's time to expand and see where this is going. Facebook is a good platform. You can also use reddit. It's anonymous and you don't have to worry about voicing your true opinion. I see that. I think it's good that way. I can make something out of that.