this is connected

I have two orders this time. There's plenty of time to get this done. This time though, I have a structure to guide me. It feels like it's the same with life. Daughter is wrapping a teaspoon in napkin. She is so organized.

I'll be at the library today. Should I work there? Maybe take the time off to go there. I'll make those drafts, do research on the subject. What are tehir competitors doing. I have swipe files to go over for the direct mail copy.

Get them out the door. Be responsive. Ask questions. Send updates. These are the things i'll be doing. Mostly research learn everything there is to know, then write down the ideas that come to mind. Edit to polish comes last but it's all a cycle. I would rather work on the direct mail copy but it's all connected anyway.

The video scripts are getting more eyeballs. I think it's the trend right now as it's easier to search from there. What's great about direct mail is you get inside their heads with good copy.

What do they want? They want results in place. They want funding in place. Since it's their business, you know how much fun it will be when you have cash flow to make it work. How do you get to the other side then? You don't. You simply be in the moment.

When you get that idea, then change is the only constant working for you. I go to library to get docs notarized. That is going to take all morning. Why not do that when the kids get home. That way I get to do my things as well, then when the midday slump comes around, I have this other things to play with. Is it going to rain today?

It's going to be cloudy. Why not work in the library? Because i'll get thirsty and hungry. If I was spending my time doin gforex, i'd e up hundred percent by now. I have time and being as capital and it's giving me cash flow. So the business is leverage words into advertising. It's direct mail and video advertising. It's what I do now.

And I am having fun with this. I am excited. I am interested. I am plugged in and in the zone. That did not sound right. Still, get this up and running. What do they want? They want their business in the zone and flowing cash flow. They want sincere message that we are here for you. The interest is incidental to cover for risk. What's important is that when they need the money, they have access to it, and fast.

Is it good that it's this way? I have hotdogs in the oven. That's for lunch today as it's been in the ref open for more than a week now. It's getting there. Morning pages helps me connect to flow and I am getting ideas about this. I can do content marketing with them videos and show how to get the most out of it. Also compare how much it costs but really, it's a tool for quick and easy testing. You don't have to wait for others.

You create a package and while the juices are flowing, you make the video. You put them out there and in an hour, you are getting feedback on your ideas. It's that thing that is the benefit. You find the benefits they buy and you expand on it. How do I expand on this business? You can't see it there but you already are doing it. You are adding them on to your site.

I think I can revert back to that other one but the fact that it's getting better analytics, I think I am doing something good here. Don't focus on them though. It's fleeting and change is the only constant for you. I was tired last night. Let it be so.

It's about writing and I am living in the light now. The details will follow. Only post your work to the profile and see how it goes from there. Do they get work from there? I think so. It should work that way. Then how do you put yourself in that light? I don't know yet. Make it like a dynamic and living resume slash portfolio.

You wrte. You know how to connect. Be in that light and you will see. It's always that simple to connect. Make it more about them than it is about you showcasing everything. Like that person who wanted a critique. I'll get to that later but it's negative energy. Do something else later then.

Why is that energy here? They'll get feedback later. In the meantime, they think it's about ego. They see john carlton's video tutorial and they think that works. It's a turn-off. It focuses on him but fortunately his copy works. I'll look into that later but that's just one point of view. There be billions of other points of view and each one is valid.

Get to it then. I start work on that when the kids are off. I go to library after lunch. There be less traffic in there and I can get back sooner this way. I'll take the car then. It's fun this way and I get more done into this. It's my time out for the day. Do yoga. I can bring the kids with me?

No need. Let's see what else we can do here? If I wait for him, it's going to be closed already. The books are going to be there anyway. I think there's something there, a feeling of anymosity. What does that mean. It's like you don't care much. It's allowing. That's the energy you are in.

it's not that you don't care. It's more like you are allowing them to explore even if when it's not relevant for you. This is connected anyway. Let it be in that light. You can write copy later for that then. Talk about benefits always. It's about them. It's about what you can do for them.

There's he connection. It's the link and bridge you look for. The details will follow. It's automatic. It's the reflection. You get much going into this. You don't need the outside reflection. You have it inside of you already. You go in this frequency and you see everything there.

I get that already. It's there. What else needs to be here. Finish writing. I think I have everything in place. I can take picuters of the requirements. It's happening today then. I can do more orders and that gets me in the zone already. It's good copy you have going there. See it that way. It's the urgency that puts you in the light.

You have it there.

think those lyrics

Man I miss my headphones. It hasn't been a month since I broke it. Times like when I want to zone out while writing, I miss my headphones. Rather than not write witouth it, i'd rather write about how I miss my headphones.

This way, I get it out of my system. I got back from another meetup. It was the second chance to see if it works out. This time it didn't work out. The narcissist co-host dominated everything again. It's going to be like this all the time then people are not going to come back.

I was hoping to learn something from other people's experience but it feels like a pissing contest in there. I realized that people who go to these meetups are folks looking for work. Hardly anyone there is an entrepreneur. They are all looking for work, or a way to level up.

Where would you find a network of business people? That meetup in for internet marketing might work. I'll go check that out. If you were a businessman, will you spend time attending them or will you not have time to attend these? I think I have the answer already.

I signed up for numismatics. That has potential. Most of these are businessmen. They have something else and coin collecting is an expensive hobby. Will they have websites? I think so if they were dealers. You want to look into verticals like this to find your whale.

Why not go back to the dojo. I'd do that hen I have cash flow coming in. wife is setting up her music. Man, I wish I had my headphones. How can I get that? I don't know yet. Ask for help? I think I can do that. But who will have that much money to lend? I don't know. The only person I know who will help is in a tight situation himself.

He did not say no, but he said he'll send help september. That's coming up in a few weeks. If the budget fits, i'd get a mic and headphone. If not, just the headphones will do nicely and use the rest as gift to my daughter. How will this business pickup?

I don't know yet. Just get writing and finish this. Get to the other side. It's somethnig like white noise. It puts you in the mood to write. The wife was asking about binaural beats that was in her youtube list. I was listening to it all week. What now? I don't know. It's a week's worth of pay. That's a big chunk if you ask me.

For now, only do this. You have traffic going on in there. I will finish that script and have that sent out tonight before I go to bed. I can listen to my own stuff, or not. I can take a nap or something. Maybe I can do something else here. I don't know what it's going to be.

The website has given me a focus, or a beacon. It's something I can put my attention to and sail in that direction. Keep it there. It seems to work to get you going down a path. I can do swipe files again. I haven't finished that sgr. I see a pattern in his writing. I am going to make use of that.

I will run tomorrow. I can do yoga tomorrow morning while they go to church. That sounds neat. Where to get funds for that headphones? I don't know. Wife can't help at this itme. Then it's not relevant for you. Do something else. I can choose to go crazy about it. Or not. In the meantime, only do this. How much will shipping cost?

I think it's about a third of the price or whatnot. Then see where it is going. Or do something else. I finished laundry this morning. Do something else. Finish writing. Post this, then do something else. Maybe I can finish the layout of my website. Or something else.

Or get to work. Go do upwork and practice writing. It's not about getting a job, but writing a copy to get people to respond to my copy. That's fishing for me. I enjoy doing that. Then do that. It's good practice if you ask me. It's playing the numbers.

Apply for a job you go one to one. Do your business and you do spaghetti to the wall. Those folks at the meetup were so technical. Was he that good? I think he started another business but failed. Why not talk about it? Or has he been applying for work since.

It could be that. Why not talk about it then? That way, you learn something in the process. You grow up. But that's just me. Maybe his story is different. Mine is different. I follow a different path. I don't have to go there. It's not for me. Stick to my own path here.

I miss my headphones. When will that come in? Soon as I change my response to it. This is about halfway through. Maybe I can put my head on something else and work? That be nice. If I get upwork gig then I start that and let go of fiverr for a while. But that's me. I can do something else. My copy is getting better here.

I think those lyrics are good. Listen to the accoustic version of that and you see how beautiful the words are. It's poetic. Can you go there? Can you write that way? I already am there. It's just that I don't edit them that way. You don't just sit and write out prose. You sit and do a brain dump inspired. You edit when you finish.

What next? Finish writing this. I think wife will watch the good wife after dinner. Then I sit there and watch as well. It's gotten so interesting they have a weave of charactres. Each thread is interesting and when you wove them together you get a beautiful fabric.

This is good storytelling. How do you get there? You write. You don't worry about how it's going to look like. Just put the words down on paper. When you have them on layout, you edit them to make it work together. So they have several writers going at it, then someone edits them to work together.

I can do that. It's going to take some time but it's possible. What happens on weekends? I have a book coming this week. It's gonna be here tuesday or wednesday. I can go ride the bike going to the library. I can clean the toilet after I finish this.

the feeling is

What if you already were the prolific writer that everyone aspires to be, how would you write -- or not write?

It puts you in a different light, doesn't it. You now have the responsibility of just writing, not care where the words are coming from. You know that it's going to be there. Your job then is to write the words and nothing else.

So when you write, you do not edit. That's not your job. That's the job of the other you. The you who is not the writer but the editor. When you write, be that writer fully in the moment. When you finish writing and it's time to edit, be the editor that everyone aspires to be, fully in that moment.

You cannot serve two masters at the same moment. You can. Everything is possible anyway. But will that work out for you? I don't think it will. It's called writer's stutter.

Wife left early, took the car. I have more time then. I'll make fish for dinner. I'm thinking of adding pasta and cream to it. I'll have the wife get ingredients for later. I think spring onion will do great with it. Keep it simple. I have a potential client to work with. I have a copywriter's storefront on the internet.

It's like having a bait out in the open sea. You are looking to catch big fish. One good fish is more than enough. The project also has to be in line with your light. How can you find one?

The one I am connecting with sells a pdf file. I think it's lame, but that's a start for him. If he wants to get that dollar amount target, he has to change his marketing plan. Maybe create a subscription service. This way, his customers will pay every month and scaling will be easy.

But how do you do that? What subscription will you sell? I don't know yet. What is it in africa that people will pay to own for themselves? Food. Culture. I don't know. That's not my job to know. I am not in africa. I am sure there is something there. Otherwise, why would people want to go there.

I feel more confident now with my writing. I have a template and a structure. All I need to do is to fill the pond. Everything else falls into place. No need to get anxious as to where the words and ideas are coming from. I trust the higher self that I am. I have connection. It's always been there. You just gotta let go.

How do you write then. You get warmed up, connect to flow and just write. You edit later. You put the words down. You get a dialgou going in your connection and you write as much aof it as you can.

What if you lose it. It's always there. Continue writing. Feel where the flow is, then pick up from there. When are my headphones comig? Maybe I don't need one. It's getting me to move in this direction. If that headphone did not break, I never would have come here. Now I am glad I am here. My job then is to be in the light. I don't have to see what is happening on the outside.

Imagine getting paid to write. Isn't that the ultimate abundance. It's like dollars are coming out of your head. You get the idea. Put that down on paper. I work from everywhere. I am digitalnomad. But that's a label. It's not exactly that. I just write.

I am a dictator? More like a writer. The higher self sends the messages, I am the channel. There is the connection there. The father and I are one. It's more the higher self and local self are one. Where do these ideas come from?

It's in your memory. You put them there so you can fish them out. This is filled pond you are fishing in. only difference is it's like shooting fish in a barrel. But it's not that. It's the image that came to mind.

You get the picture. There's a lot of writing in store for today. I can still do yoga and run today. No need to rush things through. What am I doing here then? If he has a sales funnel in place, then you do not have to be here. I think I can outline a campaign for him.

How? His need is to get more sales for that pdf file. At ten dollars, it has to be something good. A report on the conditions in going on safari. What else is there. Who will want to go on safari. People who need to get that frequenc. Why or what is the emoton there?

It's being close to these animal consciousness. There is something to it that you just gotta experience. It's like being close to a giant and it's there because it can kill you in an instant. But you are not dead. You are alive. You are connecting with its consciousness.

You can touch it. You can see that it's aware of you standing right next to it. The animal is connecting with you. Although there are no words between you, there is that conscious connection. That is priceless. Why would anyone want to kill that? It's fear that the ego self will be overcome and lost. The ego self wants to be full in th emoment. Ego self wants to experience all that is in every moment.

I am connecting with the right words when the feeling is already there. Describe the feeling. You put thewords. You feel it and tell me about it. Do not edit. I just lost the connection trying to describe it. Conitune with the feeling. Feel it, write it down. Edit later. It's a continuing cycle. After this, I do five minutes, then I go again.

I get excited writing that way. It builds up. By the middle of the day, my connections need a break. It's like working out a muscle group. Everything has to work together. You don't just do biceps. The back muscles and your leg muscles are working too. Its's an illusion to think that you can only work out the biceps in isolation.

There is no they. There is all that is. It's all connected and different perspectives at the same tim. I have meetup this weekend. This is going to decide whether I am coming back or not. If that guy dominates the platform to talk about himself, then I am not in that light. I would rather do something else on a weekend.

you don't even

I used my broken headphones earlier today. It's not the headphones, nor the music. It's about getting in the zone. And you don't need fancy headphones to do that. You simply start writing. The headphones, them just details. You get in the zone.

I am getting leads with this. I start making a path down this path. Will I get tired of it? As long as you connect to flow, it's going to be there. You are always going to be in the zone. No matter how it feels, you start wrtiing. You write two pages and then you ared done. Do that for a minimum. When it's time to write, do two pages. You are going to be alright.

The kids go back to school tomorrow. I had carbs over the weekend. I was afraid. I wanted to take a break anyway. It did not get me in the zone. There was anxiety there. I don't have to go there. I can do one percent of pws and i'll be alright. I am ok. I remember going to cubao. Those were fun times. Them be dark days as well. I had fun because the wife was there with me.

It's been fun since. I am glad I came back. I saw that she was a good person. There was a lot of local self in her. She gets in the cave at times. But I can choose how to respond to that. She be my contrast and feedback. This is the contrast I need to get a jump on my reflection. Without a solid contrast, you don't have much to push off.

This is how I see it. You don't have to come up with killer copy all the time. Sometimes you just gotta start writing down an outline. And then you add words. You edit and then add stuff again. You don't block the flow. Let the words come out on paper. You can edit them out later. This is how you connect.

It's not going to make sense. Am I losing it? You never had it anyway. You had it and yet you don't. It's like that. You can listen to your music later. You don't need headphones for that. In the meantime, this is the process you need to go through. This is something here for you. You know that. Use up the energy. Do not invalidate it. It's here for you. You can use the energy or not. Sit through it. You can make something out of it.

Like how? I don't know. I know that this is getting you to get to this fork in the road. You then pick the path that is interesting for you. It don't have to be in alignment. Sometimes you need to see that curve ball. Even this contrast with the family, it's here for a reason. You don't have to hate it. Know that this is opportunity for you.

I just want it to be perfect. I know. But it's never perfect anyway. It's always changing. How you respond to this is the effect you get out of it. You already know that. What do we do here then? Keep writing. You can help people. I have hundreds of impressions on my gig every day since I started it. It's amazing that there's so much looking into it.

I am going to get a lot of hits starting next week. Also there's upwork. That too is an outlet. Let's see where all this is going. I may have to forego programming for a while. It's there at the back of my head. I do it in between. In the meantime, I connect to flow. It's connected anyway. How far? I don't know yet. You make good copy. You behave and live like a good copywriter and you will have your control packages.

This is page two. How do you know you'll get good packages? Because that is the reflection for a good copywriter. It's the details. Once you rre in the light, you see the details in the reflection. But if you focus on the details, you will never see the light. You will never see the reflection. Don't worry about the details. It's going to be there for you.

It's not going to be right because you will always have contarst with you. Edit later. How do you write as a poet? I don't know yet. You simply be in here and see where it is going. And then you know where it is. You can see it in the writing. I think you know how these things go. You can use a softawre to play that thing.

I know. If I wanted to get into it, I can find that and make it work. If not, then it's not relevant. You don't have to go with the herd. What happened to all those people? I don't know. Maybe they too are copywriters now. Maybe they too write much. Or not. It don't matter.

How come you were never invited? I don't know. There must have been a reason and I have my own. I didn't like working that way. I did not really know how to do things his way. And now I know. Because I did not go down that path, I know my way. I write more and that's how you are a writer. When you are not writing, then you are a writer not writing. It odn't matter what others think. It's your universe anyway.

How do I help out that way? I don't know yet. It's not relevant because I don't know how to go there. You know how to do this. You will get the reflection even if you do nothing. Keep to your light and you see.

You keep repeating these things. It's what comes to my head. The movie was good, the get down. It gets dry but let's see where his is going. I think it has potential. Or not. I can go see something else. It's going to take a while. The reflection is not solid but this is me. I do one percent ever moment. That's how I do this. I already know this.

It's the mustard seed. It's the kingdom of heaven. This coming from an atheist or agnostic. I get it once I stepped out of religion. There be hypocrites out there. It's sad. I don't want to deal with that. They encourage each other. They willl see once they wake up. In the meatime, be the positive energy in this reflection. You don't have to change them.

Just be on your path. Y ou don't een have to go their path. Be on your own path. I miss my headphones. I don't know how to get another one. I am building up my business. Losing them headphones was motivation for me. It is getting started. It is like a train already starting off the station. It's going to be like this. Once it starts gaining momentum, things get easy for you.

Keep to the light. Faith, I don't have it. I know keep to the light is different. It's something you do because you know it. They can fight if they want. I am not stopping that.

stock the pond

This laptop is doing a system upgrade. It's cold. The kids are getting ready for school. I guess one of them hates me with a passion. This is what parenting is about. It's not always sunshiny days. You'll go through this for the next ten years.

That's like a prison sentence. It's time to do shawshank then. If you were a direct response copywriter, you can do that writing from inside your cell, right? You can't manage clients that way? Of course you can. I wonder if halbert did so. It's going to take longer that way but you can still write.

Research will take the form of delivered reading materials but there's plenty of time in there anyway. What happened to suits? I don't think i'll have something going soon so this is my process. The money i'm borrowing will take a month. I land me a gig on fiverr or upwork and I can get one with a week.

I thought they don't have school. What happens then. This is interesting. I am going deep into copywriting and actively connecting. I'm not as anxious about it as before. I have a path to follow. All I need to do is connect to flow, then fill in the blanks.

I have a client now. I get a new one every week. I then post case studies to my blog and website. It stays there as searchable content that potential clients will find in the future. And that builds up my momentum. The question then is, how do you make yourself comfy?

You can work in the library. The thing about that is food and naps. You can't take breaks with food and nap from there. It's still best in my home office. This is my man cave--the dining table. You can say it's the kitchen table as well. I am in the entrepreneur light.

What else do we do here? Enjoy It. Down the road, you will find your mvp. Right now, it's about writing. It's cold this morning. Not as cold as before. We are headed into spring soon. It's august and eldest daughter's birthday is coming up. That's when spring comes in. I wonder what's in store when the big changes come around.

Whatever it is, it's a reflection to the super consciousness. It's a positive reflection. You may respond in an echo but that's feedback telling you that you are different. You no longer are that person who respond that way before. When will it happen? In the fall of this year. It's going to happen in the next two months then. We are coming up exciting times ahead.

What will it be? Whatever it is, no expectations. Simply ride the wave as long as you can go. It's going to be interesting times coming up after that. There be changes in the system somewhat. Or is that expectation? Right now, things are different with my writing. I tend to write more now and not do programming. Coding was a fork in the road, a skill I needed to put in my process.

I use that in hackathons helping charities setup their wordpress site. That came in handy. Next one i'll be helping with content. I don't have to volunteer for the charity as I have a lot on my plate right now. I can go switch on my ad and start fishing. I do that half way through so I don't get them piled up. I take what I can from here on. I write much. I wonder who else will take up writing?

I don't know and it don't matter much. They do what they want to do. Will they ever think that their dad was a writer? I don't know if they see it that way. They know I go to hackathons. They see that I can fix tech things so they have an idea that I am somewhat into IT. That's ok. That's a segue to what i'm about.

It don't really matter what others think. I'll help out when I can. I wonder what it'll take for them to move here? It's a big step but he has a good job and he's young. His skills are in demand here. Why won't he make that move across the ocean? Maybe his plans are different. He can send in an application to move here then. I'll see what I can do.

Are we moving to australia? Maybe. It's on the table. I am open to it. If we move then we move. That's what wife is thinking about. It's about a job. It don't scale up much. There's a lot of inquiries on freelance boards from australia. It's not the size of the market but your reflection.

How can you test that? You can live in a big population, but when you are in a different frequency, the reflection you get is true. Only the perspective is shifting. How do you line up then? You do it from the inside. You smile first and then the reflection smiles back at you. Can't do it any other way?

Then you put yourself in that light. No matter what you think is on the outside. I have cleared the laundry. It's ready for another set. I have much going on in here. Maybe wife can put her stuff on that side instead. She goes in much anyway. I can do that. I can make changes. It's my choice. I have that opportunity.

You all have the opportunity. You can choose how to respond to things. Each kid is different. I love each of them differently but the positive energy is there. It varies from time to time, but it's a green light if you can meter that energy. It turns red? I don't think so. It goes to yellow, but that's a low bat situation. That tells me I need to recharge.

So it's not love the feeling but positive energy. It's integration. It's pulling together. That's what integrate is about. You take it in. you bring it together. The opposite is negative. It's not hate or indifference or guilt. You look at negative energy and you get what the opposite of love is.

The energy is constantly shifting. One moment it's positive, the next second you are in negative. It's your choice really. You set that energy lever with your source code. You need to be awake and know when you get into yellow light. That's the time to recharge your battery.

That's what I do all day? I think so. It's always changing anyway. We go grocery tomorrow. It's cold right now. Where to get five bucks? I don't know yet. We'll see tomorrow. I can get that by tonight or text the wife later today before lunch. Given the chance, these kids would rather stay home and do their own thing. I'm ok with that.

set desktop background

It's six degrees this morning and I am freezing when I got up. The kids are having fish sticks for lunch, also the wife. She kisses good. I thought she got up. Who's in the bathroom?

I am returning them kids' phones. I don't need to hold on to them. They don't have internet anyway and they are grounded. It's holding on to fear that I am doing. That's not me anyway, or what I prefer to shine.

Who I am is open. Vulnerable is another way to see it but that has an attached meaning in regular use that is somewhat negative. Open is more neutral and I can use it more often. But when you use the metaphor, vulnerable gives you better leverage. Where is that coming from.

My closet is now different. I spend the day at home. My work, if you can call it that, is to fill in the bucket with light. It's there, you just switch to that channel. The frequency is pws. It's always there and broadcasting. What I am is integrating. I can choose to invalidate, but that's not me. I would rather point downstream and use whatever energy is here for me.

Everything that's relevant is going to make its way by itself to me. What's the point in working to get them when it's already yours. Whatever is here now is for me. I use it. I can use it as feedback and that's what it is right now. It'll be shifting when it gets to me as the source code is in place.

I don't have headphones? I see that I don't need it as much. I can do more with less. This is why it's here. I am also building up my business. I have a storefront and it's working. I have it cheap right now and that's to build up portfolio and feedback. Not that I don't have it already. It's that this is my process and it's going to get me from here to there.

What's up for today? I do yoga, then I run. I have my mind map and it points to what I do today. Either I do a vsl case study, or a critique. I can also write about captain's log. These three are good for me. It's fun to do. In the meantime, the site is accumulating points over time. Everything I do is to be in that light. It's that easy.

This is going to be on autopilot and at the same time, it's giving me things to do that is interesting for me. Next hackathon is on september near the last week. It's going to be in the grid. It's fun here as it's a short walk anyway.

I have a number of things to do. Can I do hackathon anyway? I go there because it's fun. Let's define it that way. Should I focus on the writing? I think so. There is also the need to research stuff. That short haired lady could've used some help with her site copy.

I'll get to that next time. If you were a charity will you switch sides? I think that platform is good. Should I go volunteer with them? I can do htat. I can work remote if needed. I'll go ask about it. It's a family anyway. I can go volunteer and see what happens.

Can I contact nav instead? I can do that. Or go straight to luis. Go with someone you already know. It's good that I get positive feedback with the members. What you want is trusted adviser mode. How do you go there? Be in that light. When you shine your light, those in the same frequency is going to see your light.

Do you need an application form for that? I think so. You write well. Maybe I edit well also. It comes part of the connection. This is that anyway. When you say you are then you already are. What happens next? Those are nice legs on the wife. It's different this time. Why is htat?

I don't know. That needs to go on autocorrect. Do I need to set that up? It's tuesday. I forget what day it is. I'll go fix something up later. I don't need fear to be there but it happened. It showed you a part of you that you seldom see. Why that? I the local self can't full grasp it but as my friend said, we get communication connection with the higher self. From that level, you know what happened.

Be open to it. No invalidation. Everything that's here and now is here for a reason. See it that way and you move forward this way. Do you need to realign everything? No need to. Just be in the light. The neighbors has moved. I am building up the business. Is there a need or my skills?

As long as people are in business, they will need a good communications to convey whatever it is they want to say. You can and will always find work as a rainmaker.