book was recommended

I am feeling anxiety right now. Maybe I should write later. This now. I take a break afterwards, then do another set then yoga. I run earlier today. I can do yoga tonight. That be fine. I need tht kick later as I pick up the wife. Or do yoga now.

I don't know. We'll see how it goes. Describe show what it's like, don't tell. Those are good things to write about when writing. Can you use that on vsl? I can go down that path, or show by video. There are lots of ways to do this. I feel meh today. Why is that?

I have a lot in my head. I think I cancelled that book last night. Do something else then. It's the same thing. The difference Iis that you apply. You practice everyday. Not because they are active in the forum that you will gain much from that. People still go there but it's an incestuous relationship. Best to spend time practicing what you know.

This book was recommended to me by someone who knew what he was doing. I am taking off from that. There's plenty to learn and I am still on this path. How do you apply that to your business? Do the numbers. The more eyeballs you get on your site, the better your chances are of converting them.

Spend more time getting eyeballs. Epwork is one to one. You don't stand a chance in there as there's like dozens of applicants per job. There be filters in place where they have criteria. I think it's best to just do organic search, build up traffic and see what els esocial media can do for you. That is your oyster. Go there and make the most out of it.

You can also do a lot of other things. I forgot the dehumidifier. It was on all morning. I know better now. Next time you do something else. That's how intense my day job is. I get so involved that I forget if it's not on a list or something. We got the internet sorted. We are going back to fast connection.

It was tested. It's the same. We get that thing going and we will see what happens. They send the modem first, then the connection comes in after that. I think the wife has to cancel. We test what happens when we get thee. For now, sit tight and enjoy the trip.

I can choose my thoughts. That's how it is sitting there. I got off early last night and when it was showtime, there was no more juice. It was fun though. I think she enjoyed it. Moving on now, I have busy week coming up. There's the wordpress meetup. I intend to get active with that. There is also the hackathon for charity over the weekend.

I take the week off next week after that one. I don't know which way to go for now. In the mmeantime, just be in the light. You get there when you get there. Lerarn, be in the light. Everything les wil reflect and you have feedback. That's the time to go then. You don't have to make things happen. You just see the reflection and you'll know.

Sometimes your feelings tell you which way to go. When you don't feel good about it, then it's not relevant or it's there to get you going up to a point. You go from there then. You have all this in place. Let's see what you can do with it. I do the theme today. I can make changes here. Do I have to do bootstrap? I'm not doing much but it's the path of leatst resistance.

I get that. I have a number in my library. I can check out a module this time, then do something else. I don't have to do things like they do. It's drifting apart, but you know where this is headed. I have this in place. You know thisis you part because it's here. You use up the energy.

I had dream last night and I met someone I already knew. There was a connection there. It felt like meeting them after a long break. It felt like my youngest brother. The face I remember is different. It's how it felt that tells me who it is. The local mind can't grasp it right now, but inside, you know there were changes. The energy shifted.

What to make of it? Be in the channel. You see the shows when you are in that frequency. You don't have to push to make things happen. Feel the energy. You can check back on that checklist after you finish writing. You do not edit while writing. That is a stop motion. You change gears when you edit. You just write. I remember megamall. I spent a lot of time there I was there for ten years.

If that was a website you own, you'd be making ton.s that is how it should feel like. How do you do that then. I don't know yet. I can create a forum like that and see where it's headed. I think I can make a better mousetrap.