it's two minutes

I am stoked! I have my first order on fiverr. This one is for three days to deliver a script for a marketing video. I think I did something good in there. There was enough copy. How will you do that? You can do a talking head video where the person is shoing how it's like to be in that program. They go through the experience. Or you can have it some other way.

Like how? Do the first person video. Two minutes. Introduce the program. Put up the frequency to match. Show them how it is like, the fun parts. This is the frequency you want them to match. Also show the different places and things they willl experience. Show value to offset how much it will cost. You are paying someone else to go through that. Hat is the target audience? People who want to go there.

Who are their most common customers? I am going to find out. I have their website up. I will do research this day today about what they are doing. I have background on it already. It's something I want to do. I think I can deliver more than a 2 minute script video. I am up and running. This is the first of a series. It's a different river this time. I can keep this up.

I am going to do ten, then get that thing? Not yet. It's going to be there though. You'll see where this is going. I can put up the finished product on my site, then reference that when I go to upwork. That sounds interesting. Maybe show screenshots on the feedback there. I am in this frequency now. Will I do them videos? I am going there now. No need to compare my drawings with someone else's.

Everyone has their own perspective. What do they want? The experience? They want to feel good. They want that frequency. Going there gives them the permission slip to do so. How do you sell that? What is unique about this program? That they are total immersion programs. They are based in north america daw. Maybe that is something there. What else? Look up their competitors. I think I can go ask them that.

I can look them up with reddit. I have several programs in there already. Is this something you can do all weekend? I think so. It'll be fun. Going tehre though I might not be able to concentrate. Of course you can. Do this and get to the other side each time. You don't have to have expectations.

I have the outline. I know how to work this. This writing is part of the process. I am using up the energy, priming up the pump. This connects me with flow. I finish writing then I start the pomodoro. This is more interesting as I getto move around. I put myself in that frequency to match myself. No need to see what's on the outside.

Everything is here and now for me. The kids can come with me and wait by the station. It's not going to e a long wait. It's maybe about an hour for wife to get there. Let's see where this is going then. I don't have to bring the keys but they can handle that already.

What else is there? I don't know. I miss that thing. The loupe. I can always get another one. I bet she felt bad dropping that on the street. She has empathy. She said excuse me anyway and the other one was in a negative mood frequency. It's not bad. I was going to say bad mood. It's just that she felt negative about it.

I saw the contrast there. I am allowing this to be here. I couldn't write about it last night. No need for expectations. I am going to feel pleased with self when I finish this project. I don't have to go there. Make three scripts? I can do that. I am recharging this laptop.

I don't have to bring this with me tonight. I miss my headphones. What can I do to get another one? It's going to take a month anyway. Use this situation to be in the light. How? Just be in that frequency. You miss having. But when you have it, you tend to not use it much anyway.

I see. So I can just have fun in this moment and see where this is going. I get fifty bucks per minute of video produced. That sounds interesting. I can get going with this moving forward. No need to go to upwork? I don't know. I am not writing that off yet. Just pick the path of least resistance. This is better than programming. It's fun this way.

What happens tonight? I go there. I know how to write. Maybe I need to go to that as well? Not really. You already have it in you. It's two minutes. This thing already has three hundred words in it. I think you can have that script off in 24 hours. They can then send revisions as soon as they have it.

Every order is fun.