negative last night

I feel like I am going to drown in this avalanche of negative thoughts. Why is it negative. My thoughts put me down, gives me a sense of what's the I am going nowhere. You are comparing then?

I think that is it. Comparing with others, and too much expectations...conditions on self. That things should be this or that before I can be this. You know it doesn't work, right? It's all by reflection. So when you put conditions, you are on a loop. How come others have it?

You don't know the big picture there. Maybe they are good at showing you what you don't have, rather than giving you the big picture. Everyone has it anyway. Why look for the chink in their armor when you can be on your way up the mountain? It's not even going up the mountian. It's about being more of yourself. The best way to put it is pointing downstream. You go sailing and it is effortless.

I can go ride my bike out today. It is winter and I can go to the library and just get some sun. I used to ride out. Am I going to stay home all day? At least go out for a walk. Do an hour of that and just get out. No need to bring anything else, just you and your connection to higher self.

This awareness is important for me. Are you retiring? no. I am on my second wind. I am an entrep. I don't retire -- I take things easy. Things go on cruies control. Where to get writing gigs then? Build up your site. Write articles. Get eyeballs into it. How do you do that? Get more writing on facebook ads.

Answer questions in that forum. You get to learn something then write about it as well. Who are your target? Them that need more conversions. It's easy really. You connect to flow, then you channel them into this format. When you are done with brain dump, you edit and make it shine. It's polish time and you get in that zone.

Brain dump is easy. You learn everything there is to learn, then write about it. You don't have to make that presentation. You bring your files, then answer questions. I can make that powerpoint simple then get right to it. I can start out with the outline, then get an example going.

Where can you find one. I can refer to that old blog post. It don't have to be pretty. You just get that thing up and running and you will see. They don't have to be the best. Just make it there and see where it is going.

You have to stand up for something. What is that sticker feel like? You can edit that later. For now, keep writing. That is the letter v. why is gv popular? He is on the way down. He is riding on the wave and the wind is running out. It's just that people talk and mention him and you wonder if he has anything new.

He doesn't. He's lost his air. You can tell. Who then to follow? Your higher self. You follow someone and you respond like you aren't. You are just comparing your drawings with someone else. You can do that, or go the easy way. Know that yours is here for a reason. You have your own audience. See it that way.

How do you get more into that funnel? You address their concerns. What are they looking for? You see that in their questions. You write about it that day and post. You then add the next day. You don't have to have inspiration. You find something that's vaguely interesting or that you want to learn about, then do your thing.

You do your research. You then write about it. You edit. You polish then you post. That is the process. You don't have to make it perfect. Just make it work. There was a lot of seo keyword pumping into that article. I am not that kind of a writer. There is something wrong there.

Why not just do this and see how it goes. I can go for a different theme here. Or learn something else and get cracking there. I want the headline in the middle. How to do that? You look at the source code and make adjustments. I was negative last night. You canmake something work there as well.

My daughter saw that I was writing. They know I write. Do they? They are aware that I do dev work. Daughter asks me about that from time to time. Why not get into it? I think she can help with that. Why not invite her? She can help with the wordpress thing.

If she is interested. I don't have the funds right now so maybe that is not relevant. I see. Do something you can. Get to the other side, then you will know.