one particular momentum

is...i am feeling negative. Is it the medication? It's your choice of thinking. You entertain thoughts responding to what your expectations are, then you respond in feeling. It's a cycle you can stop. You always have a choice.

I got upset that the wife hasn't ordered my headphones when she said she would last night. It's going to take a week. This is why I don't like watching stuff with her on the couch. I am giving up time for myself to others and I end up with this I forgot the word. It's not reflection. It's the other way. Contrast.

I see them. I realize I am different now and I can choose how I am. It's feedback I sue to tell me where I am now. I am respodnding different now. Rather than look for work, I am using that time to play with numbers. It's easier to do shotgun to the market than sniper one job application at a time.

I have an idea for steady stream of income. I don't have to make a home run everytime. I just go for single hits, get to first base. You do that with your one percent, then have ten sites that do the same and you have your farm. You streamline everything that way.

What's your first product then? Work with what you got. I have a few websites up and running. I can and am making one percent changes to them each day--at a minimum. This is how things are diferent now. I am doing goga later on. After my brunch, I go get that modem. Why would they not answer their call? I can go there and verify htat. Or she can do that.

Is it that tight when you work for someone? I think so. They have you on that treadmill and doing more than what you're paid. I think you know where this is all going. You now have something to work with. What are my options here?

One option is to always see what options there are. This is how you play with it. What if it's still there? Then you can choose how things are going to be. They are moving out soon. I think that's why it's there. You don't have to fight it. Simply be in this moment. I don't have to run today. I am upset there.

I can dwell on that, or choose my thoughts. Upset means I have a definition in there that is not in alignment. Go check your source code and see how it runs. You will find that one or several lines of code that don't have to be there. You can refactor that. Look for that one red side. When you find it, you change everything. It's how the unierse works.

How can you test that? You already know that. You choose. When you know that you have a choice and you still do the same or get the same result reflection, that was different for you. See where this is going? Now, move on throughtout the day with this knowledge. I can go by bike today. That sounds fun. That can take all afterrnoon. Or do something else.

I am not running anyway. Why not go by bike. That will take two hours. I can also go to the library with that. What else is there? I don't know. But for now, I don't feel like riding the bike going there. It's cold. It'll get warm. Which way to go. Try sunnynook, through totaravale, then up target.

It's still a long ride. I'll take the car then go for a walk this afternonn. This is why I miss my headphones. Not really .tis' the contrast. Not having access to that is what gets you. Now that you know, how will you respond to it?

Pick the red side. See it that way. You are different now. It's painful? Then you have source code to look into. When you see that, you can change it. That look is the red side. You already did something there. It's that way. You do it that way and you have changed the whole universe. You did your part. You have your own perspective.

No need to teach it if they can't see it anyway. Know that you are different and everything else will projcet from you. It's all that anyway. How do you expand on this. Know that you are. Everything is connected. No need to teach. Living life this way is interesting enough already. They might not listen anyway.

When you shine your light, those in the wake will see it. They see your light and choose to wake up. You don't have to tell them anyway. That's how much power you have. You barely have to lift a finger to make it work. This is what religion is trying to teach but you won't get it because they don't know how to make it either.

They have their power outside as well, or they benefit from you not knowing.